The ANGEL App Is Here!

As of Friday, May 31, 2013 an annual download fee of $1.99 or a “lifetime” download fee of $5.99 will be applied when you access the app on any Android, BlackBerry, HP web OS, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

To access ANGEL on your mobile device you will need to download the app. Once the app is installed you will have access to course announcements, grades, content on the Lessons tab and discussions. You will not be able to submit files through the mobile app using the ANGEL drop boxes or take an online quiz.

Want to see the app in action on your device? Watch a video demo!

Steps for accessing ANGEL on your Mobile Device

  1. Download the app
    • For Android users, visit the Android Marketplace
    • For Blackberry users, visit Blackberry App World
    • For HP web OS devices, visit the Palm App Catalog
    • For iPhone, iPad, or iPod users, visit the App Store
  2. Search for Blackboard Mobile Learn
  3. Install the App
  4. Open the app and search for Schenectady County Community College.
  5. Select Schenectady County Community College and login using your eServices username and password.

You can also use your QR scanner on your phone to access the app.

QR codes for app downloads

FAQs for iOS FAQs for BlackBerry FAQs for Android


What can you do with the app?

App users can access:

  • The Dashboard
    • Use this to view critical information from all of your courses
  • Announcements
    • Students and faculty can view announcements and faculty can post announcements directly from the app.
  • Lessons
    • Access files, links, and pages posted on the Lessons tab.
  • Discussion Boards
    • Read, Post, and Comment

What can't you do with the app?

Neither students or faculty will be able to upload content through the app. This means students cannot submit a file to a drop box or complete a quiz. Faculty will not be able to add content or links. These actions will need to take place on one of the approved browsers on a laptop or desktop. Approved browsers are Firefox and Internet Explorer.

If you have questions or problems submit a ticket to

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