35 Criminal Justice-AAS

 CRJ 113 Intro Crim Justice3.0
 CRJ 117 Police Org&Suprvsn3.0
 CRJ 131 Criminal Law3.0
 CRJ 133 Criminology3.0
 CRJ 135 Intro To Security3.0
 CRJ 143 Criminal Evid/Proc3.0
 CRJ 215 Juvenl Delinquency3.0
 CRJ 219 Corrections3.0
 ENG 123 College Composition3.0
 ENG 124 Literature and Writing3.0
 ETH 221 Prof & Apld Ethics1.0
 FYS 100 First Year Seminar1.0
 MAT 126 999Mathematics3.0
 PSY 121 Intro Psychology3.0
 SOC 121 Sociology3.0
 SCI Science Elec3.0
 CRJ 113 999Criminal Justice/Criminology3.0
 CRJ 113 999Criminal Justice/Criminology3.0
 SPE 121 Intro To Speech3.0
 COM 105 Public Speaking3.0
 CIS 121 Intro To Computers3.0
 CIS 221 Adv Computer App3.0
 LA Liberal Arts Elect.3.0
 GEN General Elective3.0

Minimum Requirements: 62.0 Credits  2.00 GPA
Detailed curriculum worksheets, including information on acceptable elective courses, as well as a suggested order to take such courses, are available in the Student Development Center, Elston Hall, Room 223.
Last Updated: 21-SEP-2014