40 Fire Prot. Tech.

 ENG 123 College Composition3.0
 ENG 124 Literature and Writing3.0
 ETH 221 Prof & Apld Ethics1.0
 FPT 112 Prin Emerg Srvices3.0
 FPT 115 Hazardous Mtrls I3.0
 FPT 116 Hazardous Mtrls II3.0
 FPT 120 Bldg Const Fire Protec3.0
 FPT 131 Fire Prevention3.0
 FPT 135 Fire Administration3.0
 FPT 137 Fire Protec Systms3.0
 FPT 215 Fire Investigation3.0
 FPT 216 Fire Protec Hydr/Water3.0
 FPT 219 Fire Behav/Combust3.0
 FYS 100 First Year Seminar1.0
 PSY 121 Intro Psychology3.0
 CHM 113 999Chemistry4.0
 BIO 112 Human Biology4.0
 MAT 126 999Mathematics3.0
 CIS 121 999Computer Science3.0
 RES9Restric Elec Pr.403.0
 RES9Restric Elec Pr.403.0
 SS Soc Sci Elec3.0
 HUM Humanities Elect.3.0
 LA Liberal Arts Elect.3.0

Minimum Requirements: 63.0 Credits  2.00 GPA
Detailed curriculum worksheets, including information on acceptable elective courses, as well as a suggested order to take such courses, are available in the Student Development Center, Elston Hall, Room 223.
Last Updated: 21-SEP-2014