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Course Description
BIO 201(2-4-4)
Marine Biology and Ecology of the Temperate Coast

This course focuses on the current ecological processes along the New England coastline from the Long Island Sound to the Gulf of Maine. The course will explore biological, chemical and physical aspects of these salt/freshwater environments, and will examine several marine ecosystems: offshore banks, rocky and sandy shores, tidal flats, and salt water marshes. Students will quantitatively analyze these processes, spending a maximum amount of time in the field. Through direct observations, species collection, water analysis, and lecture, the students will develop an understanding of how processes such as species interactions, energy transfer, and population growth all impact upon these environments. The final two weeks of the course will constitute the laboratory portion of the program and will involve intensive field work on Cape Cod, the Maine Coast, and the Gulf of Maine. The Maine portion of the trip will be centered at Saint Joseph's College. On-site lectures will also be held. Both lecture and laboratory components are mandatory. A separate lab fee will be charged to cover transportation, room, board, and site fees.
PR: BIO 141 and 142, or CHM 121 and 121, or equivalent with instructor permission.
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