Course Descriptions - Non Credit
CFA090 GED Extension (0-0-15)

CFA091 GED Adult Basic Extension (0-0-7)

CFA096 GED Prep (Adult Basic) (0-0-15)

This class features an applied curriculum designed to significantly improve success rates on the GED exam. Emphasis will be on assisting students with low reading and math grade levels to build basic reading, writing, and mathematical skills. Additional workbook fees may be charged.

CFA097 GED Prep--Boot Camp (0-0-5)

CFA098 GED Prep Review (0-0-5)

CFA102 Career Readiness (0-0-20)

CFA103 Entrepreneurship Training (0-0-0)

CFA105 Achieve GED (0-0-20)

CFA107 Employment Skills Training (0-0-20)

CFA108 Tier GED (0-0-20)

CFA112 SAT Preparation (0-0-5)

determine applicant desirability. Our highly experienced instructors will help you reduce your test anxiety with finely tuned study aids, build your vocabulary and math skills, and provide you with strategies to answer questions more effectively.

CFA118 Basic Computer Skills (0-0-15)

CFA119 Computer Survival I (0-0-10)

This stress-free workshop is intended for those who want to learn commonly used computer skills in the Windows operating system. Simple, non-technical explanations, combined with hands-on experience, will help you feel comfortable using a computer and learning computer basics. Topics covered include the mouse, the desktop environment, menus, how to create folders and organize your information, how to protect your computer from computer viruses, and how to use e-mail. Students will also learn to use the Internet and the basics of Microsoft Word. *STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO BRING A FLASH DRIVE TO CLASS.

CFA120 Get the Most from Internet (0-0-3)

You constantly hear "check it out on the web" but you don't know how to get started. Your instructor has posted your assignments on a website or you have registered for a distance learning course but you don't know what to do. This course introduces you to the Internet, aka the World Wide Web. Learn how to get around, bookmark your favorite sites, use search engines to conduct research, and much more.

CFA124 Day Series: MS Office 2000 (0-0-15)

CFA126 MS Office Daytime: Access 2000 (0-0-5)

CFA127 CompSurv, Wind, Internet (0-0-5)

CFA128 MS Office Daytime: Excel (0-0-5)

CFA129 Intro to Word (0-0-5)

CFA160 Introduction to Windows XP (0-0-5)

Students will learn how to use Microsoft's Windows consumer operating systems in this introductory course. They will learn how to maneuver, customize and control the computer, and ensure a safe computing environment. Discover Windows updates and why they should be installed. Students will also learn how to multi-task, manage folders and files, create shortcuts, how to install and use software, and much more.

CFA170 Intro to Access XP (0-0-5)

Do you need to maintain extensive data and then generate reports for analysis? Learn how to design this relational database to meet your educational and business needs. This course covers the development of a database and begins to explore how to query the data.

CFA171 Intro to Excel XP (0-0-5)

Colleges and universities require students to create, analyze and share important data quickly. This introductory course covers how to structure your spreadhseet for data input, how to create formulas, then progress to dynamically displaying the results in a custom chart. With Excel, you will get the most out of your information.

CFA172 Intro to MS Word XP (0-0-5)

This introductory course covers the basics of word processing and provides instruction on how to create attractive, appealing documents. Colleges and universities require students to prove their writing proficiency by composing numerous papers. Competent word processing skills are needed for optimum communication.

CFA173 English as a Second Language (0-0-15)

This course is designed to assist ESL (English as a Second Language) students from the community to learn to speak and write the English language. It focuses on correct pronunciation, conversational skills, writing skills, and necessary grammar lessons.

CFA174 Amer Red Cross Babysitting (0-0-2)

This course is designed for young people ages 11 and older. The topics include babysitting responsibilities, accident prevention, how to respond in an emergency situation, first aid for injuries, diapering, and feeding. Students who attend will receive an American Red Cross certification. Students should bring their own lunch.

CFA175 Foreign Accent (0-0-5)

CFA176 Prep to Enter College (0-0-2)

CFA177 Intro to Read/Writing Skills (0-0-10)

CFA178 Intro Math Fundamentals (0-0-6)

CFA179 Intro to Keyboard Skills (0-0-5)

CFA180 How to Write a Coll Essay (0-0-5)

CFA181 Develop Yr Test Tak Skills (0-0-5)

CFA182 Anat of College Search (0-0-.24)

CFA183 Red Cross Inf/Chld (0-0-0)

CFB100 NIMS IS-100 (0-0-0)

CFB101 NIMS IS-100 (0-0-0)

This course introduces the Incident Command System (ICS) nad provides the foundation for the higher level ICS training. This course describes the history, features and principles, and organizational structure of the Incident Command System. It also explains the relationship between ICS and the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

CFB102 NIMS ISC-402 (0-0-0)

This course describes the major responsibilities of an executive as related to an incident/event, including the agency administrator briefing and delegation of authority. It explains the administrative, logistical, financial and reporting implications of large incident/event operations. It is designed for elected officials, senior executives, senior managers and agency administrators with policy responsibilities but without specific ICS or Multi-Agency Coordination System function/roles or responsibilities.

