Electives - Arts Elec Pr 63
ART128 Introduction to Drawing
DRA244 Rehearsal and Production III
MUS106 Ear Training and Sight Singing
ART129 Two-Dimensional Design
DRA143 History of Western Theatre
MUS131 African American Music Survey
ART135 History of Art II
DRA240 Rehearsal and Production I
MUS127 Jazz Styles and Development
MUS283 Music in Contemporary Education
MUS284 Music in Contemporary Education II
MUS257 Literature and Style I
DRA133 Theatre Workshop
DRA150 Basic Acting
MUS147 Music Fundamentals
ART133 History of Art I
MUS115 Rock Music Style and Development
MUS258 Literature and Style II
ART127 Introduction to Watercolors
DRA123 Introduction to the Theatre
DRA242 Rehearsal and Production II
MUS121 The Enjoyment of Music I

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