Electives - Rest LA Elective Pr 59
HIS127 Western Civilization Since 1715
LAN999 Language Elective
HIS232 World Civilizations to 1700
ITA121 Elementary Italian I
MAT126 Descriptive Statistics
MAT145 Mathematical Topics
FRE122 Elementary French II
HIS233 History of Women and Gender in the United States
HIS237 Introduction to Chinese History
HIS130 Introduction to Black History in the United States
HIS229 American History Since 1877
MAT160 Discrete Structures
MAT167 Precalculus With Analytic Geometry
HIS234 World Civilizations Since 1700
HIS125 Western Civilization to 1715
HIS227 American History to 1877
ASL122 Elementary American Sign Language II
FRE121 Elementary French I
MAT147 Statistics
MAT149 Topics in Finite Mathematics
SPA116 Conv Spanish II
ASL121 Elementary American Sign Language I
FRE222 Intermediate French I
HIS231 Introduction to Russian History
ITA122 Elementary Italian II
MAT128 Algebra I
SPA121 Elementary Spanish I
SPA122 Elementary Spanish II
MAT129 Algebra II with Trigonometry
SPA115 Conversational Spanish I

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