Electives - Humanities Elect.
ENG205 Writing Poetry
ENG211 Technical and Professional Writing
GER121 Elementary German I
HIS127 Western Civilization Since 1715
ITA224 Intermediate Italian II
LAN999 Language Elective
LIT221 Hispanic Literature of the Western Hemispher
LIT231 Drama Classics to 1870
SPE121 Introduction to Speech
ENG124 Literature & Writing
ENG200 Introduction to Creative Writing
FRE224 Intermediate French II
GER222 Intermediate German I
HIS195 Hist-Experimental
HIS232 World Civilizations to 1700
HON244 Topics in Literary Classics
ITA121 Elementary Italian I
LIT211 Native American Literature
HIS241 European Witch Trials
HIS243 The Viking World
HIS296 History Experimental
HIS999 History Elective
ART129 Two-Dimensional Design
COM999 Communications Elective
DRA143 History of Western Theatre
FRE122 Elementary French II
HIS233 History of Women and Gender in the United States
HON221 Literary Classics I
HSS230 Language, Women, and Gender
HSS999 Hum/Soc Sci Elective
LIT155 Literature of the Hudson-Mohawk Region
LIT160 Introduction to Black Literature
LIT175 Law in Literature
LIT220 Women's Literature
LIT252 British Literature Before 1800
MUS131 African American Music Survey
REL999 Religion Elective
HIS237 Introduction to Chinese History
HON144 The Shaping of the Modern World
ART131 Apreciation Of Art
ART135 History of Art II
ART222 Painting I
COM121 Mass Media
COM195 Communications Experimental
DRA229 History Of Theatre
DRA231 Drama Classics to 1870
ENG295 English Experimental Course
GER224 Intermediate German II
HIS130 Introduction to Black History in the United States
HIS229 American History Since 1877
HIS234 World Civilizations Since 1700
HON200 Creative Writing
HUM999 Humanities Elective
LIT258 American Literature Since 1850
LIT266 Literary Science Fiction
MUS127 Jazz Styles and Development
MUS129 American Pop Music
PHI141 Survey of Major Western Philosophers
PHI143 Introduction to Philosophical Problems
THE999 Theater Elective
GER122 Elementary German II
HIS125 Western Civilization to 1715
HIS227 American History to 1877
LIT170 Introduction to Mythology
LIT218 Law in Literature
LIT264 Survdramasince1800
PHI999 Philosophy Elective
SPA222 Intermediate Spanish I
SPA224 Intermediate Spanish II
MUS257 Literature and Style I
ART224 Painting II
ASL122 Elementary American Sign Language II
COM231 New Media and Society
DRA133 Theatre Workshop
DRA181 Theatre in London
FRE121 Elementary French I
HON222 Literary ClassicII
ITA222 Intermediate Italian I
LIT195 Lit-Experimental
LIT214 Black Literature
SPA116 Conv Spanish II
ART121 History Of Art
ART133 Appreciation of Art-Painting
ASL121 Elementary American Sign Language I
COM200 Introduction to Media Writing
COM265 Communication Internship
DRA135 Intro Mod Theatre
ENG999 English Elective
FRE222 Intermediate French I
HIS225 Hist Am Ethnic Min
HIS231 Introduction to Russian History
ITA122 Elementary Italian II
LIT150 Children's Literature
LIT210 Children's Literature
LIT212 Literature of the Hudson-Mohawk
LIT215 Introduction to Poetry
LIT216 Mythology
LIT223 The Detective in Fiction and Film
LIT233 Drama Classics:Modern and Contemporary
LIT254 British Literature Since 1800
MUS115 Rock Music Style and Development
SPA121 Elementary Spanish I
SPA122 Elementary Spanish II
SPE131 Oral Interpretation of Literature
MUS258 Literature and Style II
ART127 Introduction to Watercolors
COM100 Intro to Human Communication
COM235 Intro to Visual Communication
DRA123 Introduction to the Theatre
DRA233 Drama Classics-Modern and Contemporary
HON225 Topics in Literary Classics
LIT225 Contemporary World Fiction
LIT256 American Literature to 1865
LIT999 Literature Elective
MUS121 The Enjoyment of Music I
REL121 World Religions
SPA115 Conversational Spanish I
SPE999 Speech Elective

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