Electives - Restric Elec Pr.78
CIS129 Programming Fundamentals
BIO151 Anatomy and Physiology I
CHM224 Organic Chemistry II
CHM228 Organic Chemistry I
CIS133 Programming in Java
CIS140 Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting
GEO143 Physical Geology
MAT242 Linear Algebra
BIO142 Biology II
CIS136 Introduction to Web Development
CIS240 Internetworking Fundamentals
MAT240 Calculus III
MAT244 Differential Equations
CHM115 Consumer Chemistry
CHM226 Instrumental Analysis
MAT146 Discrete Mathematics
MAT160 Discrete Structures
CIS221 Advanced Computer Applications
PHY221 College Physics I
CHM222 Organic Chemistry I
CHM229 Organic Chemistry II
CIS121 Introduction to Computers
ENV100 Introduction to Environmental Science
MAT147 Statistics
PHY222 College Physics II
AST127 Cosmic System
BIO141 Biology I
CIS260 Computer Graphics
MAT166 Precalculus II
BIO241 Microbiology
BIO132 Botany
BIO152 Anatomy and Physiology II
CHM150 Introduction to Materials Science
CIS248 Numerical Methods
GEO145 Surface Geology
GHY121 Physical Geography
BIO154 Introduction to Pharmacology

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