Course Description
HOT226 Commercial Baking II (2-3-3)

The class is a continuation of HOT-225 Commerical Baking I and will build upon the techniques learned previously. Students will learn about merchandising and sales, ingredient function, and baking chemistry through lectures and bakery visitations. Students will gain experience in puff pastry, e`clair paste, breads and rolls, flatbreads, bagels, doughnuts, tarts, and petit fours sec as they bake for the College's Pane e Dolci Bakery. A rotation through all stations in the bake shop will ensure that students gain production experience in all of these areas as well as practical experience in sales and marketing. Sanitary practices and compliance with the laws and ordinances of the New York State Department of Health are enforced. Students are required to have a professional chef's uniform to participate in class. PR: HOT 225

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