Course Descriptions - Non Credit
CFA090 GED Extension (0-0-15)

CFA091 GED Adult Basic Extension (0-0-7)

CFA096 GED Prep (Adult Basic) (0-0-15)

This class features an applied curriculum designed to significantly improve success rates on the GED exam. Emphasis will be on assisting students with low reading and math grade levels to build basic reading, writing, and mathematical skills. Additional workbook fees may be charged.

CFA098 GED Prep Review (0-0-5)

CFA103 Entrepreneurship Training (0-0-0)

CFA112 SAT Preparation (0-0-5)

determine applicant desirability. Our highly experienced instructors will help you reduce your test anxiety with finely tuned study aids, build your vocabulary and math skills, and provide you with strategies to answer questions more effectively.

CFA119 Computer Survival I (0-0-10)

This stress-free workshop is intended for those who want to learn commonly used computer skills in the Windows operating system. Simple, non-technical explanations, combined with hands-on experience, will help you feel comfortable using a computer and learning computer basics. Topics covered include the mouse, the desktop environment, menus, how to create folders and organize your information, how to protect your computer from computer viruses, and how to use e-mail. Students will also learn to use the Internet and the basics of Microsoft Word. *STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO BRING A FLASH DRIVE TO CLASS.

CFA120 Get the Most from Internet (0-0-3)

You constantly hear "check it out on the web" but you don't know how to get started. Your instructor has posted your assignments on a website or you have registered for a distance learning course but you don't know what to do. This course introduces you to the Internet, aka the World Wide Web. Learn how to get around, bookmark your favorite sites, use search engines to conduct research, and much more.

CFA124 Day Series: MS Office 2000 (0-0-15)

CFA174 Amer Red Cross Babysitting (0-0-2)

This course is designed for young people ages 11 and older. The topics include babysitting responsibilities, accident prevention, how to respond in an emergency situation, first aid for injuries, diapering, and feeding. Students who attend will receive an American Red Cross certification. Students should bring their own lunch.

CFA175 Compass Prep-English (0-0-5)

CFA176 Compass Prep-Math (0-0-2)

CFA177 College Transition (0-0-10)

CFA178 Intro Math Fundamentals (0-0-6)

CFA179 Intro to Keyboard Skills (0-0-5)

CFA183 Red Cross Inf/Chld (0-0-0)

CFA206 HR Legislative Briefing (0-0-0)

CFA207 HR Legislative Briefing (0-0-0)

CFC100 Archaeological Research (0-0-0)

CFC185 Pupil Transportation Mgt (0-0-0)

CFD001 Anat & Phys for Dent Lab Tech (0-0-0)

CFE008 Basic Job Search Skills (0-0-0)

CFE115 Medical Terminology (0-0-0)

Interact more effectively in the medical community and increase your desirability for careers in the medical field! Positions such as medical transcriptionist/secretary, hospital clerk, insurance claims processor and EKG technician, all require a working knowledge of basic medical terminology. This course will increase your medical vocabulary and comprehension through a systematic approach to decoding medical terminology. Simple, non-technical explanations of medical terms with references to anatomy, physiology, pathology, surgical procedures, and a variety of diseases will be presented. You will learn how to read and interpret this language by identifying prefixes, suffixes and root words. Participants will also be introduced to basic EKG interpretation, with a focus on related terminology.

CFE139 Intro: Adobe PhotoShop (0-0-0)

Start working with your phots like a pro! This beginning level class will show you how to use the tools available in Adobe PhotoShop (version CS4). Students will learn to enhace their photos and how to work with layers. Weekly projects will better acquaint you with the PhotoShop environment. STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO BRING A FLASH DRIVE TO CLASS.

CFE141 Intro: English Horsebk Riding (0-0-0)

Take this extraordinary opportunity to get in the saddle again. Or, if you've never ridden before, you'll experience a most invogirating workout while learning proper English riding technique (the horse does not do all the work!). Horse grooming, tacking, and barn management are also taught with safety always a prime consideration. Ride in one of the Capital District's largest indoor arenas, the New Horizons Stables. For those who have always been drawn to strong, yet gentlest of creatures, now is the time.

CFE142 How to Write Short Stories (0-0-0)

CFE144 Intro to Gardening (0-0-0)

CFE166 Intro to Banjo (0-0-0)

Don't let that old banjo gather dust in the attic. Dig it out and learn how to play three fingers Scruggs-style bluegrass banjo. This is the most popular style used today in bluegrass and country music alike. This course is designed for teh absolute beginner. There is no need for the student to be able to read music since the stand form of music notation is not used for learning the banjo. This course will consist of instructor demonstrations, individual practice sessions and one-on-one help from the instructor. No one will be asked to play anything by themselves in front of the class. *Each student will need to bring a 5 string banjo, a plastic thumb pick and 2 metal finger picks. All other material will be provided by the instructor, including a CD of the entire course.

CFE202 NYS Safe Boating for Children (0-0-0)

CFE204 NYS Safe Boating (0-0-0)

CFE324 Creative Mixology (0-0-0)

This course will provide you with the basic skills you need to work at and manage a bar that serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It will introduce you to basic production processes and varieties of alcoholic beverages. Laws and procedures related to responsible alcohol service will be explored and reviewed. Students will become certified through the Training and Intervention Program for Servers of Alcohol (TIPS). MATERIALS FEE: $20 TIPS BOOKLET TO BE PURCHASED IN THE BOOKSTORE PRIOR TO CLASS.

CFE325 Wine Exploration and Tasting (0-0-0)

The topic of wine tasting can be daunting. With this course, you will feel much more comforable with not only discussing but tasting with confidence. Discussion and tasting in each class will allow you to explore the topic from the fruit to the process, to the service, and pairing with foods. Over eight weeks, we will cover white wines (Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Riesling), red wines (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chianti, Pinot Noir) and Sparkling/Champagne.

CFE341 Prof Baking for Children (0-0-0)

Join Chef Gail Sokol on a baking and cooking extravaganza that will focus on measurement, correct sanitation, and mixing methods. Young chefs (ages 10-13 years) will learn to make a variety of different delicious dishes that students will get to bring home and share with family and friends! For information on the recipes that will be made, please contact Workforce Development at (518) 381-1315 or visit our website at: YOUNG CHEFS ARE ASKED TO BRING AN APRON, CLOSED TOE SHOES, A WATER BOTTLE AND A BAGGED LUNCH.

CFE351 Prof Cooking for Children (0-0-0)

Come join chef Gail Sokol for a Cooking extravaganza. Young chefs will learn to prepare cheese puffs, macaroni and cheese, pot stickers, chicken piccata, quiche Lorraine, cornbread, herbed flatbread, and more. Proper measuring skills, sanitation, and kitchen science will be emphasized. Each young chef should bring an apron and wear closed-toed shoes.

CFE352 Cooking for Adults (0-0-0)

Students will be making pastries using Danish dough, quick breads, chocolate pound cake, various pies and cookies. Topics include proper sanitation, weights and measurements. Please bring an apron to class.

CFE354 Professional Cooking for Teens (0-0-0)

Join Chef Gail Sokol on a baking and cooking extravaganza that will focus on measurement, correct sanitation, and mxiing methods. Young chefs (ages 10-13 years) will learn to make a variety of different delicious dishes that students will get to bring home and share with family and friends! For information on the recipes that will be made, please contact Workforce Development at (518) 381-1315 or visit our website at: YOUNG CHEFS ARE ASKED TO BRING AN APRON, CLOSED TOE SHOES, A WATER BOTTLE AND A BAGGED LUNCH. ,

CFE355 Prof Cooking Par & Kids (0-0-0)

CFE356 Splendid Soups (0-0-0)

CFE357 Classic French Bistro Cooking (0-0-0)

CFE358 Intro Baking Yeast Breads (0-0-0)

This is a hands-on class that will take the mystery out of baking with yeast. Each student will mix, shape, bake and take home two loaves of crusty Italian bread. Students will learn the necessary techniques to prepare yeast breads at home. *All students must come dressed to bake with an apron, a hair band or hat to restrain their hair and closed toed shoes.

CFE359 Artisan Bread Techniques (0-0-0)

CFE360 Secrets of Sourdough (0-0-0)

CFE361 Amer Regional BBQ (0-0-0)

CFE362 Wine Tast:Ital Wines & Cheese (0-0-0)

Come learn about the various wine regions of Italy as well as the different cheeses. Students will taste a variety of wines and cheeses from Italy and gain confidence in selecting wines and cheeses for your next party.

CFE363 French Cuisine:Provence (0-0-0)

Come discover the cuisine of Provence, France; a cuisine highly influenced by vegetables, seafodd, lamb and its neighbor Italy. Students will learn to make light and healthy dishes from this region such as Soupe au Pistou, Bouillabaisse, Ratatouille, Ragout of New Potatoes, Artichokes with Garlic and herbs, Provencal Vegetable Tart and Herbes de Provence Grilled Lamb Chops.

CFE364 Asian Cuisines:Japan (0-0-0)

CFE365 Wine Tasting:Spanish (0-0-0)

Come learn about the various wine regions of Spain, as well as its cheeses. Students will taste a variety of wines and cheeses from Spain.

CFE366 Vegetarian Cookery (0-0-0)

CFE367 Cook from Green Market (0-0-0)

Buying and eating locally has become one of the most popular trends. Schenectady and the Capital District as a whole have not been excluded from this trend. Come spend some time with Chef Christopher and learn about the Schenectady Green Market, pick out some produce as part of the class and travel back to the SCCC kitchens to learn how to prepare some delicious, seasonal healthy meals.

CFE368 Celebrate the Harvest (0-0-0)

CFE369 Healthy Chinese Takeout (0-0-0)

CFE370 Cupcake Party (0-0-0)

CFE371 Muffin Madness (0-0-0)

CFE372 Fun with Frittatas (0-0-0)

CFE373 Intro to Domestic Adoption (0-0-0)

CFE374 Conv Mandarin Chinese (0-0-0)

CFE375 Pizzeria Pizza for Home (0-0-0)

Learn to make professional quality pizzas in your home kitchen. Students will learn about the variety of doughs, sauces and toppings that can be used to make great pizza. The class will prepare a variety of different pizza doughs. Every student will have the opportunity to shape, top and bake several pizzas. Although the class will utilize professional ovens, we will discuss techniques for duplicating the results in your own oven. *All students must come dressed to bake with an apron, a hair band or hat to restrain their hair and closed toed shoes.

CFE376 Artisan Breads for Home (0-0-0)

CFE377 Polish Cuisine (0-0-0)

CFE378 German Cuisine (0-0-0)

CFE379 Savory Sweets (0-0-0)

CFE380 Korean Cuisine (0-0-0)

CFE381 Pastries and Desserts (0-0-0)

CFE382 Flatbreads Around the World (0-0-0)

Students will spend the morning in a commercial kitchen preparing and baking a variety of flatbreads, both yeast raised and unleavened. Flatbreads allow you to add new textures and flavors to your menu. As an added bonus, many of them can be made quickly. Breads will include Middle-Eastern pita, Indian filled naan, French fougasse, Moroccan crisp flatbreads and more. ALL STUDENTS MUST COMEDESSED TO BAKE WITH AN APRON, A HAIR BAND OR HAT TO RESTRAIN THEIR HAIR AND CLOSED TOED SHOES.

CFE383 Classic Croissants/Filled Var (0-0-0)

Students will learn to prepare the classic French laminated pastry dough for croissants. Unlike many commercial examples, these croissants will be made with pure unsalted butter, the many layers of which gives them their flaky texture. From our dough, students will shape and bake plain butter croissants, almond croissants, and pain au chocolate as well as a savory ham and cheese variation. ALL STUDENTS MUST COME DRESSED TO BAKE WITH AN APRON, A HAIR BAND OR HAT TO RESTRAIN THEIR HAIR AND WEAR CLOSED TOED SHOES.

