Electives - Gen elect Pr 85
ACC296 Exper Course
AER104 Elements of Instrument Flight (Instrument)
ART128 Introduction to Drawing
BUS112 Shorthand II
BUS135 Advanced Document Formatting
BUS235 Introduction to Desktop Publishing
BUS238 Office Automation Concepts
CHM111 Consumer Chemistry
CHM121 General Chemistry I
CHM199 Indep Study
CIS102 Computing Basics
CIS129 Programming Fundamentals
CRJ219 Corrections
CRJ223 Vehicle&Traffic Lw
CRJ229 Community Based Corrections
CRJ295 Experiment. Course
CSS121 Introduction to Geometry and Trigonometry
DRA244 Rehearsal and Production III
ECH121 Introduction to Early Childhood
ECH223 Curricular Methods II and Development of Inquiry Skills
ELT245 Unified Networks
ELT258 Anig Intgrtd Circu
ENG123 College Composition
ENG205 Writing Poetry
ENG211 Technical and Professional Writing
ETH221 Professional and Applied Ethics
FPT115 Hazardous Materials I
FPT137 Fire Protection Systems
FPT213 Hydraulics and Equipment I
FPT217 Indstrl Fire Prot
FSD121 Hospitality/Food Industry Internship I
GEO141 Geology I
GER121 Elementary German I
GHY123 Population Geography
HIS127 Western Civilization Since 1715
HON162 Issues In Amer Gov
HOT112 Food Preparation II
HOT117 Food and Beverage Control
HOT134 Sanitary Technique
HOT211 Food&Bev Contrl II
HOT226 Commercial Baking II
HOT238 Dining Room Management and Operations
HOT259 Regional American Baking and Pastry
HOT276 Meetings and Convention Management
HOT299 Ind St-Hotel Tech
HUS221 Field Instruction I
HUS225 Chemical Dependency Internship and Seminar I
IND111 Engineering Drafting I
IND212 Intro To Cad
IND217 Operational Planng
ITA224 Intermediate Italian II
LAN999 Language Elective
LIT231 Drama Classics to 1870
LIT238 Survey Of Drama II
MAT107 Con Geometry/Trig
MAT139 Physical Mathematics
MAT180 Calculus I
MUS106 Ear Training and Sight Singing
MUS145 Piano-Hist,Tune,Re
MUS286 Woodwind Techniques
MUS288 Keyboard Techniques II
NDT117 Basic Ndt
NDT220 Practical App Ndt
OFA276 Off Automtion Cpts
PAL295 Experiment Course
PHI125 West Philos Trad I
PHI133 W Phil fr Descartes
PHR124 Clinical Pharm Nur
POL999 Pol Sci Elective
PSC108 Physical Science
PSY221 Educational Psychology
PSY224 Abnormal Psychology
PSY295 Experiment Course
SOC121 Sociology
SOC127 Interpersonal and Group Dynamics
SPE121 Introduction to Speech
SS999 Social Science Elective
TAT134 Airline Computer Operation
THE226 Theatre Workshopii
MUS175 Beginning Classical Guitar
MUS199 Independent Study
MUS232 Jazz Improvisation I
MUS254 Literaturestyle IV
MUS261 Performance Organization III
MUS262 Performance Organization IV
HON143 Classical World
BIO195 Experimentl-Biolgy
BIO221 Human Genetics
ACC222 Intermediate Accounting I
ACC242 Cost Management
ACC244 Auditing
BIO151 Anatomy and Physiology I
BUS123 Business Law II
BUS223 Business Statistics
CHM224 Organic Chemistry II
CHM228 Organic Chemistry I
CIS133 Programming in Java
CIS140 Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting
CIS196 Experimental CIS
CIS223 Database Management
CIS243 Switching
CIS255 Advanced Networking and Systems Management
CIS296 Comp Sci/CIS Experimental
CRJ133 Criminology
CRJ143 Criminal Evidence and Procedure
CRJ195 Terrorism and Public Security
CRJ235 Corp Loss Preventn
ECH133 Child Abuse and Neglect
ECH195 Early Childhood Experimental
ECH225 Fostering Emergent Literacy