CFB103 Medical Transcription (0-0-0)

CFB200 NIMS ICS-200 (0-0-0)

CFB402 NIMS ICS-402 (0-0-0)

CFB700 NIMS IS-700 (0-0-0)

CFB800 NIMS IS-800 (0-0-0)

CFC100 Archaeological Research (0-0-0)

CFC185 Pupil Transportation Mgt (0-0-0)

CFD001 Anat & Phys for Dent Lab Tech (0-0-0)

CFE003 A+ Certification (0-0-0)

CFE007 CNA Training (0-0-0)

The CNA program prepares students to take the written and practical skill exam to obtain the New York State Nursing Home Nurse Aide Certification A Certified Nurse Aide performs delegated tasks involving personal care of residents of long-term care skilled nursing facilities. The majority of CNAs are employed at geriatric nursing facilities; however CNAs are also in demand for work with pediatric and developmentally disabled residents. The SCCC/HPOG CNA course has a minimum of 90 classroom hours and a minimum of 90 classroom hours and a minimum of 30 hours of rotations in clinical sites. Included in the HPOG CNA training is an additional 40 hours of Personal Care Aide (PCA) training for those who might prefer to work in home settings. The CNA/PCA course lasts approximately 7 weeks and, to ensure success, it provides more than the requirednumber of classroom and lab hours.

CFE008 Basic Job Search Skills (0-0-0)

CFE014 Home Health Aide & Personal Care Assistant (0-0-0)

A Home Health Aide (HHA) has a scope of care services wider and more advanced than a PCA. Several times a year, we offer this standalone 4 week, 75 hour training, which includes 40 hours to reach PCA including 8 hours clinical rotations in a home care or assisted living setting. Labor market analysis projects a growing demand and high need for in-home care professionals in the next 10 years.

CFE115 Medical Terminology (0-0-0)

Interact more effectively in the medical community and increase your desirability for careers in the medical field! Positions such as medical transcriptionist/secretary, hospital clerk, insurance claims processor and EKG technician, all require a working knowledge of basic medical terminology. This course will increase your medical vocabulary and comprehension through a systematic approach to decoding medical terminology. Simple, non-technical explanations of medical terms with references to anatomy, physiology, pathology, surgical procedures, and a variety of diseases will be presented. You will learn how to read and interpret this language by identifying prefixes, suffixes and root words. Participants will also be introduced to basic EKG interpretation, with a focus on related terminology.

CFE133 Intro to Windows 98/ME (0-0-.48)

Learn the proper way to maneuver, customize and control your computer. Discover how to multi-task, create shortcuts, manage folders and files, and how to perform system maintenance.

CFE134 Ode to a Good Cigar (0-0-0)

CFE135 Images of Addiction in Lit (0-0-0)

CFE136 Nutrition: Exploring Soy (0-0-0)

CFE137 Nutrition: ABC's of Child Nutr (0-0-0)

CFE138 Nutrition:Eat for Health Heart (0-0-0)

CFE139 Intro: Adobe PhotoShop (0-0-0)

Start working with your phots like a pro! This beginning level class will show you how to use the tools available in Adobe PhotoShop (version CS4). Students will learn to enhace their photos and how to work with layers. Weekly projects will better acquaint you with the PhotoShop environment. STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO BRING A FLASH DRIVE TO CLASS.

CFE140 The Victorian Lady (0-0-0)

CFE141 Intro: English Horsebk Riding (0-0-0)

Take this extraordinary opportunity to get in the saddle again. Or, if you've never ridden before, you'll experience a most invogirating workout while learning proper English riding technique (the horse does not do all the work!). Horse grooming, tacking, and barn management are also taught with safety always a prime consideration. Ride in one of the Capital District's largest indoor arenas, the New Horizons Stables. For those who have always been drawn to strong, yet gentlest of creatures, now is the time.

CFE142 How to Write Short Stories (0-0-0)

CFE143 Editing Photos and Using American Greetings (0-0-0)

Explore your creativity with a little help from the experts at American Greeting. Learn how to edit your prized photos and use this versatile software to create personalized original greeting cards and many more creative projects.

CFE144 Intro to Gardening (0-0-0)

CFE145 Lawns and Lawn Care (0-0-0)

CFE146 Techniques of Acting (0-0-0)

CFE147 Islam in the West (0-0-0)

Learn the fundamentals of Muhammad, the Koran, the Taliban, as well as appreciation of the varied art and culture of the Islamic world. Using maps and slides, participants will become familiar with the history of Islam as well as current aspects, including the Islamic community in the United States. The role of Islamic art will be explained, pointing out where examples can be found. There will be time for discussion.

