Course Descriptions - Non Credit
CFA090 GED Extension (0-0-15)

CFA091 GED Adult Basic Extension (0-0-7)

CFA096 GED Prep (Adult Basic) (0-0-15)

This class features an applied curriculum designed to significantly improve success rates on the GED exam. Emphasis will be on assisting students with low reading and math grade levels to build basic reading, writing, and mathematical skills. Additional workbook fees may be charged.

CFA097 GED Prep (Adult Basic) (0-0-15)

CFA098 GED Prep Review (0-0-5)

CFA102 Job Readiness (0-0-20)

CFA103 Entrepreneurship Training (0-0-0)

CFA105 Achieve GED (0-0-20)

CFA107 Employment Skills Training (0-0-20)

CFA108 Tier GED (0-0-20)

CFA112 SAT Preparation (0-0-5)

determine applicant desirability. Our highly experienced instructors will help you reduce your test anxiety with finely tuned study aids, build your vocabulary and math skills, and provide you with strategies to answer questions more effectively.

CFA118 Basic Computer Skills (0-0-15)

CFA119 Computer Survival I (0-0-10)

This stress-free workshop is intended for those who want to learn commonly used computer skills in the Windows operating system. Simple, non-technical explanations, combined with hands-on experience, will help you feel comfortable using a computer and learning computer basics. Topics covered include the mouse, the desktop environment, menus, how to create folders and organize your information, how to protect your computer from computer viruses, and how to use e-mail. Students will also learn to use the Internet and the basics of Microsoft Word. *STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO BRING A FLASH DRIVE TO CLASS.

CFA120 Get the Most from Internet (0-0-3)

You constantly hear "check it out on the web" but you don't know how to get started. Your instructor has posted your assignments on a website or you have registered for a distance learning course but you don't know what to do. This course introduces you to the Internet, aka the World Wide Web. Learn how to get around, bookmark your favorite sites, use search engines to conduct research, and much more.

CFA124 Day Series: MS Office 2000 (0-0-15)

CFA126 MS Office Daytime: Access 2000 (0-0-5)

CFA127 CompSurv, Wind, Internet (0-0-5)

CFA128 MS Office Daytime: Excel (0-0-5)

CFA129 Intro to Word (0-0-5)

CFA160 Introduction to Windows XP (0-0-5)

Students will learn how to use Microsoft's Windows consumer operating systems in this introductory course. They will learn how to maneuver, customize and control the computer, and ensure a safe computing environment. Discover Windows updates and why they should be installed. Students will also learn how to multi-task, manage folders and files, create shortcuts, how to install and use software, and much more.

CFA170 Intro to Access XP (0-0-5)

Do you need to maintain extensive data and then generate reports for analysis? Learn how to design this relational database to meet your educational and business needs. This course covers the development of a database and begins to explore how to query the data.

CFA171 Intro to Excel XP (0-0-5)

Colleges and universities require students to create, analyze and share important data quickly. This introductory course covers how to structure your spreadhseet for data input, how to create formulas, then progress to dynamically displaying the results in a custom chart. With Excel, you will get the most out of your information.

CFA172 Intro to MS Word XP (0-0-5)

This introductory course covers the basics of word processing and provides instruction on how to create attractive, appealing documents. Colleges and universities require students to prove their writing proficiency by composing numerous papers. Competent word processing skills are needed for optimum communication.

CFA173 English as a Second Language (0-0-15)

This course is designed to assist ESL (English as a Second Language) students from the community to learn to speak and write the English language. It focuses on correct pronunciation, conversational skills, writing skills, and necessary grammar lessons.

CFA174 Amer Red Cross Babysitting (0-0-2)

This course is designed for young people ages 11 and older. The topics include babysitting responsibilities, accident prevention, how to respond in an emergency situation, first aid for injuries, diapering, and feeding. Students who attend will receive an American Red Cross certification. Students should bring their own lunch.

CFA175 Foreign Accent (0-0-5)

CFA176 Prep to Enter College (0-0-2)

CFA177 Intro to Read/Writing Skills (0-0-10)

CFA178 Intro Math Fundamentals (0-0-6)

CFA179 Intro to Keyboard Skills (0-0-5)

CFA180 How to Write a Coll Essay (0-0-5)

CFA181 Develop Yr Test Tak Skills (0-0-5)

CFA182 Develop Yr Test Tak Skills (0-0-5)

CFA183 Red Cross Inf/Chld (0-0-0)

CFB100 NIMS IS-100 (0-0-0)

CFB101 NIMS IS-100 (0-0-0)

This course introduces the Incident Command System (ICS) nad provides the foundation for the higher level ICS training. This course describes the history, features and principles, and organizational structure of the Incident Command System. It also explains the relationship between ICS and the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

CFB102 NIMS ISC-402 (0-0-0)

This course describes the major responsibilities of an executive as related to an incident/event, including the agency administrator briefing and delegation of authority. It explains the administrative, logistical, financial and reporting implications of large incident/event operations. It is designed for elected officials, senior executives, senior managers and agency administrators with policy responsibilities but without specific ICS or Multi-Agency Coordination System function/roles or responsibilities.

CFB103 Medical Transcription (0-0-0)

CFB200 NIMS ICS-200 (0-0-0)

CFB402 NIMS ICS-402 (0-0-0)

CFB700 NIMS IS-700 (0-0-0)

CFB800 NIMS IS-800 (0-0-0)

CFC185 Pupil Transportation Mgt (0-0-0)

CFD001 Anat & Phys for De