ELT111 Electric Circuits
ELT122 A+ Computer Repair
ELT154 Circuits II
ELT230 Electronics
ELT243 Switching
ELT299 Ind St- Elec Tech
EMS220 Selected Topics in EMT
ENG124 Literature & Writing
ENG200 Introduction to Creative Writing
FPT111 Fire Prevention
FPT112 Principles of Emergency Services
FPT117 Fire Suppression
FPT235 Fire Administrtion
FPT237 Industrial Fire Protection
FRE224 Intermediate French II
FRE299 Ind St-French
GEO143 Physical Geology
GEO199 Independent Study
GEO242 Chronology&Fld Mth
GER222 Intermediate German I
HIS195 Hist-Experimental
HIS232 World Civilizations to 1700
HON244 Topics in Literary Classics
HON261 Major Hist Issues
HOT240 Rec Food Serv Mgt
HOT255 Garde Manger
HOT260 International Baking and Pastry
HOT273 Practicum Mgmt Sys
HOT275 Marketing for the Hospitality Profession
HOT291 Computers for the Hospitality Industry
HOT295 Disney Co-Op
HUS133 Child Maltreatment: Prevention, Investigation,Treatment
HUS195 Hum Serv-Experimnt
HUS214 Working With Aging
HUS222 Field Instruction II
HUS299 In St-Human Serv
IND218 Production Planng
ITA121 Elementary Italian I
LIT224 British Lit II
LIT228 American Lit II
MAT145 Mathematical Topics
MAT242 Linear Algebra
MGT123 Introduction to Business
MGT295 Experiment. Course
MGT296 Exper Course
MKT223 Marketing
MTS215 Ultrasonics I
MTS224 Radiographic Testg
MUS125 Opera Workshop
MUS148 Harmony
MUS285 Brass Techniques
NMT150 Introduction to Materials Science
PAL114 Courts and Litigation
PAL217 Estates and Trusts
PAL219 Real Property
PAL231 Family Law
PED116 Beg Karate&Self-Df
PHY121 Physical Science II
PHY999 Physics Elective
PPT232 Intro Poly Chem I
PSY222 Developmental Psychology
PSY223 Adolescent Psychology
PSY299 Independent Study
SEC252 Medical Mach Trans
SEC256 Med Office Proced
SOC125 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare
SOC128 Minority Groups
TET252 Pre-professional Seminar
THE125 Theatre Workshop I
MUS158 Conducting II
MUS168 Vocal Techniques
MUS180 Introduction to Music Therapy
MUS182 Intermediate Piano
MUS233 Basic Arranging
MUS263 Performance Concentration III
HIS241 European Witch Trials
HIS243 The Viking World
HIS296 History Experimental
HIS999 History Elective
BIO251 Current Topics in Biology
ACC250 Accounting Internship
AER100 Introduction to Flight (Private)
AER999 Aviation Elective
AET116 Introduction to Fuel Cell Technology
ART129 Two-Dimensional Design
ART999 Art Elective
AST125 Solar System
BIO121 General Biology I
BIO142 Biology II
BUS299 Ind Study-Business
CHM195 Chem-Experimental
CIS136 Introduction to Web Development
CIS229 Systems Analysis and Design
CIS240 Internetworking Fundamentals
CIS242 Directed Study in Computer Information Systems
COM999 Communications Elective
CRJ117 Police Organization and Supervision
CRJ135 Introduction to Security
CRJ150 Airport Security and Management
CRJ215 Juvenile Delinquency
CSS108 Develop Science I
CSS199 Independent Study
CSS295 Skills Experimntal
DRA131 Arts Management
DRA143 History of Western Theatre
ELT114 Appl Of Electronic
ELT120 Personal Computer Repair
ENV200 Environmental Field Ecology
FPT119 Building Construction and Codes
FPT233 Power Hazards
FRE122 Elementary French II
FSD245 Complete Manager
GHY999 Geography Elective
HIS233 History of Women and Gender in the United States
HON221 Literary Classics I