CFE148 Annuals and Perrenials (0-0-0)

CFE149 Trees and Shrubs (0-0-0)

CFE156 Horticultural Lab Session (0-0-0)

CFE157 Pruning Trees and Shrubs (0-0-0)

CFE158 Nutrition:Bountiful Harvest (0-0-0)

CFE166 Intro to Banjo (0-0-0)

Don't let that old banjo gather dust in the attic. Dig it out and learn how to play three fingers Scruggs-style bluegrass banjo. This is the most popular style used today in bluegrass and country music alike. This course is designed for teh absolute beginner. There is no need for the student to be able to read music since the stand form of music notation is not used for learning the banjo. This course will consist of instructor demonstrations, individual practice sessions and one-on-one help from the instructor. No one will be asked to play anything by themselves in front of the class. *Each student will need to bring a 5 string banjo, a plastic thumb pick and 2 metal finger picks. All other material will be provided by the instructor, including a CD of the entire course.

CFE179 Nutrition:Eating Right (0-0-0)

CFE184 Nutrition:Understanding Herbs (0-0-0)

CFE195 Intro to Microcomputers (0-0-.5)

Have you ever wondered how a computer works? Do you want to understand hardware components and computer terminology? This course will introduce you to what is inside the Central Processing Unit (CPU), what each component does, and what to look for in a computer. You will learn basic computer terminology and techniques that will make you a more knowledgeable computer user.

CFE196 Lost Generation (0-0-0)

CFE197 Alfred Hitchcock's Movies (0-0-0)

CFE202 NYS Safe Boating for Children (0-0-0)

CFE204 NYS Safe Boating (0-0-0)

CFE205 Little League/Babe Ruth Umping (0-0-0)

CFE206 Dazzling New Annuals (0-0-0)

CFE207 Excit Perennials North Gardens (0-0-0)

CFE208 Seasonings for Yr Heart (0-0-0)

CFE209 Surv Skills: Foreign Students (0-0-0)

CFE225 Composting/Improve Soil (0-0-0)

CFE226 Go with the Grain (0-0-0)

CFE227 Healthy Lunches/Snacks (0-0-0)

CFE324 Creative Mixology (0-0-0)

This course will provide you with the basic skills you need to work at and manage a bar that serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It will introduce you to basic production processes and varieties of alcoholic beverages. Laws and procedures related to responsible alcohol service will be explored and reviewed. Students will become certified through the Training and Intervention Program for Servers of Alcohol (TIPS). MATERIALS FEE: $20 TIPS BOOKLET TO BE PURCHASED IN THE BOOKSTORE PRIOR TO CLASS.

CFE325 Wine Exploration and Tasting (0-0-0)

The topic of wine tasting can be daunting. With this course, you will feel much more comforable with not only discussing but tasting with confidence. Discussion and tasting in each class will allow you to explore the topic from the fruit to the process, to the service, and pairing with foods. Over eight weeks, we will cover white wines (Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Riesling), red wines (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chianti, Pinot Noir) and Sparkling/Champagne.

CFE341 Prof Baking for Children (0-0-0)

Join Chef Gail Sokol on a baking and cooking extravaganza that will focus on measurement, correct sanitation, and mixing methods. Young chefs (ages 10-13 years) will learn to make a variety of different delicious dishes that students will get to bring home and share with family and friends! For information on the recipes that will be made, please contact Workforce Development at (518) 381-1315 or visit our website at: YOUNG CHEFS ARE ASKED TO BRING AN APRON, CLOSED TOE SHOES, A WATER BOTTLE AND A BAGGED LUNCH.

CFE351 Prof Cooking for Children (0-0-0)

Come join chef Gail Sokol for a Cooking extravaganza. Young chefs will learn to prepare cheese puffs, macaroni and cheese, pot stickers, chicken piccata, quiche Lorraine, cornbread, herbed flatbread, and more. Proper measuring skills, sanitation, and kitchen science will be emphasized. Each young chef should bring an apron and wear closed-toed shoes.

CFE352 Cooking for Adults (0-0-0)

Students will be making pastries using Danish dough, quick breads, chocolate pound cake, various pies and cookies. Topics include proper sanitation, weights and measurements. Please bring an apron to class.

CFE353 Tennis for Beginners (0-0-0)

CFE354 Professional Cooking for Teens (0-0-0)

Join Chef Gail Sokol on a baking and cooking extravaganza that will focus on measurement, correct sanitation, and mxiing methods. Young chefs (ages 10-13 years) will learn to make a variety of different delicious dishes that students will get to bring home and share with family and friends! For information on the recipes that will be made, please contact Workforce Development at (518) 381-1315 or visit our website at: YOUNG CHEFS ARE ASKED TO BRING AN APRON, CLOSED TOE SHOES, A WATER BOTTLE AND A BAGGED LUNCH. ,

CFE355 Prof Cooking Par & Kids (0-0-0)

CFE356 Splendid Soups (0-0-0)

CFE357 Classic French Bistro Cooking (0-0-0)

CFE358 Intro Baking Yeast Breads (0-0-0)

This is a hands-on class that will take the mystery out of baking with yeast. Each student will mix, shape, bake and take home two loaves of crusty Italian bread. Students will learn the necessary techniques to prepare yeast breads at home. *All students must come dressed to bake with an apron, a hair band or hat to restrain their hair and closed toed shoes.

