Course Descriptions - Philosophy
PHI141 Survey of Major Western Philosophers (3-0-3)

This course provides an introductory survey of the major trends and developments in Western philosophical thought- particularly in metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, theology, aesthetics, and political philosophy-from the ancient Greeks to the present. By adopting a historical perspective, the course traces that development through the contributions of major representative thinkers and movements. Students will be encouraged to examine and revise their own philospohical positions or beliefs.

PHI143 Introduction to Philosophical Problems (3-0-3)

Focusing on issues in epistemology, ontology, philosophy of religion and freedom, ethics, political and social philosophy, and philosophy of art, this course introduces students to the most important questions that have preoccupied Western philosophers and to representative attempts by those philosophers to answer those questions. The course will also consider significant contributions to the discussion of those questions by experts from other fields, such as physics and biology. Students will be encouraged to examine and revise their own philosophical positions or beliefs.

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