HOT114 Food Administration and Menu Planning
HOT225 Commercial Baking I
HOT230 Admin Nursing Home
HOT239 Fast Foods&Cont Fs
HOT253 Banquet Management and Operations
HOT258 Classical Cuisine II
HSS230 Language, Women, and Gender
HSS999 Hum/Soc Sci Elective
HUS224 Treat Mod&Beh Chng
HUS250 Planning, Assessment, and Treatment
IND195 Experimental- Ind
IOC111 Career Preparation Seminar
IOC212 Occupational Practicum 2
IQP001 Dummy Class to Reserve Room
LA999 Liberal Arts Elective
LIT155 Literature of the Hudson-Mohawk Region
LIT160 Introduction to Black Literature
LIT175 Law in Literature
LIT252 British Literature Before 1800
MAT138 Technical Mathematics III
MAT240 Calculus III
MAT244 Differential Equations
MGT223 Compar Intnatl Mgt
MGT999 Management Elective
MTS117 Basic Ndt
MTS118 Intr Materials/NDT
MTS216 Ultrasonics II
MUS131 African American Music Survey
MUS282 Music Technique II
NDT214 Radiography II
NDT299 Ind St- Ndt
NMT152 Introduction to Nanoscale Materials
NTR161 Intr to Human Nutrition
PAL111 Survey of American Law
PAL112 Legal Research
PAL113 Intr Law&Legal Res
PAL199 Independent Study - Paralegal
PAL999 Paralegal Elective
PHI131 W Phil To Hobbes
POL123 United States Government and Politics
PPT234 Intro Poly Chem II
PST102 Introduction to Technologies II
PSY121 Introduction to Psychology
REL999 Religion Elective
SOC195 Sociology-Expermnt
SPA295 Inter Conv Spanish
SPE195 Experimental-Spe
TAT140 Event Management
TET123 Early Childhood Education: Curricula and Methods
THE131 Arts Management
MUS156 Aural Skills II
MUS157 Conducting I
MUS169 Guitar Techniques
MUS272 Recital
HIS237 Introduction to Chinese History
HON121 Honors English I
HON144 The Shaping of the Modern World
ACC201 Computer Applications in Accounting
ART131 Apreciation Of Art
ART135 History of Art II
ART222 Painting I
AST123 Exploring Space
BIO130 Field Biology
BIO999 Biology Elective
BUS117 Office Procedures
BUS219 Office Internship
CHM115 Consumer Chemistry
CHM226 Instrumental Analysis
CIS110 Workstation Architecture and Support I (A+)
CIS122 Applicat Program I
CIS241 Routing Fundamentals
CIS246 Data Structures
CIS299 Ind St-Computer
COM111 Working Journalist
COM121 Mass Media
COM195 Communications Experimental
CRJ119 Crts&Admin Justice
CRJ237 Criminal Justice Internship
CRJ999 CRJ Elective
CSS118 ESL: Oral Communication and Culture
DRA121 Intro To Theatre
DRA229 History Of Theatre
DRA231 Drama Classics to 1870
DRA240 Rehearsal and Production I
DRA999 Drama Elective
ECH220 Engendering Creativity: Arts in the Classroom
ECH250 Creating Inclusive Early Childhood Environments
ECH252 Care of Infants and Toddlers
ECH255 Administration of Early Childhood Programs
ECH999 ECH Elective
ELT118 Digital Logic
ELT254 Microcomputer Interfacing
ENG295 English Experimental Course
FPT120 Building Construction for Fire Protection
FSD131 Food Marketing and Merchandising
GEN999 General Elective
GEO144 Hist Geology
GEO222 Mineralogy I
GER224 Intermediate German II
HED121 Personal Health
HIS130 Introduction to Black History in the United States
HIS229 American History Since 1877
HIS234 World Civilizations Since 1700
HON200 Creative Writing
HON231 Classical Heritage
HON271 American Presidency
HON299 Ind Study Honors
HOT116 Lodging Management and Operations
HOT125 Cakes and Cake Decorating