CFE359 Artisan Bread Techniques (0-0-0)

CFE360 Secrets of Sourdough (0-0-0)

CFE361 Amer Regional BBQ (0-0-0)

CFE362 Wine Tast:Ital Wines & Cheese (0-0-0)

Come learn about the various wine regions of Italy as well as the different cheeses. Students will taste a variety of wines and cheeses from Italy and gain confidence in selecting wines and cheeses for your next party.

CFE363 French Cuisine:Provence (0-0-0)

Come discover the cuisine of Provence, France; a cuisine highly influenced by vegetables, seafodd, lamb and its neighbor Italy. Students will learn to make light and healthy dishes from this region such as Soupe au Pistou, Bouillabaisse, Ratatouille, Ragout of New Potatoes, Artichokes with Garlic and herbs, Provencal Vegetable Tart and Herbes de Provence Grilled Lamb Chops.

CFE364 Asian Cuisines:Japan (0-0-0)

CFE365 Wine Tasting:Spanish (0-0-0)

Come learn about the various wine regions of Spain, as well as its cheeses. Students will taste a variety of wines and cheeses from Spain.

CFE366 Vegetarian Cookery (0-0-0)

CFE367 Cook from Green Market (0-0-0)

Buying and eating locally has become one of the most popular trends. Schenectady and the Capital District as a whole have not been excluded from this trend. Come spend some time with Chef Christopher and learn about the Schenectady Green Market, pick out some produce as part of the class and travel back to the SCCC kitchens to learn how to prepare some delicious, seasonal healthy meals.

CFE368 Celebrate the Harvest (0-0-0)

CFE369 Healthy Chinese Takeout (0-0-0)

CFE370 Cupcake Party (0-0-0)

CFE371 Muffin Madness (0-0-0)

CFE372 Fun with Frittatas (0-0-0)

CFE373 Intro to Domestic Adoption (0-0-0)

CFE374 Conv Mandarin Chinese (0-0-0)

CFE375 Pizzeria Pizza for Home (0-0-0)

Learn to make professional quality pizzas in your home kitchen. Students will learn about the variety of doughs, sauces and toppings that can be used to make great pizza. The class will prepare a variety of different pizza doughs. Every student will have the opportunity to shape, top and bake several pizzas. Although the class will utilize professional ovens, we will discuss techniques for duplicating the results in your own oven. *All students must come dressed to bake with an apron, a hair band or hat to restrain their hair and closed toed shoes.

CFE376 Artisan Breads for Home (0-0-0)

CFE377 Polish Cuisine (0-0-0)

CFE378 German Cuisine (0-0-0)

CFE379 Savory Sweets (0-0-0)

CFE380 Korean Cuisine (0-0-0)

CFE381 Pastries and Desserts (0-0-0)

CFE382 Flatbreads Around the World (0-0-0)

Students will spend the morning in a commercial kitchen preparing and baking a variety of flatbreads, both yeast raised and unleavened. Flatbreads allow you to add new textures and flavors to your menu. As an added bonus, many of them can be made quickly. Breads will include Middle-Eastern pita, Indian filled naan, French fougasse, Moroccan crisp flatbreads and more. ALL STUDENTS MUST COMEDESSED TO BAKE WITH AN APRON, A HAIR BAND OR HAT TO RESTRAIN THEIR HAIR AND CLOSED TOED SHOES.

CFE383 Classic Croissants/Filled Var (0-0-0)

Students will learn to prepare the classic French laminated pastry dough for croissants. Unlike many commercial examples, these croissants will be made with pure unsalted butter, the many layers of which gives them their flaky texture. From our dough, students will shape and bake plain butter croissants, almond croissants, and pain au chocolate as well as a savory ham and cheese variation. ALL STUDENTS MUST COME DRESSED TO BAKE WITH AN APRON, A HAIR BAND OR HAT TO RESTRAIN THEIR HAIR AND WEAR CLOSED TOED SHOES.

CFE384 Server/Waitstaff Boot Camp (0-0-0)

This class will help participants acquire top level customer service skills & demonstrate their relationship to profts & gratuity; tips to improve suggestive selling; guidelines for establishing long term guest relationships; and ways of increasing guest check averages. An intensive discussion of all these factors and role playing exercises will assist each participant in practicing, becoming comfortable and perfecting all the acquired service skills effectively. Class is open to novice and experienced servers and wait staff.

CFE385 Cream Puffs and Eclairs (0-0-0)

This is a hand-on class that will introduce students to some of the foundation techniques of French pastry making. Students will prepare and bake the classic pate a choux to create cream puffs and eclair shells. We will make a variety of fillings and toppings using different techniques to prepare a nice assortment of pastries for each student to take home. *All students must come dressed to bake with an apron, a hair band or hat to restrain their hair and closed toed shoes.

CFE386 8Hr Sec Grd Pre-Assign Traing (0-0-0)

The 8 hour pre-assignment training certificate is the minimum requirement to work in security in New York State. This training class is developed in accordance with the NYS Security Guard Act and presents an overview of a security guard's duties and responsibilities under the law. the certificate is earned by passing the exam at the end of the class.

