Course Description
AER229 Commercial Operations Lab II (0-3-1)

This course provides a student with continued practical experience in crew resource management as it applies to complex and high performance aircraft. Continued use of effective communication skills are formulated and evaluated throughout this course. Students are introduced to the function and operation of advanced aircraft systems, practical experience in accelerated stalls and advanced maneuvers in order to apply aerodynamic theory. Students are trained on advanced aircraft systems including constant speed propellers and retractable landing gear, the associated emergency procedures for these systems and planning for commercial flight situations. Students completing this course in conjunction with AER 228 will receive the practical flight experience requirements necessary to complete the FAA Commercial Practical Exam and receive a Commercial Pilot Certificate, Airplane, SEL. PR: AER 200 and AER 228, FAA Second Class Medical Certificate (required), FAA First Class Medical Certificate (recommended), proof of US citizenship or completion of the US Office of Homeland Security, Terminal Security Administration background check requirements. Lab Fee: $7,200

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