HOT218 Human Resources Mgt in the Hospitality and Food Industries
HOT220 Wines of the World
HOT274 Modified Diets
HOT277 Planning and Development of Tourism
HUM999 Humanities Elective
IND211 Manufact Processes
LIT258 American Literature Since 1850
LIT266 Literary Science Fiction
MAT146 Discrete Mathematics
MAT160 Discrete Structures
MAT167 Precalculus With Analytic Geometry
MAT181 Calculus II
MAT195 Experimental- Math
MAT222 Ordn Differential Equations
MGT221 Managerial Finance
MUS127 Jazz Styles and Development
MUS129 American Pop Music
MUS149 Basic Aural Skills
NDT213 Radiography I
NDT218 Select Topics Ndt
NDT219 Electrmagnet Testg
PAL212 Real Property II
PED117 Int Karate&Self-Df
PED132 Beg Modern Dance
PHI141 Survey of Major Western Philosophers
PHI143 Introduction to Philosophical Problems
PHT295 Experiment. Course
PHY151 Technical Physicsi
PPT212 Poly Fab & Testg 1
PPT236 Prop Char Iden Pol
PSC109 Natural Science
PST101 Introduction to Technologies I
PSY220 Child Development
PSY235 The Psychology of Sport
SCI999 Science Elective
SEC257 Med Sec Internship
SOC122 Social Problems
SOC999 Sociology Elective
TAT133 Airline Reservation and Ticketing
TAT231 Directed Study in Travel, Tourism,
TEL121 Introduction to Information Systems
TEL221 Data Communications
THE999 Theater Elective
MUS161 Performance Organization I
MUS162 Performance Organization II
MUS164 Performance Concentration II
MUS171 Beginning Voice Class
MUS208 Jazz Harmony and Accompaniment III
MUS210 Lab Ensemble III
MUS231 Music Business
MUS251 Theory III
MUS270 Studio Literature
HON122 Honors Intro to E-Portfolios
BIO201 Marine Biology and Ecology of the Temperate Coast
BIO295 Experimental Course
ACC133 Office Accounting
ACC225 Income Tax Accounting
ACC226 Intermediate Accounting II
ACC248 Governmental Accounting
ACC999 Accounting Elective
AER110 Aviation Law
AER114 Physiology of Flight
AER116 Flight Safety
AER150 Airport Management and Security
ART123 Design
AST999 Astronomy Elective
BIO111 Fundamentals of Biology
BUS124 Intr Credit Unions
BUS212 Business Communications
BUS218 Office Internship
CHM131 Intro Chemistry I
CHM295 Chem-Experimental
CHM999 Chemistry Elective
CIS124 Algorithms/Pascal
CIS132 Advanced Spreadsheet Application
CIS221 Advanced Computer Applications
CIS245 Introduction to Systems Management
CIS259 Computer Information Systems Internship
CRJ113 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJ221 Hotel&Motel Secrty
CSS113 Algebra Refresher
CSS196 Skills Expermntl
ECH125 Fostering Emergent Literacy
ECH127 Guide Young Child
ECO211 Introduction to Economics
ECO223 Principles of Microeconomics
ELT101 Blueprint Read I
ELT133 Digital Logic
ELT241 Routing
ENV295 ENV Experimental
FPT214 Hydraulics and Equipment II
FPT216 Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply
FPT231 Fire Rtgs&Standard
FSD225 Food Distribution, Sales and Production
FSS195 Freshman Success Seminar
GEO121 Geography,Physical
GEO142 Geology II
GER122 Elementary German II
HIS125 Western Civilization to 1
HIS227 American History to 1877
HON241 The Arts
HOT119 Elements of Baking
HOT133 Food Ser Sani Tech
HOT219 Org&Mgt Hri Per II
HUS211 A-V Tech&Resources
HUS215 Program Activities
HUS255 Alcohol and Substance Abuse: Prevention/Education
LIT125 20th Century Novel
LIT170 Introduction to Mythology
LIT218 Law in Literature
