Electives - Lab Sci Elect.
CHM121 General Chemistry I
BIO151 Anatomy and Physiology I
CHM224 Organic Chemistry II
CHM228 Organic Chemistry I
GEO143 Physical Geology
BIO121 General Biology I
BIO142 Biology II
CHM226 Instrumental Analysis
BIO201 Marine Biology and Ecology of the Temperate Coast
BIO111 Fundamentals of Biology
PHY221 College Physics I
BIO122 General Biology II
CHM122 General Chemistry II
CHM222 Organic Chemistry I
CHM229 Organic Chemistry II
PHY222 College Physics II
BIO141 Biology I
PHY153 Physics I
BIO241 Microbiology
BIO112 Human Biology
BIO132 Botany
BIO152 Anatomy and Physiology II
CHM113 Fundamentals of Chemistry
GEO145 Surface Geology

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