CFE387 16 Hour Sec OTJ Training (0-0-0)

NYS Department of Criminal Justice Services requires this 16 hour course. This course provides teh required training and certification to security personnel within the first 90 days of employment.

CFE388 8Hr Sec Guard Ann Refresher (0-0-0)

Security guards are required to complete this 8 hour in-service training course to meet the nYS Department of Criminal Justice Services requirements every year. Participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

CFE389 Ballet Dance Instruction (0-0-0)

Whether it's a refresher course for those with some training or your first taste of ballet, come and enjoy learning ballet. Students ages 12 and older are welcome to attend this open level dance class. Students are asked to wear clothing that is easy to move in, to pull their hair off the face and wear ballet slippers.

CFE391 Web Opt for Small Bus on Budg (0-0-0)

Explore free or inexpensive online tools you can use yourself to create a Web presence for your business, including Google Sites and Weebly, low-cost hosting like and, e-commerce "stores in a box," and social networking sites. Examine the pros and cons of each tool and choose the ones that are right for your business and customers.

CFE392 Building a Free Website (0-0-0)

If you want a web site but aren't sure where to begin, start with Weebly offers a free, easy-to-use drag and drop tool for "non-techies". Weebly supplies the page designs and hundreds of free quality photos: you supply the content. In this hands-on course, you will learn how to use Weebly to build your free Web pages.

CFE395 Intr Video Game Design (0-0-0)

Do you love video games? Have you ever wanted to learn how to create fun and entertaining video games? Join two professional game developers from Vicarious Visions to learn all about the game development process. Students ages 13-18 will look at existing games to learn how to balance and design games, understand programming concepts, work in a group or alone to create new games and talk with professional game developers to understand careers in games. Students may bring their own laptops.

CFE396 Intr to Africa-Amer History (0-0-0)

This course will examine the origin of African-American people in continental Africa and trace the Black experience in America to the present. Emphasis will be placed on African roots, transition to slavery, the realities of slavery, opposition to slavery, the civil war, reconstruction and its aftermath, the period of Jim Crowism, Black Nationalism, African-American participation in the world wars, institutional development and the modern civil rights movement.

CFE397 Puff Pastry Dough & Pastries (0-0-0)

CFE398 TIPS:Traing Intervent Procdrs (0-0-0)

TIPS training is a dynamic, skills-based training program designed to prevent intoxication, drunk driving and underage drinking by enhancing the fundamental "people skills" of servers, sellers and consumers of alcohol. TIPS gives individuals the knowledge and confidence they need to recognize potential alcohol-related problems and intervene to prevent alcohol-related tragedies. TIPS training satisfies the requirement in NYS that regulates server training. Also, many insurance companies provide discounts to establishments whose employees are TIPS certified. Materials fee: $20. TIPS booklet to be purchased in the bookstore prior to class.

CFE399 Knife Skills/Basic Cook Tech (0-0-0)

The primary emphasis of this workshop will be on teaching students to safely use a chef's knife. The instructor will demonstrate proper technique for slicing, dicing, chopping and julienne (matchstick cut). Students will practice these skills on a variety of fresh vegetables. The instructor will discuss knife selection and show various methods of sharpening knives. Utilizing the vegetables cut in class, the chef will demonstrate a variety of basic cooking techniques including steaming, blanching, sauteing, braising and roasting. Students are encouraged to email the instructor, Chef Paul Krebs, prior to class for suggestions on bringing a suitable knife for class. There will be additional knives available for students to try. *All students must come dressed to bake with an apron, a hair band or hat to restrain their hair and closed toed shoes.

CFE401 Doughnuts and Fritters (0-0-0)

This is a hands-on-class in which students will work in a professional kitchen with an experienced baker and learn how to prepare these popular treats. Students will make fresh apple fritters and both yeast-raised and cake doughnuts.

CFE402 Cert. Specialist of Wine Prep (0-0-0)

This course will prepare the student to take the Society of Wine's Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) exam, which tests a candidate's wine knowledge and mastery of key elements within the worlds of viticulture and wine production.

CFE524 Basic Emt Training (0-0-0)

This course is designed to meet New York State Health Department (Bureau of Emergency Health Services) requirements for Emergency Medical Technician training. This course is updated yearly to include materials appropriate for EMT training as included in the New York State EMS program CFR/EMT/AEMT student manual. The course will adhere to the SCCC/REMO AMT Sponsor's agreement and all current New York State regulations for EMT training, including requirements for class time and instructor certification. Students should note that some Saturday sessions are required in addition to regularly scheduled class hours. PR: All students must be at least 18 years old.

