Configuring your Laptop for use on the SCCC Wireless Network with Windows XP

Computer Lab:

Open the Network Connections control panel


Double-Click on your Wireless Connection


**Please note: The title bar on your screens may vary.**

Click on Advanced


Click on Add in the Preferred networks group

·   Enter ACSCCCWAP1 (case-sensitive) in the SSID field

·   Make sure to un-check Data encryption (WEP enabled)

·   Click OK


We do provide optional encryption. The key is available at the computer lab monitor’s station or at the library reference desk.


Click OK to Confirm the addition of the Preferred network

Your wireless card will connect to the Wireless Access Point, get an IP address by DHCP then you can connect.

Note: Your wireless software must allow for a hidden (non-broadcasted) SSID. If you cannot connect to the wireless system, this may be the cause and you may be able to remedy it by upgrading to the latest wireless firmware and software available for your card.

Getting Online

Open up your Internet Browser to any web page. You will get the following Window:


You must allow pop-ups from auth.wireless.sccc If you do not, your connection can be dropped.

Internal Users (You will need to know your ANGEL user-id and password)

Type in your ANGEL account information into the spaces provided.

Click on the Log In button.

If you do not know your ANGEL userid and password see the section labeled ANGEL UserIDs.

External Users

Click on the Sign Up button located in the middle of the Login Page.

Fill in all of the form fields as requested on the account form.

Once you have completed the form, please see the Computer Lab Monitor or the Library Reference desk person with formal ID to activate your account.

Be sure to note that your user-id will begin with ext-


Once you have successfully logged on, you will be re-directed to your original site of choice.


You will see this pop-up window (Login Agent). Please keep this window open during your use.

To Disconnect

Open the Login Agent window and click on LOG OUT.



All students attending SCCC have an assigned UserID and Password into the SCCC ANGEL course management system.

SCCC uses a 6+1+1 convention to formulate the ANGEL UserIDs as follows:

John W Smithsonian will become smithsjw

The initial password is formed by taking the last four digits of your SCCC ID number (generally your Social Security Number or an 8-digit number preceded by the letter G)

If you are unsure of your user-id, please contact the Computer Lab Monitor or Reference Desk Librarian.