58 Chem Dependency

 ENG 123 College Composition3.0
 FYS 100 First Year Seminar1.0
 HUS 150 Intr Chem Abuse/Dependency3.0
 HUS 225 Theory/Field I:Chem Dep4.0
 HUS 226 Theory/Field II:Chem Dep4.0
 HUS 250 Plan, Assess,Trtmt3.0
 HUS 255 Abuse:Prevent/Educ3.0
 PSY 121 Intro Psychology3.0
 PSY 222 Developmental Psychology3.0
 PSY 224 Abnormal Psych3.0
 SOC 121 Sociology3.0
 SOC 125 Intro Soc Work3.0
 SOC 127 Intrprsnl/Grp Dynamics3.0
 ENG 124 Literature and Writing3.0
 ENG 211 Technical & Prof'l Writing3.0
 BIO 110 999Biology3.0
 NTR 161 Intr to Human Nutrition3.0
 MAT 126 999Mathematics3.0
 HUS 252 Addictive Drugs:Issues/Topics4.0
 HUS 254 Pharm of Psych Drugs3.0
 HUS 155 Subst Abuse Couns3.0
 HUS 157 Subst Abuse Couns4.0
 RE58Restricted Elective Pr. 583.0
 LA Liberal Arts Elect.3.0
 GEN General Elective3.0

Minimum Requirements: 64.0 Credits  2.00 GPA
Detailed curriculum worksheets, including information on acceptable elective courses, as well as a suggested order to take such courses, are available in the Student Development Center, Elston Hall, Room 223.
Last Updated: 21-SEP-2014