Course Description
HON250 Research Seminar (3-0-3)

This is the first course in a two-course sequence that serves as an interdisciplinary, capstone seminar for students in the Liberal Arts Honors Program. The first course introduces students to the methodologies and interpretive practices of two complementary disciplines. It considers disciplinary knowledge-making and methodologies and investigates how these disciplines might combine for a richer understanding of the topic at hand. Also, in the first semester, students develop a prospectus for an interdisciplinary research paper or project in which they hone their research and critical thinking skills. In the second semester, they complete the paper or project. The thematic focus of the capstone course varies. Course content emphasizes the relationships of knowledge in any combination of the Liberal Arts, and it provides a broad survey of the topic. The two semesters of the course are team taught by professors representing two complementary disciplines. PR: Matriculation into the Honors Concentration

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