Electives - Res Behav Elec Pr 85
PSY224 Abnormal Psychology
SOC121 Sociology
SOC127 Interpersonal and Group Dynamics
PSY222 Developmental Psychology
PSY223 Adolescent Psychology
SOC125 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare
SOC128 Minority Groups
PSY121 Introduction to Psychology
PSY220 Child Development
PSY235 The Psychology of Sport
SOC122 Social Problems
SOC999 Sociology Elective
PSY150 The Exceptional Child
SOC222 Sociology of the Family
ANT121 Cultural Anthropology
PSY240 Human Sexuality
SOC228 Minority-Majority Relations in U.S.
PSY226 Social Psychology
SOC124 Gerontology
SOC224 Sociology of Aging
HON281 Sociology of Power and Class
HON282 Issues in Abnormal Psychology
PSY225 Introduction to Special Education

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