Spring 2014 Schedule [Aviation Science]   Jan 21-May 17
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10409AER140-01Elem of Instr Flight4TuTh09:50-11:30amRICHMR Dittrich,E2427-3 
10410AER141-01Elem Instr Flight Lab1    Jones,B2415910250
$10,250 lab fee *** Held at Richmor Aviation
10995AER210-51Aviation Law3M06:00-09:00pmELS341Zimring,J351619 
10694AER214-51Physiol of Flight3Th06:00-09:00pmSTK202Deblock,H351025 
10515AER229-01Comm Op Lab 21    Jones,B245197200
$7200 Lab fee *** Held at Richmor Aviation
10516AER232-01Basic Instruction3TuTh12:30-01:20pmRICHMR Jones,B24420 

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