LIT244 Lit Contemp Drama
LIT262 Surv Drama To 1800
LIT264 Survdramasince1800
MGT180 Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health
MGT250 Business Internship
MTS119 Prop Of Materials
MTS195 Mater Sci Expermtl
MTS221 Material Character
MUS109 Jazz Harmony and Accompaniment II
MUS110 Lab Ensemble I
MUS123 Enjoyment Music II
MUS135 Applied Music I
MUS283 Music in Contemporary Education
MUS284 Music in Contemporary Education II
MUS287 Keyboard Techniques I
MUS999 Music Elective
PAL116 Real Property I
PAL213 Corporat & Partner
PAL299 Independent Study
PHI999 Philosophy Elective
PHY154 Physics II
PHY195 Experimental/Physc
PHY221 College Physics I
POL299 Ind St-Politic Sci
PSY150 The Exceptional Child
SOC222 Sociology of the Family
SPA222 Intermediate Spanish I
SPA224 Intermediate Spanish II
SPA999 Spanish Elective
THE121 Intro To Theatre
THE222 Rehearsal & Prod
MUS177 Beginning Guitar
MUS257 Literature and Style I
ACC122 Managerial Accounting
ACC246 Auditing
ACC295 Internal Auditing
AER103 Introduction to Flight
ANT121 Cultural Anthropology
ART125 Intro Drawng Color
ART224 Painting II
ASL122 Elementary American Sign Language II
AST195 Astronomy Exprmntl
BIO122 General Biology II
BUS109 e-Commerce
BUS113 Business Mathematics
BUS230 Advanced Word Processing/Computer Applications
CHM118 Intro Organic Chem
CHM122 General Chemistry II
CHM222 Organic Chemistry I
CHM229 Organic Chemistry II
CIS121 Introduction to Computers
CIS123 Microcomputer Appl
CIS131 Algorithms / Basic
CIS195 Experimental Course
CIS220 Advanced Visual Basic Programming
CIS295 CIS Experimental
COM231 New Media and Society
CRJ147 Terrorism and Public Security
CRJ233 Current Issues in Criminal Justice
CSS110 Life Skills I
CSS117 Strategies for Academic Success
DAP223 Fund Of Data Proc
DRA133 Theatre Workshop
DRA150 Basic Acting
DRA181 Theatre in London
DRA265 Theatre Arts Internship
DRA299 Experimental Course
ECH227 Guidance of Young Children
ECH231 Early Childhood Field Instruction and Seminar II
ECH240 Home, School, and Community Relationships
ELT110 Circuits for Digital Systems I
ELT115 Computer Applications for Technology
ELT121 Circuits for Digital Systems II
ELT144 Intro To Microproc
ELT195 Elec Constr/Design
ELT253 Electronics I
ELT259 Electronics II
ELT295 Experiment. Course
ENV100 Introduction to Environmental Science
ENV203 General Ecology
ENV260 Subtropical Coastal and Marine Ecology
ENV999 Env Science Elective
FPT135 Fire Administration
FRE121 Elementary French I
GEO240 Hist Of The Earth
GEO999 Geology Elective
HON181 Psych Of Hum Devel
HON195 Honors Experimental
HON222 Literary ClassicII
HOT120 Beverage Management
HOT132 Sanitation Techniques
HOT199 Ind St-Hotel Tech
HOT231 Coffee Shop & Cafe
HOT251 Quantitative Foods
HOT256 Advanced Garde Manger and Meat Cutting
HOT257 Classical Cuisine I
HOT272 Advanced Nutrition
HSS195 Humanities Soc Sci Exp
HUS150 Introduction to Chemical Abuse and Dependency
HUS226 Integration of Theory and Field II/Chemical Dependency
IND215 Industrial Safety
ITA222 Intermediate Italian I
LIT195 Lit-Experimental
LIT214 Black Literature
MAT121 Topics Finite Math
MAT137 Technical Mathematics II
MAT143 Coll Algebra &Trig
MAT147 Statistics
MAT149 Topics in Finite Mathematics
MAT299 Ind St-Mathematics
MAT999 Math Elective
MGT127 Human Resource Management
