Electives - Science Elec Pr.96
CHM121 General Chemistry I
BIO151 Anatomy and Physiology I
CHM224 Organic Chemistry II
CHM228 Organic Chemistry I
GEO143 Physical Geology
AST125 Solar System
BIO142 Biology II
AST123 Exploring Space
BIO130 Field Biology
CHM115 Consumer Chemistry
PHY154 Physics II
PHY221 College Physics I
CHM222 Organic Chemistry I
CHM229 Organic Chemistry II
ENV100 Introduction to Environmental Science
PHY106 Meteorology
PHY222 College Physics II
AST127 Cosmic System
BIO115 Current Topics in Biology
BIO141 Biology I
PHY153 Physics I
BIO241 Microbiology
BIO132 Botany
BIO152 Anatomy and Physiology II
CHM150 Introduction to Materials Science
GEO145 Surface Geology
GHY121 Physical Geography
BIO154 Introduction to Pharmacology

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