Spring 2016 Schedule [Physics]   Jan 19-May 17
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10461PHY106-51Meteorology3W06:00-08:45pmSTK203 30030 
10574PHY120-71Physical Science I3  ONLINE  2802836
10150PHY154-01Physics II4TuTh08:00-09:15amCST215 2402430
10151PHY154-0L1Physics II Lab0W02:00-04:50pmCST215 24024 
This Lab begins 1/28/15 and is limited to those in PHY154-01
10275PHY154-51Physics II4Tu06:00-08:45pmCST215 2402430
10276PHY154-5L1Physics II Lab0Th06:00-08:45pmCST215 24024 
This Lab begins 1/29/15 and is limited to those in PHY154-51
10234PHY222-01College Physics II4MW08:00-09:15amCST215 2402430
10235PHY222-0L1College Physics II Lab0Th02:00-04:50pmCST215 24024 
This Lab begins 1/29/15

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