37 Early Chldhd(AAS)

 ECH 121 Intro to Early Childhood3.0
 ECH 123 Curric Methods 13.0
 ECH 131 Ear Childhd Field Inst/Sem I4.0
 ECH 220 Engen Creat:Arts in Classrm3.0
 ECH 223 Curric Methods 23.0
 ECH 225 Fostering Literacy4.0
 ECH 227 Gdnce Yng Children3.0
 ECH 231 Ear Child Field Inst/Sem II4.0
 ECH 252 Care Infnts/Todlrs3.0
 ECH 260 ECH Portfolio Seminar1.0
 ENG 123 College Composition3.0
 ENG 124 Literature and Writing3.0
 FYS 100 First Year Seminar1.0
 HUS 133 Child Maltreatment3.0
 PSY 121 Intro Psychology3.0
 PSY 225 Intro Special Ed4.0
 PSY 230 Child Development4.0
 PSY 221 Educational Psychology3.0
 TET 221 Foundation of Education3.0
 MAT 126 999Mathematics3.0
 SCI Science Elec3.0

Minimum Requirements: 64.0 Credits  2.00 GPA
Detailed curriculum worksheets, including information on acceptable elective courses, as well as a suggested order to take such courses, are available in the Student Development Center, Elston Hall, Room 223.
Last Updated: 21-SEP-2014