Electives - SUNY GE Natural Science
AST123 Exploring Space
AST125 Solar System
AST127 Cosmic System
BIO111 Fundamentals of Biology
BIO112 Human Biology
BIO115 Current Topics in Biology
BIO121 General Biology I
BIO122 General Biology II
BIO130 Field Biology
BIO132 Botany
BIO141 Biology I
BIO151 Anatomy and Physiology I
CHM113 Fundamentals of Chemistry
CHM115 Consumer Chemistry
CHM121 General Chemistry I
CHM150 Introduction to Materials Science
ENV100 Introduction to Environmental Science
ENV200 Environmental Field Ecology
ENV260 Subtropical Coastal and Marine Ecology
GEO143 Physical Geology
GEO145 Surface Geology
GHY121 Physical Geography
NMT150 Introduction to Materials Science
PHY106 Meteorology
PHY120 Physical Science I
PHY121 Physical Science II
PHY153 Physics I
PHY221 College Physics I

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