Spring 2016 Schedule [College Study Skills]   Jan 19-May 17
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10712CSS095-01ACollege Writing Workshop2TuTh10:00-10:50amELS245Richardson,A25025 
Students must also register for ENG 123-02A
10708CSS126-01Integrated Reading & Writing I3MWF09:00-09:50amELS245Corbisiero,D23023 
10709CSS126-02Integrated Reading & Writing I3TuTh03:00-04:15pmBEG212 23023 
11072CSS126-03Integrated Reading & Writing I3MWF08:00-08:50amBEG221 23023 
10596CSS127-02Integr Reading & Writing Sk 23MWF09:00-09:50amBEG221 23023 
10597CSS127-03Integr Reading & Writing Sk 23MW02:00-03:15pmCCC241 23023 
10598CSS127-04Integr Reading & Writing Sk 23MW08:30-09:45am  Cassidy,M23023 
10599CSS127-05Integr Reading & Writing Sk 23TuTh08:00-09:15amCCC241Corbisiero,D23023 
10600CSS127-06Integr Reading & Writing Sk 23TuTh09:30-10:45amBEG221Tolbert,A23023 
10601CSS127-07Integr Reading & Writing Sk 23TuTh01:30-02:45pmBEG212Cassidy,M23023 
10966CSS127-41Integr Reading & Writing Sk 23MW10:00-11:35amCCC209 20020 
The above course begins on 02/08/16 and ends on 05/17/16
10602CSS127-51Integr Reading & Writing Sk 23Tu06:00-08:45pmBEG221Alois,D23023 
10613CSS127-ELLIntegr Reading & Writing Sk 23MW12:30-01:45pmELS238Tolbert,A23023 

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