Configuring your Laptop for use on the SCCC Wireless Network with Windows XP

Quick Start

To Connect:

Create a Preferred Wireless Network with the following settings:

            SSID:                         ACSCCCWAP1

            Authentication:         Open

            Encryption:               None/Disabled

We do provide optional encryption. The key is available at the computer lab monitor’s station or at the library reference desk.

Once you have associated to the local access point, you will receive an IP address via DHCP allocation.

SCCC Uses a non-broadcasted SSID for wireless connections. If you suspect that this could be the problem with your laptop, please try upgrading your wireless cards firmware or software.

To Login:

Open an Internet Browser window to any Internet site.

Your attempt will be captured by the SCCC Wireless Log On page.

Inside Users:

Provide your ANGEL UserID and password in the spaces provided

External Users:

Click on the Sign Up button located in the middle of the page near the bottom.

Fill the form completely, providing accurate information.

When you submit the form, you will be issued a UserID and your password will be what you opted for.

Be sure to note that your user-id will begin with ext-

To activate your account, see a computer lab monitor or reference librarian.