MGT195 Exp Crse-Mgt Lev 2
MGT242 Entrepreneurship
MGT299 Ind St-Management
MUS111 Lab Ensemble II
MUS147 Music Fundamentals
MUS299 Independent Study
NDT221 Electrmagnet Testg
OFA212 Wrd Processing III
PHR123 Intro Pharmacology
PHY106 Meteorology
PHY222 College Physics II
PHY299 Ind St- Physics
POL195 Independent Study POL
PSY240 Human Sexuality
SCI195 Science Experimental
SOC299 Ind St- Sociology
SPA116 Conv Spanish II
TAT221 Passenger Management
TET221 Foundations of Education
THE112 Theatre Mgmt II
MUS155 Aural Skills I
ACC121 Financial Accounting
ACC195 Experimental Acct Course
AER109 Advanced Dynamics Laboratory
ANT195 Anthropology Exper
ANT999 Anthropology Elective
ART121 History Of Art
ART133 History of Art I
ART196 Art Experimental
ASL121 Elementary American Sign Language I
AST127 Cosmic System
BIO115 Current Topics in Biology
BIO131 Intro Microbiology
BIO141 Biology I
BUS118 Document Formatting
BUS126 Cr Union Fin Oper
BUS195 Experimentl Course
BUS213 Shrthand/Trnscript
BUS999 Business Elective
CHM299 Ind St- Chemistry
CIS254 Microcomputer Interfacing (formerly ELT254)
CIS260 Computer Graphics
CIS999 Computer Elective
CPS213 Prob &Issues Govmt
CRJ115 Penal Law&Crim Pro
CRJ131 Criminal Law
CRJ213 Civ Rts&Hum Relatn
DRA135 Intro Mod Theatre
ECO221 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO999 Economics Elective
ELT102 Blueprint Read II
ELT113 Electrical Draftng
ELT116 Computer Programming for the Technologies
ELT196 Experimental-Elt
ELT236 Elecmech Sys&Cntrl
ELT260 Intro Robotics/Cam
EMS210 Basic EMT
ENG195 English Experimental
ENG999 English Elective
FPT131 Fire Prevention
FPT211 Firefightg Tactics
FRE222 Intermediate French I
GEO123 Geogrphy,Poplation
HIS225 Hist Am Ethnic Min
HIS231 Introduction to Russian History
HON251 Honors Seminar
HOT110 H/R Labor Mgmt Rel
HOT131 Math for Food Service Records
HOT217 Front Office Management
HOT233 Basic Principles of Nutrition
HOT267 Work Techniques
HOT271 Practicum Ins Feed
HOT999 Hotel Elective
HUS157 Substance Abuse Counseling
HUS999 Human Services Elective
IOC211 Occupational Practicum 1
ITA122 Elementary Italian II
LIT121 Masterpces Lit I
LIT123 Masterpces Lit II
LIT150 Children's Literature
LIT210 Children's Literature
LIT212 Literature of the Hudson-Mohawk
LIT216 Mythology
LIT226 American Lit I
LIT233 Drama Classics:Modern and Contemporary
LIT236 Survey Of Drama I
LIT254 British Literature Since 1800
MAT136 Technical Mathematics I
MAT165 Precalculus I
MAT166 Precalculus II
MGT125 Personnel Admin
MGT129 Labor Relations
MGT213 Principles of Management
MUS108 Jazz Harmony and Accompaniment I
MUS115 Rock Music Style and Development
MUS136 Applied Music II
MUS281 Music Technique I
NDT215 Ultrasonics I
NDT217 Eddy Current Test
PAL233 Administrative Law
PAL250 Paralegal Internship
PHI127 West Philos Tradii
PHY120 Physical Science I
PHY152 Technicl Physicsii
PHY153 Physics I
POL121 Intr Polit Science
PSC131 Intro Phys Sci I
PSC132 Intro Phys Sci II
PSY226 Social Psychology
SEC274 Word Proc Appl&Sys
SOC124 Gerontology
SOC224 Sociology of Aging
SPA121 Elementary Spanish I
SPA122 Elementary Spanish II
SPE131 Oral Interpretation of Literature
TAT121 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
TET195 Teacher Education Experimental
THE229 History Of Theatre
MUS151 Theory I
MUS152 Theory II
MUS154 Literaturestyle II