CFE384 Server/Waitstaff Boot Camp (0-0-0)

This class will help participants acquire top level customer service skills & demonstrate their relationship to profts & gratuity; tips to improve suggestive selling; guidelines for establishing long term guest relationships; and ways of increasing guest check averages. An intensive discussion of all these factors and role playing exercises will assist each participant in practicing, becoming comfortable and perfecting all the acquired service skills effectively. Class is open to novice and experienced servers and wait staff.

CFE385 Cream Puffs and Eclairs (0-0-0)

This is a hand-on class that will introduce students to some of the foundation techniques of French pastry making. Students will prepare and bake the classic pate a choux to create cream puffs and eclair shells. We will make a variety of fillings and toppings using different techniques to prepare a nice assortment of pastries for each student to take home. *All students must come dressed to bake with an apron, a hair band or hat to restrain their hair and closed toed shoes.

CFE386 8Hr Sec Grd Pre-Assign Traing (0-0-0)

The 8 hour pre-assignment training certificate is the minimum requirement to work in security in New York State. This training class is developed in accordance with the NYS Security Guard Act and presents an overview of a security guard's duties and responsibilities under the law. the certificate is earned by passing the exam at the end of the class.

CFE387 16 Hour Sec OTJ Training (0-0-0)

NYS Department of Criminal Justice Services requires this 16 hour course. This course provides teh required training and certification to security personnel within the first 90 days of employment.

CFE388 8Hr Sec Guard Ann Refresher (0-0-0)

Security guards are required to complete this 8 hour in-service training course to meet the nYS Department of Criminal Justice Services requirements every year. Participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

CFE389 Ballet Dance Instruction (0-0-0)

Whether it's a refresher course for those with some training or your first taste of ballet, come and enjoy learning ballet. Students ages 12 and older are welcome to attend this open level dance class. Students are asked to wear clothing that is easy to move in, to pull their hair off the face and wear ballet slippers.

CFE391 Web Opt for Small Bus on Budg (0-0-0)

Explore free or inexpensive online tools you can use yourself to create a Web presence for your business, including Google Sites and Weebly, low-cost hosting like and, e-commerce "stores in a box," and social networking sites. Examine the pros and cons of each tool and choose the ones that are right for your business and customers.

CFE392 Building a Free Website (0-0-0)

If you want a web site but aren't sure where to begin, start with Weebly offers a free, easy-to-use drag and drop tool for "non-techies". Weebly supplies the page designs and hundreds of free quality photos: you supply the content. In this hands-on course, you will learn how to use Weebly to build your free Web pages.

CFE395 Intr Video Game Design (0-0-0)

Do you love video games? Have you ever wanted to learn how to create fun and entertaining video games? Join two professional game developers from Vicarious Visions to learn all about the game development process. Students ages 13-18 will look at existing games to learn how to balance and design games, understand programming concepts, work in a group or alone to create new games and talk with professional game developers to understand careers in games. Students may bring their own laptops.

CFE396 Intr to Africa-Amer History (0-0-0)

This course will examine the origin of African-American people in continental Africa and trace the Black experience in America to the present. Emphasis will be placed on African roots, transition to slavery, the realities of slavery, opposition to slavery, the civil war, reconstruction and its aftermath, the period of Jim Crowism, Black Nationalism, African-American participation in the world wars, institutional development and the modern civil rights movement.

CFE397 Puff Pastry Dough & Pastries (0-0-0)

CFE398 TIPS:Traing Intervent Procdrs (0-0-0)

TIPS training is a dynamic, skills-based training program designed to prevent intoxication, drunk driving and underage drinking by enhancing the fundamental "people skills" of servers, sellers and consumers of alcohol. TIPS gives individuals the knowledge and confidence they need to recognize potential alcohol-related problems and intervene to prevent alcohol-related tragedies. TIPS training satisfies the requirement in NYS that regulates server training. Also, many insurance companies provide discounts to establishments whose employees are TIPS certified. Materials fee: $20. TIPS booklet to be purchased in the bookstore prior to class.

CFE399 Knife Skills/Basic Cook Tech (0-0-0)

The primary emphasis of this workshop will be on teaching students to safely use a chef's knife. The instructor will demonstrate proper technique for slicing, dicing, chopping and julienne (matchstick cut). Students will practice these skills on a variety of fresh vegetables. The instructor will discuss knife selection and show various methods of sharpening knives. Utilizing the vegetables cut in class, the chef will demonstrate a variety of basic cooking techniques including steaming, blanching, sauteing, braising and roasting. Students are encouraged to email the instructor, Chef Paul Krebs, prior to class for suggestions on bringing a suitable knife for class. There will be additional knives available for students to try. *All students must come dressed to bake with an apron, a hair band or hat to restrain their hair and closed toed shoes.

CFE401 Doughnuts and Fritters (0-0-0)

This is a hands-on-class in which students will work in a professional kitchen with an experienced baker and learn how to prepare these popular treats. Students will make fresh apple fritters and both yeast-raised and cake doughnuts.

CFE402 Cert. Specialist of Wine Prep (0-0-0)

This course will prepare the student to take the Society of Wine's Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) exam, which tests a candidate's wine knowledge and mastery of key elements within the worlds of viticulture and wine production.

CFE524 Basic Emt Training (0-0-0)

This course is designed to meet New York State Health Department (Bureau of Emergency Health Services) requirements for Emergency Medical Technician training. This course is updated yearly to include materials appropriate for EMT training as included in the New York State EMS program CFR/EMT/AEMT student manual. The course will adhere to the SCCC/REMO AMT Sponsor's agreement and all current New York State regulations for EMT training, including requirements for class time and instructor certification. Students should note that some Saturday sessions are required in addition to regularly scheduled class hours. PR: All students must be at least 18 years old.

CFE526 E M T Refresher (0-0-0)

This course is designed to meet New York State Health Department (Bureau of Emergency Health Services) requirements for EMT Refresher. New laws and policies will be discussed, as well as new technology appropriate to the course which has been introduced during the past three years. The course will adhere to the SCCC/REMO AMT Sponsor's Agreement and all current New York State regulations for EMT-B training, including requirements for class time and instructor certification. PR: A student may have a current EMT card that will expire in less than 18 months; a student who was certified as a NYS Emergency Medical Technician may have a lapsed certification; a student who has previously failed the Final Practical Skills Exam within one year or has failed the state written certifying exam after a second attempt may enroll in the refresher course. Proof of failure must be provided to the CIC by the student; a student who has received written permission from the Bureau of EMS to entroll in and EMT-B refresher course as a result of filing for reciprocity based on EMT training from another state. The student must submit the letter which was provided from the Bureau of EMS as proof of eligibility for enrolling in the refresher.

CFE539 Selling Your Home (0-0-0)

CFE561 Italian for Travelers (0-0-0)

CFE562 Little Scientist (0-0-0)

CFE563 Crime Solvers (0-0-0)

CFE564 Earth, Moon and Stars (0-0-0)

CFE565 Discovering Dinosaurs (0-0-0)

CFE566 Notion of Motion (0-0-0)

CFE567 Explainers and Explorers (0-0-0)

CFE568 Bubblology (0-0-0)

CFE569 Digging for Dinosaurs (0-0-0)

CFE570 Jr. Curator (0-0-0)

CFE571 Creepy Crawley Insects (0-0-0)

CFE572 It's a Small, Small Nano World (0-0-0)

CFE573 Jr. Planetarian (0-0-0)

CFE574 Edible Science (0-0-0)

CFE575 Electric Circuits (0-0-0)

CFE576 Sciencetoyific (0-0-0)

CFE577 Kooky Chemistry (0-0-0)

CFE578 Movers and Shakers (0-0-0)

CFE579 Blast Off (0-0-0)

CFE580 Under Our Big Sky (0-0-0)

CFE581 Lego Robotics (0-0-0)

CFE582 Glow World Glow (0-0-0)

CFE583 Out of This World (0-0-0)

CFE584 Astro Kids (0-0-0)

Take a journey into space and learn all about our solar system! Investigate black holes, comets, and constellations. Learn why the planets move, make a star map, and fit a solar system in your pocket.

CFE585 Engineering Mission (0-0-0)

Learn some basic principles of engineering and science. What makes a structure sturdy? Can you design a building to withstand an earthquake? A lunar lander for the moon? Test your building skills as a junior engineer!

CFE600 Creative Writing (3-0-0)

Writing is a joyful experssion, whether you hope to be a professional or not. This course will take us from the basics (grammar, spelling and rules of writing), through concepts such as literacy license and the elusive "finding your voice." Identifying your passion, and writing about it is a key concept - once we do that, finding media that will pay you to write about what you love is easy! Join us for this six-week adventure and become part of the community of people who've found personal and professional fullfillment through this wonderful, heart-ful art.

CFE601 Business Writing (3-0-0)

Many organizations, corporations and other businesses either can't afford or don't want to hire a professional writer to supply the many documents that are necessary during the course of a business day: press releases, newsletters, reports, letters and niche-specific peripherals This leaves the job of communication in the lap of employees. This course will help the student plan and create the necessary documents that are necessary during a normal business day.

CFE603 Guitar Lessons for Adults (0-0-0)

Learn how to play the guitar! This course will include fundamental instruction in reading notes, strumming chords to songs, and technical development. Instruction will consist of 10, half-hour individual lessons. Students of all skill levels are welcome.

CFE808 SAVE (0-0-0)

CFE809 Mand Report of Child Abuse (0-0-0)

CFE901 Power Pt Redesign (0-0-0)

Do you fill your slides with bullets and then read every word of every slide? Do you use special effects and flying bullets to keep your audience awake? These are danger signs of "death by PowerPoint." This course will help students learn how to tell their stories effectively and actively engage their audiences by applying a few simple guidelines for slide design and communication principles. Students should bring a PowerPoint presentation on a flash drive to class in order to work on redesigning the presentation and get feedback/technical assistance on skills such as adding images and charts.

CFE902 HR Legislative Update of NYS (0-0-0)

CFE903 The Butt Stops Here (0-0-0)

"The Butt Stops Here" Quit Smoking Program 7-Session Program, now offered at SCCC! This pilot offereing is free to SCCC Students. Faculty, and Staff. Informational Workshop DAY: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 TIME: 11:30-12:15 PM LOCATION: Activity Forum OFFERED BY: Eric Carlson, Associate Professor and Certified Facilitator Regiser today for this noncredit class before the class fills. For more information, contact Maria Kotary at (518) 381-1315.

CFE970 Becoming Debt Free (0-0-0)

CFE972 Customer Service Excellence (0-0-0)

CFN128 Kripalu Yoga (0-0-0)

This class offers a slower-paced practice in a relaxed, non-competitive setting. Students will learn correct alignment of each posture as well as breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques. This practice will create balance in the body by developing strength and flexibility, enhancing mental focus, reducing stress and improving overall physical and mental health. This gentle yoga class is accessible to people of all sizes, ages and fitness levels. PLEASE BRING A YOGA MAT, WATER AND A SMALL TOWEL TO CLASS.

CFN155 Get Yourself Published (0-0-0)

OK, so you're a writer, but a writer without readers is sileneced. During this course, we'll help you identify the print and electronic media through which your words will find your audience. Whether you aspire to write for magazines, books, blogs or other Web-based columns - your desires can be fulfilled, with a little work and a lot of encouragement from instructor, and authork, Mario E. Alteiri, and from classmates who want to help you succeed. By the end of the course, you'll know which media are most attractive to you and how to get yourself placed.

CFN163 Clowning for Adults (0-0-0)

Do you need a stress-relieving hobby? Do you have a hidden funnybone? Express your hidden talents, have fun, and learn a viable trade all at once! You'll learn that clowning is much more than putting on makeup and a costume.

