Course Description
ELT230 Electronics (4-3-5)

This course is an introduction to the electronic building blocks that are used in all modern silicon based integrated circuitry. Component operations, applications, and the use and troubleshooting of these components are covered. Topics include an overview of semiconductor materials and the P-N junction, various diodes (rectifier, switching, zener) and their uses, an overview of basic power supply circuits, characteristics and operations of PNP and NPN bipolar junction transistors (BJT), BJT amplifier circuits and uses, the operation and use of MOS and SMOS field-effect transistors, inverting and non-inverting operational amplifiers and their use in analog and digital applications, LC and RC sine-wave oscillators and crystal oscillators, silicon rectified controller (SCRs), diac and triac thyristors, and optoelectronics. PR: ELT 121

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