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Business and Criminal Justice Division

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SCCC is proud of the number of national and approval accreditations earned by its programs. The Paralegal program is approved by the American Bar Association. This means that the highest standards of program content, courses and faculty as established by these nationally recognized organizations are met. This assures a top quality educational experience for students and makes these degrees more desirable to employers.

Degrees and Programs

Delhi B.B.A. Program
BBA in Business & Technology Management

Through a unique partnership with SCCC, SUNY Delhi has developed inter-institutional programs designed to attract students interested in pursuing a baccalaureate degree in the Capital district, especially students who have jobs, family, and other commitments that prevent them from enrolling in these programs on the campus in Delhi. The programs are designed to enable students to be matriculated directly through SUNY Delhi (either on campus at Schenectady or through the internet), with courses taught by faculty from the main campus as well as by joint faculty members from both institutions. Additionally, alumni from corresponding SCCC’s associate degree programs are afforded the opportunity to begin the program with full junior status.

If you have questions or would like additional information, see answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, or contact the SUNY Delhi Coordinator of Inter-Institutional Programs, Tracey Caponera, at caponeta@delhi.edu or 518-381-1416.

The Business and Criminal Law Division offers two degrees at the undergraduate associate level.

The Business and Criminal Justice Department also offers the following certificates.

Emergency Medical Technician Courses

Course Listing

Division of

Business and Criminal Justice


  • David J. Hennessy, B.A., University of Vermont; M.A., Syracuse University; Ph.D., State University of New York at Albany.
    Office: E305
    e-mail: hennesdj@sunysccc.edu

Department Secretary

Full-time Faculty by Program

Accounting A.A.S.

  • Barbara J. Warschawski, Professor; A.S., Fulton Montgomery Community College; B.S., Skidmore College; M.B.A., Russell Sage College.
    Office: E303
    e-mail: warschbj@sunysccc.edu
  • Donna L. Caseyi, Assistant Professor; A.S., Hudson Valley Community College; B.S., Russell Sage College; M.B.A., SUNY Albany.
    Office: E407
    e-mail: caseydl@sunysccc.edu

Business Administration A.S. or A.A.S. & General Business Certificate

  • Judith D. Spitz, Professor; A.A.S., Becker College; B.S., College of Saint Rose; M.S., State University of New York at Albany.
    Office: E312
    e-mail: spitzjd@sunysccc.edu
  • Matthew Farron, Professor; B.S., Siena College; M.B.A., Suny Albany.
    Office: E315
    e-mail: farronmj@sunysccc.edu
  • Barbara J. Warschawski, Professor; A.S., Fulton Montgomery Community College; B.S., Skidmore College; M.B.A., Russell Sage College.
    Office: E303
    e-mail: warschbj@sunysccc.edu

Criminal Justice A.A.S.

  • Harry Buffardi, Assistant Professor; MSSC Syracuse University, BS Empire State.
    Office: E512
    e-mail: buffarhc@sunysccc.edu
  • Gary Perkins, IAssociate Professor; B.S., Russell Sage; M.P.A., Marist College.
    Office: E312
    e-mail: perkinge@sunysccc.edu

Paralegal A.A.S.

  • Gerald J. Evans, Professor; B.S., Hartwick College; J.D., New York Law School; Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1992.
    Office: E310
    e-mail: evansgj@sunysccc.edu
  • Sheila Foglietta, Professor; B.S., Suny Old Westburg; J.D., St. John's Univ. School of Law.
    Office: E315
    e-mail: fogliesm@sunysccc.edu

Fire Protection Technology A.A.S & Fire Science Certificate

Currently no full-time faculty, 381-1386. Consistent part-time faculty include:

  • Kevin Barkley
  • Richard Crossman
  • Anthony Deangelo
  • Michael Della Rocco
  • Rick Depasquale
  • Robert Farstad
  • Richard Kasko
  • Dale Lingenfelter
  • Part-time Faculty

    • Susan Beaudoin
    • Robert Braathe
    • Jeffrey Brewster
    • Miriani Cajuste
    • Edward Cardinal
    • Patricia Conley
    • Donna Crossman
    • Carl Cusano
    • Kelly Evanoff
    • Deborah Falcone
    • Jack Falvo
    • James Frankoski
    • Patrick Hughes
    • Donald Johnson
    • Philip Kelly
    • Lisa Kenneally-Dochat
    • Latefa Lang
    • Eileen Langer-Smith
    • Tom Kenahan
    • Mary Militano
    • AnnMarie Miller
    • Michele Malloy
    • Sean Malloy
    • Christine Patricca
    • Paula Reardon
    • Martin Rowan
    • Scott Silverman
    • Patrick Smith
    • Mark Swain
    • Tom Testo
    • Sharita Traywick
    • Peter Zayicek

    Last Updated 11/21/11

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