CFN212 Historical Archeology and Field Study (0-0-0)

This course is designed to introduce participants to the field of historical archeology and to explore methods employed for the study of people of the past. Students will investigate local and regional lifeways of peoples of European origin who resided in the Northeast from the 17th century to the mid-19th century. Lectures, readings discussions, hands-on activities are among the teaching methods employed. *Materials fee: two text books totaling $50 are required. Field date to be scheduled separately.

CFN216 Researching and Interpreting Documents in Archeology (0-0-0)

This course examines primary and secondary documents used in archeology. Sources, methods, locations, and interpretations of a variety of documents used for research, proposals, and publications in archaeology are addressed. Visits to repositories, discussions, lectures, and hands-on activities are among the methods employed.

CFN217 Record & Archiv Archeo Data (0-0-0)

This course addresses why detailed records are maintained during excavation and how the artifacts and records are processed into permanent archives that form the basis for future research. Hands-on activities include artifact illustration and description, photographic recording, computer database analysis, data retrieval and final data archiving. The course is supplemented with visits to museums an archival repositories. *Field date will be scheduled separately.

CFN218 Archaeol Lab Prac and Site Stu (0-0-0)

This course gives participants an opportunity to enhance their laboratory skills by learning to further analyze artifacts and materials for identification, processing and conservation. Artifacts from selected archaeological sites will be used; with a concentration on the manufacturing, processing and conservation methodolgies for a variety of organic and inorganic objects. Sessions include lectures, visual media, domeonstrations and hands-on activities. PRE-REQUISITE: CFN-212 HISTORICAL ARCHAEOLOGY & FIELD STUDY OR CFN-413 NATIVE AMERICAN ARCHAEOLOGY & FIELD STUDY.

CFN219 Archaeological Field Work Program (0-0-0)

This course gives participants an opportunity to learn and/or enhance specific archaeological fieldwork skills. It is designed to train the participants in applying the basic principles of surveying to a site area by using a transit and other techniques for surface mapping. The participant will also receive formal training in excavating and recording archaeological data. Field sessions will take place primarily at the Mabee Farm, a historic property owned and operated by the Schneectad County Historical Society. PR: CFN 212 or CFN 413

CFN223 Intro to Rock Climbing (0-0-0)

This beginner's courseis designed to take a participant from having absolutely no experience with indoor/outdoor rock climbing to feeling confident climbing in any rock climbing gym or outdoor rock climbing area. The participants will learn about basic rock climbing techniques, body movement, stretching and strength workouts, safety considerations, belaying, climbing ethics, climbing vocabulary, description of equipment, knot work, and rope management. Students must not have pre-existing physical problems that would hinder them during physical exercise and/or strenuous physical exertion (i.e. heart condition, joint injury, severe asthma).

CFN224 Intermed Rock Climbing (0-0-0)

CFN233 Drivers' Education (0-0-0)

The NYS Drivers' Education Program provides 24 hours of classroom time, 6 hours of actual driving experience and 18 hours of in-car observation. Students must be at least 16 years of age and must have a valid NYS Learners' permit or a NYS Driver's License. Students must attend all scheduled classes in order to successfully complete the course and be eligible to receive the MV285 certificate (the Blue Card). Students who complete this course will eligible for the "Class D" driver's license when they are 17. DRIVING TIMES WILL BE SCHEDULED INDIVIDUALLY WITH THE STUDENT ON SATURDAYS.

CFN234 Basic Land Navigation (0-0-0)

This introductory land navigation course is directed toward outdoor-minded people such as campers, hikers, hunters, adventurists, or anyone who travels into mother nature and would like to feel confident enough to tackle the wilderness without fear of getting lost. Topics include reading, understanding, and using maps for land navigation; understanding, using, and becoming proficient using a compass; learning how to use a map and a compass together; and using the map and compass together for basic orienteering and land navigation. Outdoor demonstrations will be included.

CFN238 Power Yoga (0-0-0)

This class takes the traditional yoga series & incorporates a more eclectic, dynamic and powerful flow that detoxifies, heals and rejuvenates the body. Students will use breath, strength and flexibility to move through a series of more advanced postures as well as hold poses for longer periods of time. Centering, meditation and relaxation are also an integral part of this experience. Please bring a yoga mat, water and a small towel to class.

CFN239 Hands On Archeology (0-0-0)

Archaeology is more than digging. Students in this course will explore all aspects of archaeology: planning, excavation, analysis, interpretation and reporting of results through class presentations and hands on activities under the supervision of SCCC's Community Archaeology Program instructor(s). Activities include document study, field survey, digging techniques, artifact identification and other lab analyses. Course options will include fieldtrips and research at local sites within the Stockade and teh Capital District. Opportunities for continued involvement in any or all aspects of archaeology will be presented. .

CFN242 Writ/Illustr Children's Books (0-0-0)

CFN244 Make Money:Online Surveys (0-0-0)

Learn how to make extra cash from home on your computer by giving your opinion on various topics. The instructor will acquaint you with 4 on-line survey companies and help you register for on-line survey assignments. Students must be computer/Internet literate and have a valid e-mail address.

CFN245 Young Golfers' Camp (0-0-0)

Young golfers (ages 9-12 years) will learn age appropriate instruction on the golf swing, short game, rules and golf procedures. Fun contests and prizes are included. Young golfers should bring sneakers and water or sports drink. Golf clubs will be provided for students who do not have their own. This course is taught at the Colonie Town Golf Course located at 418 Consaul Road.

CFN246 Meat Fabrication (0-0-0)

In a day where most of our meats come from a pre-wrapped package or commerically in a large cardboard box, many of us have forgotten where our meat comes from. Join Chef Tanner and learn to break down a full side of pork. Students will also cook a variety of dishes from those primal cuts. This class is intended for both progressional chefs and the advanced amateur cook.

CFN247 Wine Tast:French Wines/Cheese (0-0-0)

Come spend an evening learning about the various wine regions and cheeses of France. Students will taste a variety of wines and cheeses from France.

CFN248 Jr Golf Camp (0-0-0)

Junior golfers (ages 13-16 years) will be given a basic introduction to the sport of Golf. Sessions will cover the basic fundamentals of the golf swing, short game, rules, practice drills, and "on the course" etiquette training. Junior golfers should bring sneakers and water or sports drink. Golf clubs will be provided for students who do not have their own. This course is taught at the Colonie Town Golf Course located at 418 Consaul Road.

CFN249 Golf Camp for Adults (0-0-0)

CFN250 Introductory Notary Public Workshop (0-0-0)

This course prepares individuals for the NYS test and provides a comprehensive view of the notary public office. Confusing laws, concepts, and procedures are clarified in plain English. Ongoing question and answer support provided by the instructor following completion of the course. A Guide to NY Law (5th ed.), $24.95 plus tax, is available from the instructor during class. Must be 18 years or older and live or have a place of business in New York State.

CFN252 Env Sci Camp for Kids (0-0-0)

Students will have the opportunity to learn about the unique habitat around them. Kids (ages 8-12) will learn about nature, conservation, biology, animals and more. This course is taught at the Capital Region Maritime Center in Alplaus.

CFN254 Creative Writing for Teens (0-0-0)

You're a teenager, and you have a way with words. You spend a big chunk of every day txting, writing on FB - and you tweet. But when you put down your smartphone, the world of writing is different. No txting abbreviations in the house - but by the end of the week of Writing Camp for Teens, you'll have a better handle on what your teachers - and colleges - expect from you as a writer and thinker. You don't have to give up creativity in order to write well - in fact, you'll discover that the world of correct written expression is more fun than you thought!

CFN271 Ballroom/Social Dancing (0-0-0)

Tired of watching other people look wonderful on the dance floor? Take action and learn to dance! This course will include dances such as the Cha-cha, the Fox Trot, Swing, the Waltz, Salsa, Bachata, and more. Students are asked not to wear sneakers or rubber sole shoes.

CFN272 Latin and Swing Dancing (0-0-0)

Learn dances such as the salsa, merengue, and more. Suudents are asjed not to wear sneakers or rubber-soled shoes.

CFN273 Ballroom Cardio (0-0-0)

CFN308 MOUS - Powerpoint-Expert (0-0-2)

Many colleges and universities require students to prove their oral proficiency through frequent presentations. Many companies require their employees to present information in group settings. This course is designed to introduce students to Microsoft Power Point, the presentation graphics program. Power Point gives you everything you need to produce a professional-looking presentation. You can print slides, print handouts, print notes pages, prepare for 35 mm slides, or deliver an on-screen presentation.

CFN315 Intermediate Excel 2000 (0-0-0)

If your familiar with Excel and are ready to build upon that knowldge, then this is the course for you. This course will focus on pivot tables, using formulas for (but not limited to) financial, lookup and reference, and math and trig. Students will also learn about conditional formatting, how to protect your spreadsheet from changes and how to create macros for reparative work. Advance charting and forms for easy data entry will also be covered.

CFN333 Introduction to Digital Photography (0-0-2)

This course will explain camera settings and terminology. Students will take digital pictures with different settings on the camera and learn how to download them onto the computer. Students will also become familiar with editing the pictures by brightening, sharpening, color correcting, resizing and removing dust and scratches. Digital cameras are required. Students are required to bring a flash drive to class. - - -

CFN334 Introduction to Scrapbooking (0-0-0)

Are your photos stuffed in shoeboxes? Are they hidden in a closet, basement, or attic? This course will teach you the basics of scrapbooking. Learn how to preserve your treasured photos and memories using photo-safe products to last for generations. Learn organizational tips and time-saving techniques in this hands-on course. Discover which of the three styles of scrapbooking suits you. Bring 8-10 photos. Materials fee: $35

CFN354 Art for Children (0-0-0)

CFN369 Intr to Theater for Kids (0-0-0)

Students (ages 5-8) will be introduced to the theater. Concentration will be on basic techniques of acting, stage presence, and understanding the theater. The session will end with a performance of a play presented by the class.

CFN377 Conv Sign Lang for Children (0-0-0)

This course is designed for children ages 5 and older who are interested in learning another language. No experience is required in this fun and exciting class. Students will learn the manual alphabet as well as signs in various categories including: family, numbers, colors, animals, days of the week, and more. By the end of the class, students will be able to carry on basic conversation in Sign Language. A certificate of completion will be given to each student. Please bring a binder, pen, pencil, and the book, Signing For Kids.

CFN379 Conv Sign Lang for Teens (0-0-0)

CFN390 CPR (0-0-0)

CFN413 Native Amer Archaelgy/Field St (0-0-0)

In this hand-on course, students will explore, through research, interpretation, artifact investigation and field activities as well as current ideas about Native American lifeways prior to European settlement in North America, with emphasis on the greater Northeast. TEXT/MATERIALS FEE: Approximately $30

CFN419 Hands on Archeol for Kids (0-0-0)

How do archaeologists know what life was like for Native Americans in NY State when caribou and mastodons roamed the land? Did you know there was a Dutch settlement in Schenectady's Stockade area during the 1600's? Students (ages 9-13 years) will discover how archaeologists explore these and other questions about people and their lives through fun, above ground activities that will include using survey equipment; deciphering (or decoding) historic maps and colonial handwriting on documents; identifying mystery objects; learning about how sites are found, excavated and dated; and playing colonial games. STUDENTS ARE ASKED TO BRING A LUNCH AND A WATER BOTTLE.

CFN425 Art Exploration (ages 9-11) (0-0-0)

Do you love art and like to try a lot of different projects? This smorgasbord of art activities gives you the opportunity to sample a wide variety of materials, techniques and art forms. Each week you will get to try something new!

CFN430 Art Exploration for Teens (ages 12-15) (0-0-0)

Do you love art and like to try a lot of different projects? This smorgasbord of art activities gives you the opportunity to sample a wide variety of materials, techniques and art forms. Each week you will get to try something new!

CFN444 Beginning Bead Stringing (0-0-0)

This course will teach you how to string beads the professional way. Take all the broken strands you have and re-do them into new and exciting designs. Students will also learn how to make knots, continuous strands, multi strands, and more. Materials fee of $28 will include a strand of pearls, semiprecious beads and other necessary tools.

