Course Description
CFE399 Knife Skills/Basic Cook Tech (0-0-0)

The primary emphasis of this workshop will be on teaching students to safely use a chef's knife. The instructor will demonstrate proper technique for slicing, dicing, chopping and julienne (matchstick cut). Students will practice these skills on a variety of fresh vegetables. The instructor will discuss knife selection and show various methods of sharpening knives. Utilizing the vegetables cut in class, the chef will demonstrate a variety of basic cooking techniques including steaming, blanching, sauteing, braising and roasting. Students are encouraged to email the instructor, Chef Paul Krebs, prior to class for suggestions on bringing a suitable knife for class. There will be additional knives available for students to try. *All students must come dressed to bake with an apron, a hair band or hat to restrain their hair and closed toed shoes.

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