Electives - Res SS Elec Pr 85
HIS127 Western Civilization Since 1715
HIS195 Hist-Experimental
HIS232 World Civilizations to 1700
HIS241 European Witch Trials
HIS243 The Viking World
HIS999 History Elective
HIS233 History of Women and Gender in the United States
POL123 United States Government and Politics
HIS237 Introduction to Chinese History
HON144 The Shaping of the Modern World
HIS130 Introduction to Black History in the United States
HIS229 American History Since 1877
HIS234 World Civilizations Since 1700
HON271 American Presidency
PHI141 Survey of Major Western Philosophers
PHI143 Introduction to Philosophical Problems
ECO211 Introduction to Economics
ECO223 Principles of Microeconomics
HIS125 Western Civilization to 1
HIS227 American History to 1877
PHI999 Philosophy Elective
ECO221 Principles of Macroeconomics
HIS231 Introduction to Russian History
HIS295 Experiment. Course
HON281 Sociology of Power and Class

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