CFN445 Advanced Bead Stringing (0-0-0)

Bead Stringing. Students will learn how to make earrings to match your beaded strands and how to create jewelry designs. Materials fee: $15.

CFN446 Found Obj...Junk to Jewels (0-0-0)

CFN447 Jewelry Making without Torches (0-0-0)

CFN455 Watercolors (0-0-0)

Everyone will enjoy this hands-on opportunity to explore and experiment with watercolors, as they learn easy, professional painting techniques. You'll be taught how to mix colors and how to apply your paint to watercolor paper. Each class will begin with a live demonstration, followed by a work session and technique exercises, with individual assistance from the instructor. You can expect to finish several paintings during this course. No previous experience in art or drawing is necessary.

CFN461 Watercolors II (0-0-0)

A continuum in wash of still life and photo landscape, and advanced study in color.

CFN466 Figure Drawing (0-0-0)

In figure drawing, an understanding of the human body is developed in all aspects - what the human body is, what it is made of, how it moves, and how it exists in space. The model's poses are simple, becoming more complex as skill and understanding develop. The emphasis then shifts to the entire space of the page, the model within that space, and the relationship of one's figure to another. NOTE: Students under 18 years of age will be required to have parental permission.

CFN467 Beginning Drawing (0-0-0)

CFN472 Let's Talk About the Craft Business (0-0-0)

This class is for artists and craftspeople who would like to get the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to market and open their own business. This course will provide information on establishing credibility, developing portfolios, taking slides, printed material, artist's statements, and displays for stores as well as shows. Students will also learn about direct selling, setting up a bookkeeping system, and advertising in the Capital Region.

CFN473 BEad Stringing for the Holidays (0-0-0)

Learn how to make jewelry as gifts for the holidays or with a holiday twist. This course will teach you how to string beads the professional way. Take all the broken strands you have and re-do them into new and exciting designs. Students will also learn how to make knots, continuous strands, multi strands, and more. Materials fee of $28 will cover a strand of pearls, semi-precious beads and other necessary tools.

CFN478 Serv Safe Certification (0-0-0)

CFN479 Caring for Your Collection (0-0-0)

CFN480 Nature Photography (0-0-0)

This course is for the student ready to take their photography to a new level. Work with local photographer, Claudia Gregoire, and learn to see the world from a new perspective. Two outings will provide an opportunity to take photographs you will then edit and manipulate in the classroom. *DIGITAL CAMERAS ARE REQUIRED.

CFN481 Fast Stone (0-0-0)

CFN482 Drawing Landscapes (0-0-0)

CFN483 KidzArt- Cirque Des Art (0-0-0)

CFN484 KidzArt- Jungle Safari (0-0-0)

CFN485 KidzArt: Cirque & Safari (0-0-0)

CFN486 Camp Paleo (0-0-0)

CFN487 Camp CSI (0-0-0)

CFN488 Little Robot Inventor (0-0-0)

CFN489 Robot Inventor (0-0-0)

CFN490 Camp Deep Space (0-0-0)

CFN491 Camp Space Engineer (0-0-0)

CFN492 Driver's Ed Additional Driving (0-0-0)

CFN501 Fly Fishing (0-0-0)

CFN502 Beginning Fly Tying (0-0-0)

If you're having trouble learning how to fly fish, this course, given in collaboration with the Clearwater Chapter of Trout Unlimited, will give you the tools you need to get started. Students will meet at the Capital Region Maritime Center in Alplaus to learn the basics of fly tying. Topics will include fly tying tools, materials used, wet flies, dry flies, thread handling and hooks, as well as other useful fly fishing topics. Students need to bring their own tools which consist of a vise, hackle pliers, scissors, bobbin, and head cement. Materials will be provided.

CFN503 Advanced Fly Tying (0-0-0)

CFN597 Beginning Piano for Children (0-0-0)

This course, designed especially for the beginner, ages 6-17, will include fundamental instruction in note reading, rhythm recognition, proper hand position, and chords. Instruction will consist of 10, half-hour individual lessons.

CFN599 Theater Workshop for Children (0-0-0)

Concentration will be on basic techniques of acting, stage presence, proper singing techniques and vocal independence, and understanding of the theater. The session will end with a performance of a musical play presented by the class. Students must be between 9 and 14 years of age.

CFN600 Group Piano For Adults I (0-0-0)

Always wanted to learn to play the piano? This course, designed especially for the adult beginner, will include fundamental instruction in note reading, rhythm recognition, proper hand position, chords, and learning to play in both beginning and classical styles, as well as pop.

CFN605 Private Lessons - 30 minutes (0-0-0)

This course is designed especially for the beginner, and will include fundamental instruction in note reading, rhythm recognition, proper hand position, and chords. Instruction will consist of 10 half-hour individual lessons.

CFN610 Archaeological Field Conservation (0-0-0)

When artifacts are excavated, these objects are immediately exposed to various levels of deterioration. This course will focus on methods for proper extraction of cultural materials in the field and how to prepare the materials for transport to a laboratory. A variety of methods for stabilization and consolodation in the field will be demonstrated.

CFN612 Intermd Piano for Children (0-0-0)

CFN613 CSI Schenectady (0-0-0)

Students between the ages of 13 and 16 will learn about the full range of law enforcement activities from the time a crime is committed through the time the case is closed. Class topics include crime scene investigation, forensics, arrest and arraignment, the trial, due process, corrections, and parole. Student will meet and work along side the real officers and officials who work in the criminal justice system during expert presentations and demonstrations. A field trip to the Schenectady County jail is planned. Students are asked to bring a bagged lunch.

CFN619 Voice for Children (0-0-0)

Students will learn proper singing technique and vocal independence through solo work. Students should be 6-17 years of age. Instruction will consist of 10, half-hour individual lessons.

CFN625 Group Piano for Adults II (0-0-0)

This course continues Group Piano I, serving those who are already proficient in beginning piano and have a basic knowledge of music reading and keyboard technique.

CFN626 Voice for Adults (age 13+) (0-0-0)

A class for adults who love to sing but have little or no formal training. Learn the fundamentals of singing through solo and choral literature and learn to read musical notation. Focus on improving your vocal sound.

CFN634 How to Maintain Peak Computer Performance (0-0-0)

Learn how to perform the procedures that will free up hard disk space and how to optimize your hard drive for faster performance. These techniques apply to all versions of Windows.

CFN645 Daytime Series - Intro to PowerPoint (0-0-0)

into Content Wizard, Design Template, and Blank Presentation. Work with a blank presentation and create a slide show with sound effects, timing and transition.

CFN652 Welcome to E-Bay (0-0-0)

eBay is the world's largest trading community where people buy and sell a variety of different itmes every day. This course will teach you how to manipulate and use eBay.

CFN653 Intermediate Digital Photography (0-0-0)

This class will teach you how to edit your pictures with Microsoft Picture It, making them your own personal works of art. Go one step further and share them with friends and family in personalized greeting cards that you create from scratch.

CFN678 More Writ/Illustr Child's Book (0-0-0)

CFN679 Wilton Cake Decorating 1 (0-0-0)

This course is an introduction to basic cake frosting and decorating. Topics covered will include techniques for cake and cupcake frosting and decorating, character cake creation, and tiered cakes as well as the use of fondant and gumpaste to decorate cakes and create flowers. In addition, the course will discuss general tips on cake design and creativity from baking through a finished product that is sure to impress. ADDITIONAL COURSE MATERIALS WILL COST ABOUT $100.

CFN680 Wilton Cake Decorating 2 (0-0-0)

Learn a variety of techniques such as royal icing flowers, colorflow, rope border, and basket weave. Materials fee: $30. Students will also be required to purchase additional materials for approximately $40 throughout the course. PR: Wilton Cake Decorating 1

CFN682 Using a Palm Pilot (0-0-0)

You got a Palm Pilot, and now you want to learn how to use its features. This stress-free class gives you the opportunity to explore its numerous offerings. Bring your Palm Pilot with you to class and discover all that you can do with it.

CFN684 Wilton Cake Decor 3 (0-0-0)

Learn how to use rolled fondant to make tiered wedding cakes, roses, and how to present the cake. Students will also learn how to make stringwork, garland, lily nail flowers, and lace. The final cake will be a fondant-covered two-tier cake. Materials fee: $30. Students will be required to purchase additional materials for approximately $60 throughout the course. PR: Wilton Cake Decorating 2

CFN685 Grp Voice for Kids (0-0-0)

CFN686 Women's Martial Arts Defense (0-0-0)

CFN687 Underwater Shipwreck Arch (0-0-0)

CFN696 Working with Queries/Access (0-0-0)

CFN699 Enhance Slideshows Music (0-0-0)

CFN700 Edit Photos in PhotoShop (0-0-0)

CFN701 Present Arch Findings (0-0-0)

CFN702 Geoarcheology (0-0-0)

CFN713 Acting for Adults (0-0-0)

xThis theatre course emphasizes basic acting skills and how them can help in many life situations, as well as in performances and public speaking. Through exploring,acting vocally, physically, and mentally, students will work to improve their creativiity and flexibility as actors. Course content will address stage fright, vocal and physical control onstage, and various ways to approach and act out dramatic roles. Students will be using theatre games, monologues, scene work and original work as our tools for self expression, as well as improvisations around a specific set of circumstances and role reversal.

CFN715 Cert of Employability (0-0-0)

CFN727 ID/Ecol NE Plants/Animals (0-0-0)

CFN728 MS Photo Story (0-0-0)

CFN729 AutoTasks:MSWord/Excel (0-0-0)

CFN730 Web-Shots Photo Albums (0-0-0)

CFN731 Precious Metal Clay (0-0-0)

CFN732 Jewelry Making (0-0-0)

CFN737 Archeol Research (0-0-0)

This course is mandatory for students of the Community Archaeology Program who wish to volunteer at different archaeological sites in Schenectady County. Students will conduct research activities in the field and in laboratory settings. Students will participate in structured/supervised research, lab and field experiences.

CFN738 Archeol of Erie Canal (0-0-0)

CFN739 Indep Archaeol Prod (0-0-0)

CFN740 Arch of Architecture (0-0-0)

Students will be introduced to the field techniques, tools and technologies used to record, interpret and identify architectural resources encountered as either standing structures or in archaeological contexts. Approximately 50% of the class will be spent in field trips, arranged for Saturday mornings. This course is taught by Walter Wheeler, an Architectural Historian with Hartgen Archaeological Associates, Inc.

CFN741 Let's Make Earrings (0-0-0)

CFN742 Let's Make Clasps (0-0-0)

CFN743 Bead Crocheting (0-0-0)

CFN744 Beg 1 Stroke:Painting (0-0-0)

CFN745 Inter 1 Stroke:Painting (0-0-0)

CFN746 Adv 1 Stroke:Painting (0-0-0)

CFN750 Taste of Jewelry Making (0-0-0)

CFN753 Scenic Art Stage Lighting (0-0-0)

CFN754 Basic Welding (0-0-0)

CFN755 Library Asst/Tech Training (0-0-0)

CFN756 SCCC Summer Concert Band (0-0-0)

CFN757 Trade,Colonial,19th C Pottery (0-0-0)

CFN758 Callig & Illumin Manuscripts (0-0-0)

CFN759 Col Pencil & Drawing (0-0-0)

CFN760 How to Make Settings (0-0-0)

CFN761 Fondant and Gumpaste Tech (0-0-0)

(9 hours) CFN 761 Discover a great new way to add excitement to your cakes using these easy to shape icings. In this course you will experience a variety of fondant techniques and the beauty of gum paste. You will create flowers and accents with beautiful detail. Basic figure sculpting and painting with various luster dusts and powders will add a new dimension to your cakes. You will see how to use the tools that professionals use to create those edible masterpieces. Each new technique will prepare you to decorate a cake that will look stunning for your Easter or Spring celebrations.

