16 Music Business

 ENG 123 College Composition3.0
 ENG 124 Introduction to Literature3.0
 MGT 123 Introduction to Business3.0
 MUS 121 Enjoyment Music I3.0
 MUS 151 Theory I2.0
 MUS 152 Theory II2.0
 MUS 155 Aural Skills I1.0
 MUS 156 Aural Skills II1.0
 MUS 161 Perf Org I1.0
 MUS 162 Perf Org II1.0
 MUS 163 Perf Conc I:2.0
 MUS 164 Perf Conc II:2.0
 MUS 178 Audio Recording I3.0
 MUS 179 Audio Recording II3.0
 MUS 230 Live Sound Reinforcement3.0
 MUS 231 Music Business I3.0
 MUS 235 Music Business II3.0
 MUS 261 Perf Org III1.0
 MUS 262 Perf Org IV1.0
 MUS 278 Audio Recording III3.0
 MUS 280 Music Business Internship3.0
 MUS 287 Keyboard Techniques I1.0
 MAT 126 999Mathematics3.0
 SCI Science Elec3.0
 MUS 115 Rock Music Style/Development3.0
 MUS 127 Jazz Styles & Dev3.0
 SS Soc Sci Elec3.0

Minimum Requirements: 60.0 Credits  2.00 GPA
Detailed curriculum worksheets, including information on acceptable elective courses, as well as a suggested order to take such courses, are available in the Student Development Center, Elston Hall, Room 223.
Last Updated: 21-SEP-2014