CFE526 E M T Refresher (0-0-0)

This course is designed to meet New York State Health Department (Bureau of Emergency Health Services) requirements for EMT Refresher. New laws and policies will be discussed, as well as new technology appropriate to the course which has been introduced during the past three years. The course will adhere to the SCCC/REMO AMT Sponsor's Agreement and all current New York State regulations for EMT-B training, including requirements for class time and instructor certification. PR: A student may have a current EMT card that will expire in less than 18 months; a student who was certified as a NYS Emergency Medical Technician may have a lapsed certification; a student who has previously failed the Final Practical Skills Exam within one year or has failed the state written certifying exam after a second attempt may enroll in the refresher course. Proof of failure must be provided to the CIC by the student; a student who has received written permission from the Bureau of EMS to entroll in and EMT-B refresher course as a result of filing for reciprocity based on EMT training from another state. The student must submit the letter which was provided from the Bureau of EMS as proof of eligibility for enrolling in the refresher.

CFE539 Selling Your Home (0-0-0)

CFE561 Italian for Travelers (0-0-0)

CFE562 Little Scientist (0-0-0)

CFE563 Crime Solvers (0-0-0)

CFE564 Earth, Moon and Stars (0-0-0)

CFE565 Discovering Dinosaurs (0-0-0)

CFE566 Notion of Motion (0-0-0)

CFE567 Explainers and Explorers (0-0-0)

CFE568 Bubblology (0-0-0)

CFE569 Digging for Dinosaurs (0-0-0)

CFE570 Jr. Curator (0-0-0)

CFE571 Creepy Crawley Insects (0-0-0)

CFE572 It's a Small, Small Nano World (0-0-0)

CFE573 Jr. Planetarian (0-0-0)

CFE574 Edible Science (0-0-0)

CFE575 Electric Circuits (0-0-0)

CFE576 Sciencetoyific (0-0-0)

CFE577 Kooky Chemistry (0-0-0)

CFE578 Movers and Shakers (0-0-0)

CFE579 Blast Off (0-0-0)

CFE580 Under Our Big Sky (0-0-0)

CFE581 Lego Robotics (0-0-0)

CFE582 Glow World Glow (0-0-0)

CFE583 Out of This World (0-0-0)

CFE584 Astro Kids (0-0-0)

Take a journey into space and learn all about our solar system! Investigate black holes, comets, and constellations. Learn why the planets move, make a star map, and fit a solar system in your pocket.

CFE585 Engineering Mission (0-0-0)

Learn some basic principles of engineering and science. What makes a structure sturdy? Can you design a building to withstand an earthquake? A lunar lander for the moon? Test your building skills as a junior engineer!

CFE600 Creative Writing (3-0-0)

Writing is a joyful experssion, whether you hope to be a professional or not. This course will take us from the basics (grammar, spelling and rules of writing), through concepts such as literacy license and the elusive "finding your voice." Identifying your passion, and writing about it is a key concept - once we do that, finding media that will pay you to write about what you love is easy! Join us for this six-week adventure and become part of the community of people who've found personal and professional fullfillment through this wonderful, heart-ful art.

CFE601 Business Writing (3-0-0)

Many organizations, corporations and other businesses either can't afford or don't want to hire a professional writer to supply the many documents that are necessary during the course of a business day: press releases, newsletters, reports, letters and niche-specific peripherals This leaves the job of communication in the lap of employees. This course will help the student plan and create the necessary documents that are necessary during a normal business day.

CFE602 Group Guitar I (0-0-0)

This course will include fundamental instruction in reading notes, strumming chords to songs, and technical development. Instruction will consist of 10, half-hour individual lessons. Students of all skill levels are welcome.

CFE603 Guitar Lessons for Adults (0-0-0)

Learn how to play the guitar! This course will include fundamental instruction in reading notes, strumming chords to songs, and technical development. Instruction will consist of 10, half-hour individual lessons. Students of all skill levels are welcome.

CFE808 SAVE (0-0-0)

CFE809 Mand Report of Child Abuse (0-0-0)

CFE901 Power Pt Redesign (0-0-0)

Do you fill your slides with bullets and then read every word of every slide? Do you use special effects and flying bullets to keep your audience awake? These are danger signs of "death by PowerPoint." This course will help students learn how to tell their stories effectively and actively engage their audiences by applying a few simple guidelines for slide design and communication principles. Students should bring a PowerPoint presentation on a flash drive to class in order to work on redesigning the presentation and get feedback/technical assistance on skills such as adding images and charts.

CFE902 HR Legislative Update of NYS (0-0-0)

CFE903 The Butt Stops Here (0-0-0)

"The Butt Stops Here" Quit Smoking Program 7-Session Program, now offered at SCCC! This pilot offereing is free to SCCC Students. Faculty, and Staff. Informational Workshop DAY: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 TIME: 11:30-12:15 PM LOCATION: Activity Forum OFFERED BY: Eric Carlson, Associate Professor and Certified Facilitator Regiser today for this noncredit class before the class fills. For more information, contact Maria Kotary at (518) 381-1315.

CFE970 Becoming Debt Free (0-0-0)

CFE972 Customer Service Excellence (0-0-0)

CFN119 Computer Survival - Level One (0-0-2)

This stress-free workshop is intended for those who want to learn commonly used home computing skills in the Windows operating system. Simple, non-technical explanations covering computer terms and use will be covered. Learn how to e-mail friends and family, input a letter, create a sign, design an invitation and surf the Internet. e-mail friends and family, input a letter, create signs, design an invitation, and surf the Internet.

