Course Description
HOT251 Quantitative Foods (2-3-3)

This is a course in the preparation and service of a complete banquet menu. Students prepare meals for nonprofit groups that hold their banquets on campus. Both American and ethnic cuisines are prepared in American Banquet Style cooking. Quality and quantity cooking is emphasized, as well as proper plating techniques. Special attention is given to the correct and efficient service techniques for banquets. Planned menus include appetizers, salads, entrees, desserts and beverages. Students are given station assignments by the student chef. The proper use of kitchen equipment is taught. The time element to complete an individual banquet will vary according to menu items and guest requirements. Sanitary practices and compliance with laws and ordinances of the Department of Health are enforced. Students are required to have a professional chef's uniform to participate in class. PR: HOT 111 F, S

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