Tuition, Fees and Expenses

Schenectady County Community College offers you a high quality education at an affordable cost. SCCC consistently ranks among the top New York State colleges in cost effectiveness per student.

2015 - 2016 Tuition, Fees and Expenses
(subject to change by the Board of Trustees)

TUITION for NYS Residents who present a Certificate(s) of Residence from their home county:
Full Time:       
$3,528/year or $1,764/semester
Part Time (per semester credit hour or equivalent):   $147.00
PT College in HS Program $49.00 per credit hour
PT Zone Regional Police TA $49.00 per credit hour


TUITION for NON-NYS Residents and/or those who DO NOT present a
Certificate of Residence:

Full Time: $7,056/year or
$3,528 semester
Part Time (per semester credit hour or equivalent): $294.00

Student Service Fee

Charge Per

Service Render

$25.00 FT  Semester Late Registration Fee
$10.00 PT Course Maximum $25.00
$120.00 FT Semester Technology Fee
$10.00 PT Credit Technology Fee
$48 FT Semester Transportation Fee
$4 PT Credit Transportation Fee
$475.00 FT/PT Semester Music Lesson Fee
$9,150.00 FT/PT  Course Flight Lab Fee-AER101
$10,250.00 FT/PT Course Flight Lab Fee-AER141
$6,700 FT/PT Course Flight Lab Fee-AER228
$7,200 FT/PT Course Flight Lab Fee-AER229
$4,500 FT/PT Course Air Traffic Control Fee-ATC101
$2,000 FT/PT Course Air Traffic Control Fee-ATC205
$2,500 FT/PT Course Air Traffic Control Fee-ATC255
$30.00 FT/PT Course Course Fee Level A*
$50.00 FT/PT Course Course Fee Level B**
$75.00 FT/PT Course Course Fee Level C***
$100.00 FT/PT Course Course Fee Level D ****
$12.00 FT/PT Credit Online Course Fee
$8.00 FT/PT Each Transcript Fee
$55.00 FT/PT Exam Credit by Examination (Challenge)
$25.00 FT/PT Each Return Check Fee
$30.00 FT/PT Credit Credit for Previous Experience
$50.00 FT/PT Each Time Graduation Cap & Gown
$25.00 FT/PT Each Time Diploma Replacement Fee
$90.00 FT
Semester Student Activity Fee#
$8.00 PT
Credit Hour Student Activity Fee#
$150.00 Students Month Montessori School (Per Child)
$200.00 Faculty/Staff Month Montessori School (Per Child)
$290.00 Community Month Montessori School (Per Child)
$4.00 FT Fall Semester Accident Insurance (Required)#
$5.50 FT Spring Semester Accident Insurance (Required)#
$3.00 FT Summer Term Accident Insurance (Required)#
$2.00 PT Fall Semester Accident Insurance (Requiredl)#
$2.00 PT Spring Semester Accident Insurance (Required)#
$2.00 PT Summer Term Accident Insurance (Required)#
$10.00 FT/PT Parking Fine First Offense
$20.00 FT/PT Parking Fine Additional Offense
$50.00 FT/PT Parking Fine

Unauthorized Parking in Disabled Areas

LEVEL A*: CIS 261, ELT 110, ELT 121, ELT 231, ELT 261, GEO 143, PHY 153, PHY 154, PHY 221, PHY 222; All Language Lab Courses:  FRE 111, FRE 121, FRE 122, FRE 222, FRE 224, ITA 121, ITA 122, ITA 222, ITA 224, SPA 115, SPA 116, SPA 121, SPA 122, SPA 222, SPA 224

LEVEL B**: BIO 111, BIO 112, BIO 141, BIO 142, BIO 151, BIO 152, BIO 241, CHM 113, CHM 121, CHM 122, CHM 200, CHM 228, CHM 229, CIS 110, CIS 111, CIS 256, CIS 257, ELT 256, NMT 252, NMT 225, NMT 280


LEVEL D****: HOT 111, HOT 112, HOT 119, HOT 125, HOT 220, HOT 225, HOT 226, HOT 238, HOT 251, HOT 253, HOT 255, HOT 256, HOT 257, HOT 258, HOT 259, HOT 260, HOT 268, HOT 269

Please note: Fees are non-refundable with the exception of Flight Laboratory fees where refund options may apply.

SCCC has no fees for student parking.

Full-time students must enroll for a minimum of 12 credits. Full-time tuition covers all credit courses, day or evening, including cross registration agreements. Non-credit course fees vary.

Fee definitions

Activity Fee - This is a mandatory fee which supports the following programs for the benefit of the campus community:

  • Access to CDTA public Transportation. SCCC students can ride CDTA anytime, anywhere, any day of the week;
  • Programs of cultural and educational enrichment;
  • Recreational and social activities;
  • Tutorial programs;
  • Athletic programs, and Schenectady YMCA membership;
  • Recognized student organizations including religious student organizations, for the purposes and activities of the organization that are of an educational, cultural, recreational or social nature; provided that the criteria for recognition of such student organizations, including, the criteria governing eligibility for funding of and allocations to such student organizations from student activity fees, shall be specified in the constitution and by-laws of the student government;
  • Insurance related to conduct of these programs;
  • Administration of these programs;
  • Transportation in support of these programs;
  • Salaries for professional non-student employees of the student government to the extent that they are consistent with hiring practices and compensation rates of other campus-affiliated organizations.

Technology Fee - This is a mandatory fee which supports the enhancement of academic infrastructure of the college including computer equipment, student e-mail accounts and the Angel system. This fee cannot be waived.

Accident Insurance Fee Funds collected are used to purchase accident insurance that will cover certain medical bills in the event of an accident on or off campus. This fee can be waived if the student can provide proof of insurance. A description of coverage can be found here. Claim forms are available here.

Course Fee/Flight Lab Fee/ Air Traffic Control Fee Funds collected are used to offset the expenses associated with the labs that are required for these courses.

Music Lesson Fee Funds collected are used to offset the expenses associated with the personalized lesson the student receives.

Parking Fine A fine is assessed to a student's account if they receive a parking ticket for parking in unauthorized spaces. A parking appeal process has been established, and is initiated by filling out a Parking Appeal Form found here.

Transportation Fee - This is a mandatory fee which supports the operation of parking lots and transportation costs for athletic teams. This fee cannot be waived.

For more information, contact our Registrar’s Office Office (381-1348) and our Financial Aid Office (381-1352).



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