CFN762 Make Jewelry:Spir Rope Stitch (0-0-0)

CFN763 Make Jewelry:Peyote Stitch (0-0-0)

CFN764 What's New Word 2007 (0-0-0)

CFN765 What's New Excel 2007 (0-0-0)

CFN766 Learn Social Netwking Sites (0-0-0)

CFN767 Create Yr Web Presence (0-0-0)

CFN768 Arch/Hist: Local Iron Industry (0-0-0)

CFN769 Make Gingerbread House (0-0-0)

CFN770 Paper Art for Kids (0-0-0)

CFN771 Scrapbk Essentials Paper Art (0-0-0)

CFN772 Youth Sports Institute (0-0-0)

CFN773 Camp Millionaire (0-0-0)

CFN774 Period Homes: Inter/Furnishing (0-0-0)

CFN775 Welcome to I-Tunes (0-0-0)

CFN776 Wine Tasting (0-0-0)

CFN777 Intermed Voice for Children (0-0-0)

CFN778 Cupcake Decorating (0-0-0)

CFN779 Aikido for Children (0-0-0)

CFN780 Aikido for Adults (4 weeks) (0-0-0)

CFN781 Mod Charcuter Adv Amateur&Chef (0-0-0)

CFN782 Fundam Taste and Flavor (0-0-0)

CFN783 ACF Certification (0-0-0)

CFN784 Aikado for Kids (0-0-0)

Students (ages 10-13 years of age) will practice the Hombu style of Aikido, which strenthens the body, mind and spirit. Aikido uses blending and redirecting techniques, Jujutsu joint locks and box elements that keep this martial art applicable for all individuals. Aikido promotes self defense, flexibility, strength building and coordination.

CFN785 Aikido for Adults (0-0-0)

Students (ages 14 years of age and older) will parctice the Hombu style of Aikido, which strenthens the body, mind, and spirit. Aikido uses blending and redirecting techniques, Jujutsu joint locks and boxing elements that keep this martial art applicable for all individuals. Aikido promotes self-defense, flexibility, strength building and coordination.

CFN786 Belly Dancing (0-0-0)

CFN787 Intr West Horseback Riding (0-0-0)

CFN788 Intr West Trail Horsebk Riding (0-0-0)

CFN789 New in Office 2007 (0-0-0)

CFN790 Control Your PC Files (0-0-0)

CFN791 Gentle Yoga (0-0-0)

CFN792 Computer Survival IV (0-0-0)

Continue to build on the skills you've learned in the Computer Survival classes. Students will explore options to get answer to those questiosn that always pop up and classes will include a question/answer period. Topics will include free software and how to obtain viewers for those documents you can't view. Students will learn how to back up files and address books, visit YouTube and create a slide show to share with others. Students are required to bring a flash drive to class. Pre-requisite: CFN 676

CFN793 Free Software A-Z (0-0-0)

This class pays for itself! Join the millions of people who already know that you don't have to have to pay big bucks to get feature-rich word processors, spreadsheets, presentation tools, photo editors, audio recorders, computer security applicatons and other softward you need for your small business or home use. Discover popular, highly rated free alternatives to big name products as well as free cool tools for home design, sharable family/business/club schedulers, and PDF makers. You will also learn how learn how to find other free, well-tested software on your own.

CFN794 Intro Office Suite (0-0-0)

CFN795 Geneology In Hist Archeology (0-0-0)

CFN796 First Dance:Wedding Wkshp (0-0-0)

CFN797 Enneagram-Understand Ourselves (0-0-0)

CFN798 Redefining Success Wksh (0-0-0)

CFN799 Create:Coffee Tab Book (0-0-0)

Create a book full of memories documenting family, friends or special vacations. Bring your favorite photos to class on a CD or flash drive, organize and edit them for your photo book. Students will work in Winkflash, set up your account and get your book ready to print.

CFN800 Creative Projects (0-0-0)

CFN801 Improv Basics (0-0-0)

CFN802 Zumba (0-0-0)

Let loose and feel the music! Zumba Fitness is a Latin-inspired, easy-to-follow, calorie-burning, dance fitness party that will get you in shape before you know it!. No experience is necessary. STUDENTS ARE ASKED TO PLEASE WEAR SNEAKERS AND BRING A WATER BOTTLE.

CFN803 Schen Cul Boot Camp (0-0-0)

CFN804 Basic Culinary Voc Training (0-0-0)

CFN805 Basic Med Vocational Training (0-0-0)

CFN806 Basics of Motorcycle Mainten (0-0-0)

CFN807 Intr Basic Cake Decorating (0-0-0)

CFN808 Children's Char Cake Decorat (0-0-0)

CFN809 Intro to Auto CAD (0-0-0)

CFN810 Notary Public Review (0-0-0)

This course will prepare the student for the New York State Notary Public test and provide a comprehensive view of the Notary Public office. Confusing laws, concepts and procedures will be clearly explained and examples will be provided to discuss situations that a Notary Public officer is likely to encounter. Topics include avoiding conflicts of interest, maintaining professional ethics, charging proper fees, handling special situations, deferring to an attorney and minimizing legal liability. All materials will be provided.

CFN811 Industrial Archeology (0-0-0)

Learn all the basics of Industrial Archaeology included quarries, mines, mills, factories, highways, railroads and canals. Discover pieces of history in your own backyard by using landscape archaeology techniques combind with historical documents such as photographs and newspaper articles. Two field trips in the Capital District will be included during class time. Additional reading and projects are encouraged.

CFN812 Basket Weaving (0-0-0)

CFN813 Intr:Graphic Design Techniques (0-0-0)

of visual communication through the use of type, image, form and color. Students learn fundamentals of typography, design, layout and digital skills. The course includes basic design and type exercises reinforced in the digital portion of the class using Adobe PhotoShop software. An introduction to design skills needed to produce graphics for print, advertising, corporate identity and other media will be covered. Basic PC knowledge required. Students are required to bring a flash drive to class (at least 2 GB).

CFN814 Intro to Voice Overs (0-0-0)

This fun, informative and empowering class will teach you the basics of the voice over industry. Students will discuss the many different types of voice overs and what it takes to get started as a voice over actor. Students will be recorded as they read from real scripts and receive a professional voice evaluation.

CFN815 Basic Electricity Course (0-0-0)

This is an introduction to basic electricty, a course that will give you the knowledge you need to take the next step to advanced training for almost any profession that deals with electricity. Our Basic Electricity course provides a introduction to industrial electricity principles as applied to modern industrial, commerical and institutional electric power systems. This course will provide you with a solid foundation on which you can build. Whether you intend on continuing your education or apprenticing in any afore- mentioned trades you will start with a firm footing beneath you. The fundamentals include Electrical Flow, Ohm's Law, Electrical Drawings, Symbols and Schematics, Basic Relay, Breaker and Fuse operation, as well as AC transformers and Electric Motors. Participants will assemble practical circuits in which they will apply the concepts learned. *Students are required to bring the book, Residential Wiring 15th edition by Ray C. Mullin to class. This course is taught at the Capital Region BOCES.

CFN816 Adv Electricity (0-0-0)

This course is designed for the home or business owners interested in installing a Renewable Energy system to either save on their utility bills, lower their carbon foot or hedge themselves against rising energy costs. The course will detail all of the different types of renewable energy (RE) resources available in upstate New York. Several of the RE types to be discussed will be solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind, geothermal and biomass. By the end of the course, the student will understand how each system works, their pros and cons, be able to access the viability for RE at his/her property and understand how all the state incentives and tax credits help pay for these systems.

CFN817 Solar PV for Contractors (0-0-0)

This course will instruct roofers, homebuilders, electricians and landscape designers how to integrate solar into jobs and elevate your services above the competitors. Students will be able to win more projects and earn additional income. The course will also discuss the different types of solar and their installation procedures, how to assess yoru customers viability for solar and solar selling techniques. By the end of the course, the student willbe able to confidently introduce solar to potential customers and develop an additional service to their business.

CFN818 Basket Weaving for Kids (0-0-0)

CFN819 Writing & Illustrat Advtr Stor (0-0-0)

CFN820 Writing & Illustrat Myst Story (0-0-0)

CFN821 Solar,Wind,Renewables (0-0-0)

This course is designed for the home or business owner interested in installing a Renewable Energy system to either save on their utility bills, lower their carbon footprint or hedge themselves against rising energy costs. The course willdetail all of the different types of renewable energy (RE) resources available in upstate New York. Several of the RE types to be discussed will be solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind, geothermal and biomass. By the end of the course the student will understand how each system works, their pros and cons, be able to access the viability for RE at your property and understnad how all the state incentives and tax credits help pay for these systems.

CFN822 Budg and Fin Plan Sml Bus (0-0-0)

Have you ever wondered where your money goes? How can you control your cash? Small businesses often fail due to lack of financial planning and cash. Small business owners need to harness their resources through financial planning. Budgets are the foundation of every financial plan, whether you need a loan or just to see how you are doing now and 12 months down the line. The course will highlight different ways to formulate budgets, focus on cash flow and cash projections as well as overall forecasting and strategic plans.

CFN823 Geneology 2:Doc Archeology (0-0-0)

This advanced genealogy course will guild on the basic genealogy skills learned in "Genealogy and Historic Archaeology." Students will continue to discuss record- keeping practice and archival rules, a variety of repositories in the area and the sources they offer. A field trip to the New York State Library and Archives is planned. Research will be oriented toward family histories. *Students will need to bring the software "Family Tree Maker," approximately $50, to class or subscribe to

CFN824 Medieval Archeology (0-0-0)

CFN825 Geneology II:Doc Arch (0-0-0)

CFN826 Culture of Death: Cemeteries (0-0-0)

The course will examine cemetaries and gravestones from a variety of perspectives. Standing above the surface, cemetaries contain a large component of material culture left by past people for future generations. They reflect changing outlooks on death and can tell us not only about who is buried, but also about those people who buried them. By looking at cemetary layouts and locations as well as stone types, monument size, epitaphs and carved art, this class will analyze and interpret cemetaries and gravestones to learn more about the past. A field trip will be scheduled.

CFN827 Sign Lang for Par and Educator (0-0-0)

CFN900 Nanotechnology Research (0-0-0)

CFN901 Zumbatomic for Kids (0-0-0)

This course is designed exclusively for kids ages 4-6 years of age. It is a high energy fitness party packed with specifically choreographed, kid-friendly routines and all the music kids love. This course will help increse their focus and self-confidence, boosting metabolism and enhancing coordination. This course will be taught at the YWCA of Schenectady. Parents of students enrolled in this course will be able to utilize the YWCA's Fitness Center while the child is in class. Students are asked to wear sneakers and fitness attire as well as bring a water bottle to class.

CFN902 Reel to Reel: Arch in Hollywd (0-0-0)

Hollywood and in documentaries. Topics include mummies, pirates, Native Americans, the Titanic, sunken warships and certain box office films.

CFN903 Basic Photovolt Systems (0-0-0)

CFN905 Turbo Kick (0-0-0)

This class is a combination of kickboxing moves, as well as dance moves, all perfectly choreographed to high energy and motivating music. It's a unique blend of interval strength and endurance training. Come prepared to move and break a sweat! Students are asked to come dressed in fitness attire and bring a water bottle.

CFN906 Pilates Mat Class (0-0-0)

Pilates is a mind-body core exercise class that will work to improve alignment and breathing, and is balanced with grace- ful movement. This course's focus will be on conditioning the body from the inside out. Students are asked to bring a sticky mat, come dressed in fitness attire and bring a water bottle.

