Electives - Restric Elec Pr.88
ART121 History Of Art
ART127 Introduction to Watercolors
ART128 Introduction to Drawing
ART129 Two-Dimensional Design
ART133 Appreciation of Art-Painting
ART135 Appreciation of Art-Sculpture and Architecture
DRA143 History of Western Theatre
DRA150 Basic Acting
DRA181 Theatre in London
DRA229 History Of Theatre
ENG200 Introduction to Creative Writing
MUS106 Ear Training and Sight Singing
MUS115 Rock Music Style and Development
MUS121 The Enjoyment of Music I
MUS127 Jazz Styles and Development
MUS129 American Pop Music
MUS131 African American Music Survey
MUS147 Music Fundamentals
MUS161 Performance Organization I
MUS162 Performance Organization II
MUS171 Beginning Voice Class
MUS175 Beginning Classical Guitar
MUS177 Beginning Guitar
MUS181 Beginning Piano
MUS182 Intermediate Piano
MUS231 Music Business
MUS261 Performance Organization III
MUS262 Performance Organization IV
MUS283 Music in Contemporary Education
MUS284 Music in Contemporary Education II
SPE121 Introduction to Speech
SPE131 Oral Interpretation of Literature

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