Strategic Plan

A 19-member Strategic Planning Committee, representing all college constituencies, has been formed at the College to develop a long-range Strategic Plan. The Committee will assist President Bullock in finalizing a comprehensive strategic plan for endorsement by the SCCC Board of Trustees. This committee will meet throughout the 2009-2010 academic year and will produce a final report no later than May 31, 2010. A key feature of the Committee’s process will be several forums and/or focus groups wherein all members of the college community’s input will be sought and considered as the plan is being shaped. The planning process will be communicative and transparent and will engage members of the College community at each point in the process

This collegially constructed Strategic Plan will be vital to how well SCCC achieves its future mission. Community colleges are finally becoming central to the national effort to improve higher educational access and achievement, and to play a major role in the training and development of the American workforce. SCCC is increasingly important to the future economic and social success of Schenectady County, thus it is vital that we develop a realistic and compelling blueprint which furthers our own mission and those of our public sponsors. Of course our commitment to student success will be central to this new strategic plan as will be the evolving professional needs of our faculty, administrators and support staff.

Gateway to Excellence: Strategic Plan 2010-2015

Strategic Planning Committee Members

Strategic Plan Phases

Schedule of Events

Meeting Notes


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