CFN907 Can You Dig It? (0-0-0)

Archaeology and Paleontology seem like big words to kids but Sciensational Workshops for Kids makes them come alive. Each child will partake in a simulated fossill excavation, uncovering the different bones of a dinosaur. Each child (ages 6-11) will partake in a simulated fossil excavation, uncovering the different bones of a dinosaur. Each child then assemble the bones to form a completed 3D dinosaur to be taken home. Students will learn to use geological time and fossil charts; make a plaster fossil replica of an ammonite, Tyrannasaurus Rex tooth or choose from other available molds; and get a chance to identify a 20 million year old shark's tooth. Students will also see other fossil replicas, work with a rock and mineral collection and see and hold a giant pumice rock specimen from Mt. Helen's.

CFN908 Hyper Peppy Robotics (0-0-0)

Students (ages 7-12) will build and take home their very own Hyper Peppy Robot. It is sound activated and the clap of your hands will get it moving. The robot has a very sensitive touch/sound sensor and it's fast! Students will be happy to adjust its sensitivity and see first hand the robot's many gears, circuit boeard, microphone and easy to asemble mechanical drive system. Students will also get to build other robots as part of a small group. Be a part of robotic technology and have fun investigating the future effects it will have on our lives.

CFN909 Make It, Take It Home (0-0-0)

In this hands-on, fun and exciting program, students (ages 6-11) will discover the amazing world of science. Students will make and take home a wide assortment of of toys designed to teach science concepts in a hands-on way. Students will grow and and take home a crystal tree, make an energy bread bracelet and watch the beads turn from white to a rainbow of colors, build a working electric motor and much more. Students will also make their own sharpie pen t-shirt and learn some cool chemistry. Studens will make their own bubling blobs; make silly putty and green flubber. STUDENTS ARE ASKED TO BRING A 100% COTTON T-SHIRT.

CFN910 Harry Potter:Magic Myst Sci (0-0-0)

All aboard for lots of hands-on-fun! Join in the escapades of Harry and his friends. Students (ages 6-11) will play quidditch, make an edible want and brew some fantastic potions to drink. Students will also create and watch some amazing chemical reactions as well watch a mirage appear and make some cool crystals. Wonder where the sorting hat will place you? Come find out!

CFN911 Artifact Preservation (0-0-0)

This course is for students who want to become more familiar with the preservation of historic and cultural material for future study. Students will learn how chemical, biological and environmental factors impact the integrity of objects. They will also learn how to prevent deterioration through cleaning, stabilization and consolidation using non-toxic and reversible methodologies. Students will learn how to assess objects for their condition, prepare treatment proposals, conduct conservation protocols and generate a final report of the object for display and long term storage.

CFN912 Horse Racing in Saratoga (0-0-0)

Saratoga Race Course is the oldest sporting venue of any kind in the United States - and the home of the world's best horse racing. We're lucky to live in this region, so close to this historic, beautiful track and the gorgeous horoughbreds who grace it every summer. Get ready for racing at the world's most exciting horse track - starting with Opening Day on July 15th! We'll get you ready to know where to sit, find great dining options and to bet with the best of 'em. Rider's UP!

CFN913 Horse Racing Industry (0-0-0)

Like any other sport, horse racing is complicated. Millions of people make their living in the industry, working in every facet you can imagine. Have you ever gone to the track and wondered who these people are, and how they got their jobs? This short course will give you all the information you need on horse racing, and a broad overview from an insider's perspective. Join us for this class, and learn about horses, racing and careers in the world's oldest and most awe-inspiring sport.

CFN914 Art of Performance (0-0-0)

High School students will explore elements of singing, acting, skit-writing, stage presence, projection and repertoire selection through instruction. As a group, these students will then perform a show case of works they have developed throughout the course. Students will learn how to warm-up vocally and stretch their range, sing melodies and harmonies, perform songs as solos and as a group, and develop scenes that are portrayed with quality speaking and timing choices.

CFN915 Managing Wkpl Conflicts (0-0-0)

This workshop delivers the tools of professional mediators into the hands of managers to build better workplace relationships, enhance performance, improve productivity, and cut the unnecessary financial costs associated with workplace conflict. In today's high-performance, dead- line oriented and bottom line-focused work environment, managers of employees must be equpped with the skills to negotiate relationships more effectively. As a result, every employeewho is responsible for the cooperative work of others requires the means to negotiate more productive work relationships and find solutions to business problems caused by conflict - even when none were thought possible. Workshop participants will benefit by learning the well- tested, highly successful techniques of professional work- place mediators and will further the efforts of their organizations through enhanced knowledge of vital core competencies for managers. Continuing Education units are available for this course.

CFN916 Aging and Creativity (0-0-0)

Creativity. What is it? Do I have it? How can I get it and what do I do with it once I have found it? Research has found that creativity and curiousity can have intensely positive effects on health as we age, keeping us happy, reducing our need for medicine and even protecting our risk of injury. Explore through interactive dicussion the many ways you can easily incorporate creativity and curiosity into your life.

CFN917 Tales of Art Historian (0-0-0)

Have you ever wondered why everyone around you seems to LOVE that crazy piece of art in your local contemporary art gallery while you just aren't sure what you're even looking at let alone whether you like it or not? Join us in discussing contemporary art and the stories behind some of America's most popular and famous (or infamous) pieces of art and the artists who made them.

CFN918 You're a YouTube Sensation (0-0-0)

Anyone can become a YouTube sensation. It's all about the idea, the execution of the idea and what your audience wants. This course prepares the novice to post a character, a story or a concept on YouTube to gain exposure. A YouTube sensation gets paid and becomes a repeat character with a following. Learn the success stories of real life sensations, create your own brand, identify your audience and learn to entertain them. This course will identify your goals, your competition and teach you to become a YouTube Sensation.

CFN919 Archeol in Schenectady (0-0-0)

This illustrated talk will highlight archaeological documentary and excavation projects undertaken by the SCCC Community Archaeology Program (CAP) in the Schenectady Stockade Historic District over the past decade. The presentation will also include information about SCCC's CAP non-credit certificate program and its individual courses that might be of interest and a display of recent excavations at 32 Front Street.

CFN920 Black History in Schenectady (0-0-0)

This course will examine the history of African- American people in the Capital District. Emphasis will be on African roots, transition to slavery, the Civil war and it's aftermath and more.

CFN921 Art of the Pitch (0-0-0)

This course will show the student how to best explain, describe or create enthusiasm and interest over their idea and/or product. Whatever it is that you want to pitch; whether it's an original novel or screenplay, a new business, a financial proposal or an innovative product; a brilliant idea must be packaged in such a way that each person listening to the pitch can not live without it. Come learn how to become the best pitch artist you can be!

CFN922 Art ExplorforChildren (0-0-0)

In this class, stduents (ages 6-11) will have the opportunity to explore different art mediums. They will produce perspective drawings, experiment with print making and zentables, explore string art, create texture prints, work with screen painting, learn about tissue art and much more. STUDENTS ARE ASKED TO BRING A SMOCK OR WEAR CLOTHING SUITABLE TO ARTWORK, WEAR CLOSED TOED SHOES AND BRING A SNACK AND WATER BOTTLE TO CLASS.

CFN923 The Art of Surrealism (0-0-0)

Students (ages 11-14) will explore the magic of surrealism through drawing, painting and collage. They will create a variety of drawings and paintings exploring perspective, optica illusions and various surrealist techniques. Students are asked to bring a smock or wear clothing suitable to artwork, wear closed toed shoes and bring a snack and water bottle to class.

CFN924 Story Telling Thru Art (0-0-0)

Students (ages 9-12) learn how to tell a story through art. They will learn new illustration techniques, create, their own picture book. Students are asked to bring a smock or wear clothing suitable to artwork, wear closed toed shoes and bring a snack and water bottle to class.

CFN925 Intro Museum Exhibits (0-0-0)

In this class, students will learn the basics of exhibit planning, organization and text writing. Students will also gain hands-on experience by researching, planning and installing a student generated exhibit at the Schenectady County Historical Society highlighting the Community Archaeology Program's (CAP) archaeological work at 32 Front Street in Schenectady's Historic Stockade District.

CFN926 Write that Grant (0-0-0)

This course will assist students in producing a solid five page draft of a grant proposal that can be modified as needed when applying to specific funders. Students are asked to e-mail the instructor at prior to class for their first assignment. Class time will focus on review and revision of proposals. Pre-requisite: CFE 334 Get that Grant.

CFN927 PowerPoint Social Events (0-0-0)

Get step-by-step instructions in this hands-on workshop. Students will quickly make self-running photo shows with sound for birthday and anniversary parties, class reunions and memorial tributes. No PowerPoint skills required but students must have some basic computer skills.

CFN928 Comp/Internet Safe/Security (0-0-0)

If you think you're safe from cybercriminals just because you installed anti-virus software on your computer think again. Virus attacks are just one of the many dangers you face from scam artists, identity thieves, computer hijackers and worse every time you turn on your computer, open email, surf the Web, go on Facebook or use a wireless network. Learn the basic do's and don'ts everyone should follow for safer computing.

CFN929 Start Home Based Business (0-0-0)

So, you're thinking of starting a home based business? What steps should you take first to save yourself need- less expense? How can you get customers without expensive advertising? What, if any, technology and soft- ware do you need? This course will address these questions and more to help get you started on the road to that small business endeavor you've always dreamed of.

CFN930 Mail Labels w/ Excel and Word (0-0-0)

Need labels for large mailings suchas as business promotions, holiday cards and invitations? In this hands-on course, students will learn how to set up an address book in MS Excel and then create and print pages of labels using the mail merge function of MS Word. Students will also learn to use mail merge to form letters too!

CFN931 MS Office Business Templates (0-0-0)

Students will learn how to make business cards, memos, newsletters and more using ready-made MS Word templates. Students will also work with MS Excel templates for tracking business travel, inventories, business income, expenses and more!

CFN932 Public Speaking (0-0-0)

Students will learn to assess their own home site and design a landscape that fits their individual needs and desires. Topics such as soil amending, plant selection, proper plant- int, dividing perennials, pruning, lawn care and common pests and their management will be covered. This class will conclude with a garden field trip.

CFN933 CE: Visual Interpretation (0-0-0)

This 6 week slide-lecture series will begin in the 1660-80 period and then continue to 1900. The furniture discussed will be illustrated in both period room settings and close-ups which will picture the differences between formal versus country and the many regional variations from one area to another.

CFN934 Money Matters Small Business (0-0-0)

You've probably heard of social media. You may even under- stand the value social media can bring to your business. Now wondering how to start? This workshop will cover strategies and best practices to get the most out of your social media activities. Topics include what social media really is and why use it, an introduction to social media channels and how to create good content, etc.

CFN935 Power of Email Marketing (0-0-0)

E-mail is the most cost effective, targeted, trackable and efficient way to build and maintain relationships in all types of busines and organizations. This workshop will cover how to master e-mail marketing communications with a comprehensive look at best practices and winning strategies that lead to increased profits, revenue and participation. Topics include permission-based marketing, e-mail list building, increasing deliverability and open rates, and writing good subject lines, etc.

CFN936 Intro to Event Planning (0-0-0)

This workshop will introduce Constant Contact's tools and features. Students will learn the basics and some great tips and tricks to improve (or get started) with Constant Contact. Topics include creating an email campaign, selecting and editing e-mail templates, branding your emails, editing text, adding links, importing e-mails contacts, tracking and interpreting your results and much more.

CFN937 PowerPoint Redesign (0-0-0)

CFN938 Wedding and Event Planning (0-0-0)

Wedding and Event Planning Consultant Training is offered in partnership with the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC.) This blended course offers 8 hours of in-class room instruction with on-line instruction from the convenience of your own home. Students will meet campus only on the following dates: Jan 22, Feb 26, April 23 and May 14, 2013. Areas of study include: wedding etiquette, sales and marketing, the wedding day, related services and planning and consulting. The course also includes scheduled in-class discussions led by by wedding professionals. This course provides a fabulous opportunity for the entrepreneur looking to start a business as well as professionals already in the business that would like to expand their knowledge on the entire wedding process A certificate of completion will be awarded by the ABC upon satisfactorily completing all five areas of study. Tuition includes a one-year membership to the Association of Bridal Consultants, “the standard for wedding excellence.”

