Electives - Restric Elec Pr.83
CRJ219 Corrections
CRJ223 Vehicle&Traffic Lw
CRJ229 Community Based Corrections
PSY221 Educational Psychology
SOC127 Interpersonal and Group Dynamics
CRJ133 Criminology
CRJ143 Criminal Evidence and Procedure
CRJ230 Interpersonal Violence
HUS133 Child Maltreatment: Prevention, Investigation,Treatment
PSY222 Developmental Psychology
PSY223 Adolescent Psychology
CRJ117 Police Organization and Supervision
CRJ135 Introduction to Security
CRJ150 Airport Security and Management
CRJ215 Juvenile Delinquency
CRJ237 Criminal Justice Internship
PSY220 Child Development
SOC122 Social Problems
CRJ113 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJ153 Policing Theory and Practice II
ECO211 Introduction to Economics
ECO223 Principles of Microeconomics
HUS254 Pharmacology of Psychoactive Drugs
HUS255 Alcohol and Substance Abuse: Prevention/Education
PSY230 Child Development
SOC222 Sociology of the Family
CRJ147 Terrorism and Public Security
CRJ233 Current Issues in Criminal Justice
HUS150 Introduction to Chemical Abuse and Dependency
PSY240 Human Sexuality
SOC228 Minority-Majority Relations in U.S.
CRJ131 Criminal Law
ECO221 Principles of Macroeconomics
HUS157 Substance Abuse Counseling
PSY226 Social Psychology
SOC124 Gerontology
SOC224 Sociology of Aging
CRJ152 Policing Theory and Practice I
CRJ217 Principles of Investigation
HON281 Sociology of Power and Class
HUS252 Addictive Drugs: Issues and Selected Topics
PSY225 Introduction to Special Education

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