Electives - Dept Elec Pr 20
BUS135 Advanced Document Formatting
CIS129 Programming Fundamentals
ACC222 Intermediate Accounting I
ACC242 Cost Management
BUS123 Business Law II
BUS223 Business Statistics
MGT123 Introduction to Business
MGT135 International Business
MKT223 Marketing
ACC250 Accounting Internship
BUS115 Basic Keyboarding
CIS136 Introduction to Web Development
MGT221 Managerial Finance
TEL121 Introduction to Information Systems
TEL221 Data Communications
ACC225 Income Tax Accounting
ACC226 Intermediate Accounting II
ACC248 Governmental Accounting
BUS212 Business Communications
CIS221 Advanced Computer Applications
MGT250 Business Internship
ACC246 Auditing
BUS109 e-Commerce
BUS113 Business Mathematics
MGT127 Human Resource Management
MGT242 Entrepreneurship
BUS118 Document Formatting
MGT129 Labor Relations
MGT213 Principles of Management
BUS121 Business Law I

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