CFN939 Volunteer Management (0-0-0)

This course will assist students in development a person- alized course of action for volunteering and a clear under- standing of how to identify and select the right volunteer opportunity. Topics will include an individual's role as a volunteer, the volunteer's obligations and liabilities, and provide web based resources to support interests and plans.

CFN940 Princ of Entrepreneurship (0-0-0)

CFN941 Exporting & Internat'l Trade (0-0-0)

CFN942 CSI (0-0-0)

Students (ages 8-12) will become super science sleuths. They will have fun learning about forensics, crime scene investigations, and crime lab chemistry as they perform as many as 15 different experiments designed to show just how those tricky cases are solved. They will search for the evidence, gather clues, and discover how science can help solve a mystery. Students will: dust for fingerprints, analyze handwriting, test for blood type using simulated blood, examine hair and clothing fibers, practice chemistry to identify mystery substances and much more. Students will then use their skills to solve crimes of the century.

CFN943 Hovercraft- DYO Vehicle (0-0-0)

Students (ages 6-11) will learn about the laws of motion, energy, air pressure, friction, lift, speed and acceleration in this hands-on course as they design, build and take home three different vehicles. First, students will design and build their own air powered Hovercraft. They will also design and build a supercar powered by more than an ounce of energy. Students will get a chance to be creative and use a variety of materials as they create this dynamic vehicle. Lastly, students will also get to build an egg drop car, a gravity vehicle that can cushion a raw egg as the car holding the egg is dropped from a high height.

CFN945 Chamber Music for Kids (0-0-0)

CFN946 Warrior Bootcamp Yoga (0-0-0)

CFN947 Kickboxing for Kids (0-0-0)

Introduce your child to the sport of kickboxing! Students (ages 6-12) will learn the punching, kicking, elbow and knee techniques used in kickboxing. Students will also learn to use various types of equipment including heavy bags, speed bags, uppercut bags, double-end and makiwara bags. Classes are fun, fast paced and interactive. STUDENTS SHOULD WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHING, SNEAKERS AND BRING A WATER BOTTLE. No equipment needed. This course will be taught at Electric City Boxing and Kickboxing lcoated at 271 State St., Schenectady, NY, (third floor).

CFN948 Boxing for Kids (0-0-0)

Introduce your child to the sport of boxing! Students (ages 6-12) will learn the basic punches and footwork used in boxing. Students will learn to use various types of boxing equipment including heavy bags, uppercut bags and double-end bags. Classes are fun, fast-paced and interactive. Students should wear comfortable clothing, sneakers and bring a water bottle. No equipment needed. This course will be taught at Electric City located at 271 State St., Schenectady, NY, (third floor).

CFN949 Intro Kickboxing for Adults (0-0-0)

Learn kickboxing for fitness and self-defense! Students will learn the punching, kicking, elbow and knee tehniques used in Kickboxing. They will also learn to use various types of equipment including heavy bags, speed bags, uppercut bags, double-end bags and makiwara bags. Classes are fun and fast-paced. Theyare great for cardio and calorie-burning. This class will be taught at Electric City Boxing and Kickboxing located at 271 State St., Schenectady, NY, (third floor). All ages and fitness levels are welcome. WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHING, SNEAKERS AND BRING A WATER BOTTLE. No equipment needed.

CFN950 Intro to Boxing for Adults (0-0-0)

Learn boxing for fitness and self-defense! Students will learn the basic punches used in boxing and practice directional footwork. They will also learn to use various types of boxing equipment including heavy bags, speed bags, uppercut bags and double-end bags. Classes are fun and fast-paced. They are great for cardio and calorie-burning. This class will be taught at Electric City Boxing and Kickboxing located at 271 State Street (third floor), Schenectady, NY. STUDENTS SHOULD WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHING, SNEAKERS AND BRING A WATER BOTTLE.

CFN951 Write Your Own Musical (0-0-0)

Learn to write a short musical with playwright/composer/lyricist, Kit Goldstein-Grant and Music educator/pianist, Rebecca Benjamin. Students, ages 7-12 years, will learn the basics of lyric witing, song form, and what goes into making a memorable melody. Together, the group will come up with a fun story and work together to write the songs to go with it! On the final day, students will perform a staged reading of their work for parents and friends. Students should bring a notebook, pencil and a bagged lunch.

CFN952 Playwriting for Adults (0-0-0)

This course will cover the fundamentals of playwriting for students ages 13-18 years. It will use exercises and work shopping to help students begin transforming their original ideas into plays. Students will work outside of class to complete outlines and scenes that will be read and discussed in class.

CFN953 Playwriting for Adults (0-0-0)

This course will cover the fundamentals of playwriting. It will use exercises and work shopping to help students begin transforming their original ideas into plays. Students will work outside of class to complete outlines and scenes that will be read and discussed in class. Both beginning playwrights and those with more experience are welcome. REQUIRED COURSE MATEIALS: PLEASE PURCHASE THE BOOK, Playwriting, Brief & Billiant by Julie Jensen.

CFN954 Transition Schenectady (0-0-0)

New to constant Contact Email Marketing? Want to learn some great tools and tips so you can start using Constant Contact like a pro? In this highly practical live guided demonstration, we'll inroduce Constant Contact's tools and features. Students will learn the basics and some great tips and tricks to improve (or get started) with E-mail Marketing.

CFN955 Grow Bus w/E-mail & Soc Media (0-0-0)

This course is designed to give small businesses and non-profit organizations some simple ideas for growing their organizations using e-mail marketing and social media. Topics include what to write about, how to get more people to stop and read your messages and how to get more people to stop and read your messages and how to get more action (or reaction) to your messages and offers. Students will learn what it means to run a campaign and tactics for measuring success without spending a lot of time or money. The course will also touch on Facebook,using images for higher impact and cover the importance of mobile-friendly content for higher engagement.

CFN956 Songwriting (0-0-0)

This course will focus on the technical elements of songwriting. Students will work on writing their own songs while learning the basics of song form, lyric writing, rhyme, melody and harmony. THE ABILITY TO READ MUSIC IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

CFN957 Zumba Sentao (0-0-0)

Grab a chair, feel the beat and learn how to use your own body weight to enhance muscle strength, improve defintion, endurance and tone your physique. No experience is necessary. STUDENTS ARE ASKED TO PLEASE WEAR SNEAKERS AND BRING A WATER BOTTLE.

CFN958 Put the Pow in PowerPoint (0-0-0)

If you want to create PowerPoint presentations that really grab your audience and sell your message, then start with a good design. This class will teach students strategies for actively engaging their audience and telling their story effectively. By applying a few simple guidelines for slide design, students will also learn why flying bullets, special effects and flashy animations are the enemies of effective communication. STUENTS WILL NEED BASIC COMPUTER SKILLS AND KNOW HOW TO WORK WITH IMAGES AND TEXT. STUDENTS ARE ASKED TO BRING THEIR POWERPOINT FILES ON A FLASH DRIVE TO CLASS.

CFN959 How to Buy Computers, Printers (0-0-0)

New computer and printer models come on the market every few months and your choices can feel overwhelmig. This course will help students decide what types of new computers; printers or accessories such as external backup drives, mice, keyboards, and other peripherals to purchase. Students will learn to identify which features and products that are right for them, learn where to find reliable product (and company) reviews, how to talk to sales staff and which questions to ask.

CFN960 Take Command of Your Email (0-0-0)

If your starting to feel overwhelmed by your inbox, then this is the course for you. Students will learn how tomake gorup addresse for clubs or family, hw to push all messages from a certain e-mail address into their own folder, get rid of spam and learn where deleted messages go. This class will cover basics for Hotmail/Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo.

CFN961 Chair Hatha Yoga (0-0-0)

If you are a senior, new to exercise or have a disablility that makes exercise difficult, chair yoga may be the answer. Chair yoga uses many traditional yoga poses and modifies them to be done from a chair or with the assistance of a chair allowing more stability and greater ease in doing the poses without the worry, while still getting the benefit of yoga. The Hatha yoga focused on in this class concentrates on breathing techniques that can help lower heart rate and blood pressure, decrease anxiety and nervousness and aid pulmonary function. In addition, the yoga postures can relieve stiff joints and muscles and help with balance and coordination.

CFN962 What Small Bus Owners Need to (0-0-0)

The course will provide an overview of the Affordable Care Act. It will cover mandates and requirements of the Small Business within the ACA such as businesses with 50 or more employees, businesses with less than 50 employees, sole proprietors, the individual application process, the four benefit levels, consumer assistance and more. Students will discuss implementation of the ACA within the business.

CFN963 Teaching Technique/Methodology (0-0-0)

CFN964 Basic Cookie Decorating (0-0-0)

In this course, students will get an introduction to decorating cookies with royal icing using piping bags and decorating bottles. After an icing and cookie making demonstration, students will decorate a dozen cookies with frosting made in class. Students will get to take their cookies home. Students are required to purchase a $20 cookie decorating kit, which will be distributed in class.

CFN965 Writing a Business Plan (0-0-0)

This entrepreneurial class will teach stduents how to write a business plan, section by section. Students will learn how to write their story in the approved business plan format recognized by lenders such as 1st Niagra, Key Bank, and Citizen's Bank. Topics include creation of a business description, statement of purpose, competitive and marketing strategy formation, market research, management and personnel, financial statements, risk analysis, and the assembly of the final product.

CFN966 Email MKT W/Constant Contact (0-0-0)

E-mail is the most cost-effective, targeted, trackable and efficent way to build and maintain relationships in all types of buisnesses and organizations. This workshop will teach you how to master e-mail marketing communications with a comprehensive look at best practices and winning strategies that lead to increased profits, revenue and participation. Topics will include what is permission-based e-mail marketing, e-mail list bulding, writing good subject lines and content, tracking results and how e-mail and social media marketing work together.

CFN967 Writing Fundamentals (0-0-0)

This introductory writing course will focus on the basics of writing. Aspiring writers will not only learn the rules of grammar and writing, spelling and sentence structure but will also work on writing assignments that will give the student a solid foundation from which to begin their journey into the wonderful word of writing.

CFN968 Preparing for Tomorrow's Gap (0-0-0)

CFN969 Intro to Ceramic Preservation (0-0-0)

In this course, students will learn to research and identify ceramic objects. Students will be introduced to the vast world of ceramic mending and restoration. Topics also include the history of ceramics.

CFN970 Equine Journalism (0-0-0)

There are many equine publications that cater to the hunger for information about horses. The existence of a membership organization like American Horse Publications is testimony to the enormous popularity of the horse and the many outlets for horse-loving writers and would-be writers. This course will teach the student how to write blogs, websites, and articles for newpapers or magazines or even write a book or screenplay. The aim of this course is to teach you the principles, and help you find your place in the equine media world.

CFN971 Amer Red Cross: Pet First Aid (0-0-0)

Dogs and cats are more than pets – they’re family. Just like any other member of the family, pets deserve to be cared for and protected. Red Cross Dog First Aid and Cat First Aid courses will teach you how to respond to health emergencies and provide basic first aid for the four-legged members of your family. Practice and preparation will help you be calm and effective in an emergency, protecting you and your pet from further injury of suffering.

CFN972 Customer Service Excellence (0-0-0)

Image is how the customer sees your business. Learn the many pieces of buisness image that influence customers and potential clients when they choose a company for transacting business. Master the parts of your company's image to maximize your revenue opportunities. Students will learn how to measure the many facet of image to guarantee that the best a business has to offer shines each time.

CFN973 Amer Red Cross: Adult & Pediat (0-0-0)

Learn the skills that can save a life. The First Aid and CPR/AED course teaches people how to perform CPR and use an AED, what to do if someone is choking, and how to prevent and respond to other emergencies until advanced medical help arrives. Course participants also learn how to control bleeding as well as how to care for seizures and other sudden illnesses.