CFN128 Kripalu Yoga (0-0-0)

This class offers a slower-paced practice in a relaxed, non-competitive setting. Students will learn correct alignment of each posture as well as breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques. This practice will create balance in the body by developing strength and flexibility, enhancing mental focus, reducing stress and improving overall physical and mental health. This gentle yoga class is accessible to people of all sizes, ages and fitness levels. PLEASE BRING A YOGA MAT, WATER AND A SMALL TOWEL TO CLASS.

CFN132 SAT/PSAT Preparation (0-0-2)

The SAT score is one of the factors used by colleges to determine applicant desirability. Our highly experienced instructors will help you reduce your test anxiety with finely tuned study aids, build your vocabulary and math skills, and provide you with strategies to answer questions more effectively.

CFN155 Get Yourself Published (0-0-0)

OK, so you're a writer, but a writer without readers is sileneced. During this course, we'll help you identify the print and electronic media through which your words will find your audience. Whether you aspire to write for magazines, books, blogs or other Web-based columns - your desires can be fulfilled, with a little work and a lot of encouragement from instructor, and authork, Mario E. Alteiri, and from classmates who want to help you succeed. By the end of the course, you'll know which media are most attractive to you and how to get yourself placed.

CFN163 Clowning for Adults (0-0-0)

Do you need a stress-relieving hobby? Do you have a hidden funnybone? Express your hidden talents, have fun, and learn a viable trade all at once! You'll learn that clowning is much more than putting on makeup and a costume.

CFN176 How to Write Your Life Story or Family History (0-0-0)

Your family and personal stories are too good, too important to lose. Learn the process that transforms memories into memoirs by researching and writing. Required course book available from the instructor ($15.00).

CFN177 Art of Reiki (0-0-0)

CFN180 How to Write and Sell Magazine Articles (0-0-0)

Learn the step-by step process of researching, writing, and selling nonfiction in today's red-hot magazine market. Discover how you can explode one idea into dozens of articles, guarantee editors call you when they need a feature, and experience the thrill of seeing your magazine article in print! Course book available from the instructor ($12.00)

CFN181 How to Write and Sell Your Book (0-0-0)

Is a novel or nonfiction book inside you? If so, discover the step-by-step process of transforming your idea into a published book. Learn the secrets of creating a book proposal, finding agents and publishers, negotiating a book contract, and guiding your book to the top of the best-seller list. Course book available from the instructor ($15.00)

CFN184 Writing and Marketing Your Book for Publication (0-0-0)

Learn the secrets of planning and developing your novel or non-fiction book, preparing a query letter and book proposal, finding agents and publishers, negotiating a book contract, and guiding your book to publication success. Required course book available from the instructor ($30.00)

CFN187 Creating a Personal Web Page (0-0-2)

Have you always wanted your own personal web site on the World Wide Web? Learn how to develop, post and maintain an appealing, easy-to-explore and fast-loading web site.

CFN194 Public Speaking (0-0-0)

This eight-week course will help you gain confidence in your communication skills. Designed for people interested in career advancement or change, it includes speech writing and delivery, impromptu speaking, audio-visual aid use, body language communication and effective listening.

CFN195 Promoting Your Business, Product or Service (0-0-0)

business owner or home-based entrepreneur. You can harness the power of public relations and publicity to raise the public's awareness of and create a favorable impression about your business, product, or service. Learn to market yourself to the media and establish a unique community presence.

CFN196 You Can Be a Freelance Writer (0-0-0)

Introduce yourself to the step-by-step process involved in breaking into the highly desirable field of freelance writing. Identify markets for non-fiction articles, determine exactly what editors are looking for now, and learn simple tactics for preparing a professional manuscript. From query letter through completed manuscript, take the path to publication as a freelance writer. Required coursebook ($12) and optional workbook ($9) available from the instructor in class.

CFN197 Writing From Your Heart: The Art of Personal Essays (0-0-0)

Transform the ordinary events of your life into extraordinary personal essays. Explore the step-by-step process of using writing games to unlock your experiences; choosing the most effective essay style; shaping your experiences into a first draft; and allowing reader reaction to refine your draft into a polished essay. Required course book ($15) available from the instructor in class.

CFN198 How to Read and Write Poems (0-0-0)

Do you see the world through a poet's eye? Have you ever wanted to learn more about the craft of poetry? In this course, students will be looking at poems from the writer's perspective and learn the fundamentals of reading and writing poems. Using selected poems to highlight such craft issues as sound, imagery, and rhythm, students will use this knowledge to compose their own poems. Course topics include: metaphor, lyric poems, and narrative poems. This course is open to all levels of students from beginner to serious practitioner.

CFN199 Funding Alternatives for Long-Term Care (0-0-0)

The United States has some of the best medical care available - if you can afford it. Long-term care is the largest out-of-pocket expense facing Americans today. With the average cost of care being $50,000 per year for home care and $70,000 for nursing home care, how can you best preserve your life savings and still receive quality care? This seminar will explore funding alternatives for long-term care such as state partnerships, viatical settlements, long-term health-care insurance, annuities, irrevocable trusts, reverse mortgages, and accelerated death benefits.

