SCCC Vision, Mission, Goals

College Mission Statement

We are an inclusive, collaborative community built on a foundation of excellence in teaching and learning, quality support services, and a personalized approach to education, which empowers our students and engages our communities.

College Vision Statement

We will be the regional leader in supporting and expanding innovative and collaborative educational programs that transform our students and communities.

Goal Areas

Goal One: Expand access and increase student success

Goal Two: Ensure a quality, relevant, coherent and innovative curriculum

Goal Three: Invest in campus renewal

Goal Four: Strengthen and expand community and strategic partnerships

Goal Five: Ensure the College's financial sustainability


Comprehensive Opportunities

Schenectady County Community College provides:

  • College parallel programs that prepare students to transfer two years of college work to four-year colleges and universities;
  • Career/technology programs that prepare students for immediate employment;
  • Continuing education and community service programs for students striving for professional growth or personal enrichment;
  • Public service activities provided in support of community development;
  • Developmental education for students with special academic needs;
  • Workforce development programs in response to local employer/employee needs;
  • Student development activities, including cultural programs, guest lecturers, financial assistance, counseling services and intercollegiate athletics;
  • An effective and efficient management and delivery system to ensure maximum accessibility to these comprehensive programs and services to all people throughout the Capital District at the lowest possible cost.

In addition, the College provides the quality instruction, resources and encouragement necessary for students:

  • to identify realistic educational and career objectives;
  • to cultivate attitudes, habits and interests that encourage lifelong learning;
  • to develop awareness of and responsibility to the individual’s community;
  • to acquire a comprehensive general education.


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