CFN974 HR Strategic Persuasion & Inf. (0-0-0)

Strategic persuasion and strategic influencing are major growth areas for many HR professionals who need to improve persuasion skills and better promote, influence or provide education for the services or programs they have to offer. In this program, HR professionals will learn to reframe their paradigms in a way that teaches the application of unique processes for influencing and persuasion. They will learn to deliver the process, resulting in promoting improvements. They will also learn techniques that they can utilize the next time they are faced with a business development or organizational change. In the persuasion module, HR professionals will develop their leadership skills when presenting policies, organizational ethics or any topic that has direct impact on the mission, values or the company's strategic goals and objectives. The influencing module will assist HR professionals to create a unique proposition concept to apply to their endeavors. The HR professionals wil learn the keys to create a marketing plan to promote and convince both company leaders and employees to understand the value of new or changing policies and procedures that can be aggressively implemented such as changes in ownership, restructuring or re-engineering. This module also focuses on critical thinking skills that better facilitate the HR professional to affect measure outcomes for their objectives and will demonstrate developing skills to influence others through modeling and coaching.

CFN975 Amer Red Cross: Babysitting (0-0-0)

CFN976 Intro to Acrylic Painting (0-0-0)

Never thought you could do yoga? Try this 4-week introductory class on Adaptive Yoga basics. Traditional yoga poses done with the aid of a chair. No getting up and down off the floor. Learn how to move your body. We’ll work on breathing, balance, coordination and stretching. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat, if you have one, for under your chair and a bottle of water. If you’ve never done yoga before or if you have physical limitations, this class is for you. Come feed your Mind, Body & Soul. Everyone is welcome.

CFN977 Songwriting for Kids (0-0-0)

CFN978 Edible Crafts for Young Bakers (0-0-0)

CFN979 Intro to Adaptive Yoga (0-0-0)

CFN989 Individual Songwriting Lessons (0-0-0)

CFP001 Basic EMT Training (0-0-0)

CFP002 EMT Refresher (0-0-0)

CFP003 Certified First Responder (0-0-0)

CFP004 Cert First Responder Recert (0-0-0)

CFP102 Native American Archaeology (0-0-0)

CFP105 Analysis Fre & Indian War Site (0-0-0)

CFP107 Recording & Archiving Arch Dat (0-0-0)

CFP111 Hands on Archaeology for Adult (0-0-0)

CFP112 Artifact Preservation (0-0-0)

CFP113 300 Yrsof America Architecture (0-0-0)

CFP114 Archaeological Analysis (0-0-0)

CFP115 300 Years of Decorative Art (0-0-0)

CFP116 Heritage and Community (0-0-0)

CFP117 Becoming Human (0-0-0)

CFP119 Caring for your Collection (0-0-0)

CFP120 Introduction to Genealogy (0-0-0)

CFP121 Flintknapping & Stone Tool Tec (0-0-0)

CFP122 Identifying & Interp Anm Bones (0-0-0)

CFP123 Gravestone Cleaning (0-0-0)

CFP152 Creative Expression for Senior (0-0-0)

CFP153 Exploring Paint Mediums (0-0-0)

CFP154 Art Foundations for Beg/Int (0-0-0)

CFP155 Watercolor Painting (0-0-0)

CFP156 Basics of Scrapbooking (0-0-0)

CFP202 Marketing: Newsletters/Surveys (0-0-0)

CFP203 Marketing:Offers & Promotions (0-0-0)

CFP205 Impact of Bus Env on Bus Prof (0-0-0)

CFP206 Ntwrkng Its All Abt Who You Kn (0-0-0)

CFP209 CRHRA - Making the Business Ca (0-0-0)

CFP210 Business Writing for Professio (0-0-0)

CFP211 CLA Course (Foundation Level) (0-0-0)

CFP212 CLT Course (Mid-Level Technica (0-0-0)

CFP213 Pet CPR & First Aid (0-0-0)

CFP214 Starting a Pet Business (0-0-0)

CFP215 Intro to Comm Craft Brewing (0-0-0)

CFP216 Tools and Techiniquest for the Professional- How to Safely Enter a Home with a Pet (0-0-0)

CFP217 Leading with Grit (0-0-0)

CFP218 Residential Mortgages (0-0-0)

CFP219 PETS Basics of Grooming Sch (0-0-0)

CFP220 Pet Certificate (0-0-0)

CFP221 Busn Loans & Comm Mortgages (0-0-0)

CFP222 Horticulture Certificate Progr (0-0-0)

CFP301 Ukulele Lessons:Child & Teens (0-0-0)

CFP302 Music theory Lessons for Teens (0-0-0)

CFP304 Intro to Acrylics for Teens (0-0-0)

CFP308 PRof Baking for Children (0-0-0)

CFP309 Prof Baking for Teens (0-0-0)

CFP310 KidzArt - Art Across America (0-0-0)

CFP311 Club Scientific - Deep Space (0-0-0)

CFP312 Club Scientific-Comp Game Make (0-0-0)

CFP313 American Red Cross Babysitting (0-0-0)

CFP314 Hands on Archaeology for Child (0-0-0)

CFP315 Aikido for Children (0-0-0)

CFP316 Creative Challenges (0-0-0)

CFP317 Cookie Decorating & Cupcake De (0-0-0)

CFP318 Cake Decorating and More (0-0-0)

CFP319 Creative Crafts (0-0-0)

CFP320 Creative Crafts - String Art (0-0-0)

CFP321 Creative Crafts -Wire Figurine (0-0-0)

CFP322 Creative Crafts - Terrarium (0-0-0)

CFP323 Creative Crafts-Tissue Flowers (0-0-0)

CFP324 Creative Crafts-Finger Knittin (0-0-0)

CFP325 Clash Music Class (0-0-0)

CFP326 Intro to Lego Robotics (0-0-0)

CFP327 Video Game Making (0-0-0)

CFP328 KidzArt- Caribbean Adventure (0-0-0)

CFP329 Club Scientific- Jr Astronomer (0-0-0)

CFP330 Club Scientific- Robot Invent (0-0-0)

CFP331 Club Scientific- Sp Engn: Lego (0-0-0)

CFP332 Club Scientific: Emerg Vet (0-0-0)

CFP333 Club Scientific: Jr Robot Invn (0-0-0)

CFP334 Club Scientific:Brg Arch &Demo (0-0-0)

CFP335 Intro Horseback Rid-Ch/Teens (0-0-0)

CFP336 Songwriting for Kids (0-0-0)

CFP337 Becoming a Young Aviator (0-0-0)

CFP338 Aviation for Teens (0-0-0)

CFP339 Sew Your Own Crafts for Kids (0-0-0)

CFP340 Kids Sewing Summer Fun (0-0-0)

CFP341 Musical Theater Wksh for Kids (0-0-0)

CFP342 Space Academy: Aerospace (0-0-0)

CFP343 Laptop Orchestra and Intro to Electronic Musical Art (0-0-0)

CFP344 Creating with Paper (0-0-0)

CFP401 Intro to Power Point (0-0-0)

CFP404 Take Command of Your Email (0-0-0)

CFP408 Photoshop Basics for Photograp (0-0-0)

CFP409 Intro to Windows (0-0-0)

CFP410 Intro to Access (0-0-0)

CFP411 Intro to Excel (0-0-0)

CFP412 Intro to MS Word (0-0-0)

CFP413 Working with your Android Tabl (0-0-0)

CFP414 Intro to Digital Photography (0-0-0)

CFP415 Intermed Excel (0-0-0)

CFP416 MS Windows & Office Essent (0-0-0)

CFP500 Bagels and Bialys (0-0-0)

CFP501 Cream Puffs and Eclairs (0-0-0)

CFP502 Puff & Assorted Pastries (0-0-0)

CFP504 Basic Cookie Decorating (0-0-0)

CFP505 Cert. Spec. Wine Exam Prep (0-0-0)

CFP506 Edible Holiday Crafts (0-0-0)

CFP509 The Wonder of Wine (0-0-0)

CFP510 Intro to Baking Yeast Bread (0-0-0)

CFP511 Pizzeria Pizza for the Home Ki (0-0-0)

CFP512 Artisan Bread Tech for the Hom (0-0-0)

CFP513 Doughnuts and Fritters (0-0-0)

CFP514 Classic Filled Croissants (0-0-0)

CFP515 Craft Beer- Learn All About it (0-0-0)

CFP516 Creative Mixology (0-0-0)

CFP517 Taste The Avenue (0-0-0)

CFP518 Breakfast Breads (0-0-0)

CFP519 Wood-fired Baking (0-0-0)

CFP520 More Creative Mixology (0-0-0)

CFP601 Ukelele Lessons for Adults (0-0-0)

CFP607 Summer Chamber Ensemble (0-0-0)

CFP608 Beginner Ukelele (0-0-0)

CFP609 Learn the Mandolin (0-0-0)

CFP610 Old Time Banjo (0-0-0)

CFP611 Songwriting for Teen and Adult (0-0-0)

CFP612 Mandolin Lessons for Adults (0-0-0)

CFP613 Banjo Lessons for Adults (0-0-0)

CFP614 Intermediate Ukelele (0-0-0)

CFP700 Playwriting for Adults (0-0-0)

CFP701 Acting for Adults (0-0-0)

CFP703 Conversational Spanish (0-0-0)

CFP705 Frankly, My Dear: The Reel Story Behind Gone With the Wind (0-0-0)

CFP706 No Excuses! Write&SellYourBook (0-0-0)

CFP707 Basic Camping: Start to Finish (0-0-0)

CFP708 Do Your Own Alterations (0-0-0)

CFP709 Open Sew (0-0-0)

CFP710 Open Crochet (0-0-0)

CFP711 Hands on Science for Adults (0-0-0)

CFP712 Break Into Print w/ NonFiction (0-0-0)

CFP713 Science Explorations for Adult (0-0-0)

CFP714 Writing Fiction for Kids (0-0-0)

CFP715 Coll Prob Solv Parent Grp (0-0-0)

CFP716 Sewing 101 (0-0-0)

CFP717 Writing From the Heart: The Art of Personal Essays (0-0-0)

CFP718 Sewing with Knits (0-0-0)

CFP719 Fashionista (0-0-0)

CFP720 Writing Your Life Story (0-0-0)

CFP721 Sewing 102 (0-0-0)

CFP722 Medicare 101 (0-0-0)

CFP723 20 Ways to Earn Residual Incm (0-0-0)

CFP724 Defensive Driving (0-0-0)

CFP725 Getting Paid to Talk (0-0-0)

CFP726 English/Math Skills (0-0-0)

CFP801 Adaptive Hatha Yoga (0-0-0)

CFP802 Zumba Fitness (0-0-0)

CFP804 Red Cross - First Aid/CPR/ARD (0-0-0)

CFP805 American Red Cross: Pet 1stAid (0-0-0)

CFP806 Kriaplu Yoga (0-0-0)

CFP807 Belly Dance w/ Saria (0-0-0)

CFP808 Rise and Shine Yoga (0-0-0)

CFP809 Yoga Warrior Bootcamp (0-0-0)

CFP810 Yin Yoga (0-0-0)

CFP811 Yin Restorative Workshop (0-0-0)

CFP812 Kids Yoga (0-0-0)

CFP813 Intro Horseback Riding-Adults (0-0-0)

CFP814 Common Sense Adult SelfDefense (0-0-0)

CFP815 Living Life in Balance (0-0-0)

CFP964 Basic Cookie Decorating (0-0-0)

CFR112 BRG:Medical/Legal Office Pract (0-0-0)

CFR113 BRG:Intro to Computers (0-0-10)

CFR151 Routing Efficiency (0-0-0)

CFR152 Transportation Management (0-0-0)

CFR501 Intro to EMS Careers (0-0-0)

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