CFN204 How to Write Non-fiction for Kids (0-0-0)

Looking for your first byline? Look no further than the juvenile article marketplace. Magazines such as Jack and Jill, Boys' Life, and others seek those who can write factual pieces about health, history, hobbies, science, sports and other topics for and about kids. Learn how to get ideas, research your topic and write an article that sells. Coursebook available from the instructor for $12

CFN208 How to Sell Fiction and Non-Fiction for Kids (0-0-0)

You've written fiction and/or non-fiction for the juvenile market, but how do you sell your work to magazine editors and book publishers? Learn how to find and approach editors, agents, and publishers; the basics of professional manuscript preparation; and marketing strategies designed to gain your first byline or book contract. Coursebook available form the instructor for $12

CFN209 How to Write Fiction for Kids (0-0-0)

Find out the secrets of writing short stories, picture books and novels for kids. This course introduces you to fiction techniques such as characterization, viewpoint, and dialogue. It also provides a step-by-step guide to plotting and shows you what must be accomplished in the beginning, middle and end of a story to make it successful. Course book available from the instructor ($12.00).

CFN212 Historical Archeology and Field Study (0-0-0)

This course is designed to introduce participants to the field of historical archeology and to explore methods employed for the study of people of the past. Students will investigate local and regional lifeways of peoples of European origin who resided in the Northeast from the 17th century to the mid-19th century. Lectures, readings discussions, hands-on activities are among the teaching methods employed. *Materials fee: two text books totaling $50 are required. Field date to be scheduled separately.

CFN213 Genealogy for Beginners/Introduction to (0-0-0)

Genealogical Research Have you ever wanted to research your family history, trace a particular ancestor or just find out more about the people that made up your town's past? In this course, you will learn how to get the research process going from an experienced and practicing archivist. You'll learn where local records are housed and which types of records each repository contains. Hands-on sessions with paper reproductions and Internet research tools will help you to familiarize yourself with research methods and plan the most efficient use of your research time.

CFN215 Advanced Creative Writing (0-0-0)

If you have basic fiction writing techniques, you can build on that foundation and gain valuable feedback on your stories in a critique workshop setting. Elements to be explored include: ways to get a story flowing; creating a sense of place; finding a dynamic story problem; developing characters who readers care about; writing effective beginnings and endings; and avoiding six deadly dialogue sins. Class time will be devoted to manuscript reading and critique of works in progress. Coursebook available from the instructor for $12

CFN216 Researching and Interpreting Documents in Archeology (0-0-0)

This course examines primary and secondary documents used in archeology. Sources, methods, locations, and interpretations of a variety of documents used for research, proposals, and publications in archaeology are addressed. Visits to repositories, discussions, lectures, and hands-on activities are among the methods employed.

CFN217 Record & Archiv Archeo Data (0-0-0)

This course addresses why detailed records are maintained during excavation and how the artifacts and records are processed into permanent archives that form the basis for future research. Hands-on activities include artifact illustration and description, photographic recording, computer database analysis, data retrieval and final data archiving. The course is supplemented with visits to museums an archival repositories. *Field date will be scheduled separately.

CFN218 Archaeol Lab Prac and Site Stu (0-0-0)

This course gives participants an opportunity to enhance their laboratory skills by learning to further analyze artifacts and materials for identification, processing and conservation. Artifacts from selected archaeological sites will be used; with a concentration on the manufacturing, processing and conservation methodolgies for a variety of organic and inorganic objects. Sessions include lectures, visual media, domeonstrations and hands-on activities. PRE-REQUISITE: CFN-212 HISTORICAL ARCHAEOLOGY & FIELD STUDY OR CFN-413 NATIVE AMERICAN ARCHAEOLOGY & FIELD STUDY.

CFN219 Archaeological Field Work Program (0-0-0)

This course gives participants an opportunity to learn and/or enhance specific archaeological fieldwork skills. It is designed to train the participants in applying the basic principles of surveying to a site area by using a transit and other techniques for surface mapping. The participant will also receive formal training in excavating and recording archaeological data. Field sessions will take place primarily at the Mabee Farm, a historic property owned and operated by the Schneectad County Historical Society. PR: CFN 212 or CFN 413

CFN222 Creative Voice Development (0-0-0)

CFN223 Intro to Rock Climbing (0-0-0)

This beginner's courseis designed to take a participant from having absolutely no experience with indoor/outdoor rock climbing to feeling confident climbing in any rock climbing gym or outdoor rock climbing area. The participants will learn about basic rock climbing techniques, body movement, stretching and strength workouts, safety considerations, belaying, climbing ethics, climbing vocabulary, description of equipment, knot work, and rope management. Students must not have pre-existing physical problems that would hinder them during physical exercise and/or strenuous physical exertion (i.e. heart condition, joint injury, severe asthma).

CFN224 Intermed Rock Climbing (0-0-0)

CFN227 Fin Planning for Retirement (0-0-0)

CFN228 Saf