Course Description
AER228 Commercial Operations Lab I (0-3-1)

This course provides a student with the practical fight experience in a single engine aircraft toward the FAA cross-country requirement to obtain a Commercial Pilot Certificate. This course alone will not complete all requirements for the commercial certificate. Students will gain flight experience in day and night cross-country both dual and solo. Students will be introduced to the crew resource management concept, function and practical use of standard operating procedures, minimum equipment lists and commercial flight operations (Part 135 and Part 121) scenarios. PR: AER 140 and AER 141 or equivalent, Private Pilot with an Instrument Rating, FAA Second Class Medical Certificate (required), FAA First Class Medical Certificate (recommended), proof of US citizenship or completion of the US Office of Homeland Security, Terminal Security Administration background check requirements. CR: AER 200 or equivalent Lab Fee : $6,700

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