MUS163 Performance Concentration I
MUS167 Percussion Techniques
MUS188 Intermed Guitar
MUS234 Jazz Improvisation II
MUS255 Aural Skills III
MUS256 Aural Skills IV
MUS258 Literature and Style II
HIS295 Experiment. Course
BIO241 Microbiology
BIO299 Independent Study
ACC111 College Accounting
ACC123 Accounting for Decision Making - Concepts and Theory
ACC299 Indep Study
AER101 Introduction to Flight Labratory
AER102 Aviation History
AER106 Meteorology
ART127 Introduction to Watercolors
ART195 Art Experimental
ART225 Creatve Appld Arts
AST295 Experiment Course
BIO112 Human Biology
BIO132 Botany
BIO152 Anatomy and Physiology II
BUS121 Business Law I
BUS225 Machine Transcription
CHM150 Introduction to Materials Science
CIS101 Computer Literacy
CIS111 Workstation Architecture and Support II (A+)
CIS135 Advanced Java
CIS222 Applica Program II
CIS236 Advanced Web Design
CIS237 Advanced Web Programming
CIS248 Numerical Methods
CRJ217 Principles of Investigation
CRJ299 Ind Study-Cr Just
CSS195 Skills Experimentl
DRA123 Introduction to the Theatre
DRA195 Drama Experimental
DRA233 Drama Classics-Modern and Contemporary
DRA235 Theatre Wrkshp II
DRA242 Rehearsal and Production II
ECH123 Curricular Methods I and Assessment
ECH131 Early Childhood Field Instruction and Seminar I
ECH226 Health, Safety, and Nutrition for Young Children
ELT112 Electromag Devices
ELT153 Circuits I
ELT252 Electronic Circuit
ELT256 Process Control and Instrumentation
ELT999 Elec Tech Elective
ENV195 Intro to Oceanography
ENV205 The Environment and Social Issues
FPT113 Math For Fire Sci
FPT116 Hazardous Materials II
FPT215 Fire Investigation
FPT219 Fire Behavior and Combustion
FPT250 Fire Protection Internship
FSD221 Hospitality/Food Industry Internship II
FSD231 Changes in the Food Marketing Environment
FSD237 Food Marketing Channels
FSS120 Freshman Success Seminar
GEO145 Surface Geology
GEO224 Mineralogy II
GEO226 Petrology
GHY121 Physical Geography
HON161 Political Science
HON225 Topics in Literary Classics
HON281 Sociology of Power and Class
HON282 Issues in Abnormal Psychology
HOT111 Food Preparation I
HOT115 Labor Mgmt Rel Hotel Rest Ind
HOT252 Quantitv Foods II
HSS299 Independent Study
HUS112 Childhood & Adoles
HUS196 Hum Services Experimental
HUS252 Addictive Drugs: Issues and Selected Topics
IND299 Indep St Industech
LIT222 British Lit I
LIT225 Contemporary World Fiction
LIT256 American Literature to 1865
LIT295 Lit-Experimental
LIT999 Literature Elective
MTS225 Ultrasonic Testing
MUS121 The Enjoyment of Music I
MUS289 Keyboard Techniques III
NDT119 Prop Of Materials
NDT195 Ndt Experimental
NDT216 Ultrasonics II
NDT232 Practical Prob Ndt
PED133 Int Modern Dance
POL298 Ind Study-Poly Sci
PPT214 Poly Fab & Testg 2
PSY225 Introduction to Special Education
PSY999 Psychology Elective
REL121 World Religions
RES999 Restricted Elective
RUS999 Russian Elective
SPA115 Conversational Spanish I
SPE999 Speech Elective
THE111 Theatre Mgmt I
MUS153 Literature-Style I
MUS178 Audio Recording I
MUS181 Beginning Piano
MUS187 Jazz Arrg & Comp
MUS195 Music Experimental
MUS209 Jazz Harmony and Accompaniment IV
MUS252 Theory IV
MUS253 Literaturestyleiii
MUS264 Performance Concentration IV
HIS299 History Indep Stdy
BIO154 Introduction to Pharmacology

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