Wireless Network Access Form

Abstract from SCCC Computer Use Policies and Procedures Section III Part I (Wireless Policy):

·   Actions that violate SCCC policies, SUNY policies, Federal or NY State law are not permitted from any SCCC network connection.

·   Wireless connections are firewall restricted and require authentication via the College’s wireless access system.

·   There is no limitation on connection time through wireless access. Periodic re-authentication may be necessary to ensure quality of service.

·   For wireless access, the client operating system must use dynamic IP address assignment via Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). The default DHCP lease time is set to 8 hours. The DHCP lease is renewed automatically as long as the port is in use.

·   Only TCP/IP protocols will be routed to wireless access.

·   Wireless access traffic must abide by acceptable use restrictions. For example:

o No commercial use.

o No malicious actions, such as denial of service attacks.

o No harassment of other computer users.

o No distribution of pornographic materials.

o No copyright violations.

o No offering of DHCP or Domain Name Services (DNS).

o No advertising of network routing information.

o No use of file-sharing software (e.g. Kazaa) or other bandwidth intensive applications that may degrade quality of service.

o IP address assignment via DHCP for all wireless access is required. You may not set an IP address in your machine’s configuration when using this service.

o If the College receives complaints of improper activity, an immediate cessation of that activity is expected upon notification to the user.

o Ports may be disabled on an emergency basis to stop violations of acceptable use restrictions.


Failure to abide by these policies may result in loss of access to network and computing resources, College disciplinary action and/or other legal action.


Guarantee of service:

Academic Computing will attempt to provide the highest quality of service available to wireless users. However, SCCC makes no guarantee of usability or access speed. SCCC will not provide computer assistance beyond connecting to the system. The user is responsible for insuring that an operational wireless setup is present on his/her system. SCCC assumes no responsibility for any/all damages to hardware or software resulting from the access, and disclaims any/all liability for use of the wireless system.

If you opt to use one of our electrical outlets, please be aware that Schenectady County Community College assumes no liability for any damage caused to property from such use.


I agree to abide by these terms and conditions:


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