Spring 2016 Schedule - Online Courses  Jan 19-May 17
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10315ACC121-71Financial Acctg4  ONLINE  2802848
10428ACC122-71Managerial Acctg4  ONLINE  2802848
10889ACC242-71Cost Management3  ONLINE  2802836
10404BUS121-71Business Law I3  ONLINE  2802836
10208BUS123-71Business Law II3  ONLINE  2802836
10231BUS123-72Business Law II3  ONLINE  2802836
10699CHM115-71Consumer Chemistry3  ONLINE  2802836
11145CHM115-72Consumer Chemistry3  ONLINE  2802836
10277CIS121-71Intro To Computers3  ONLINE  2802836
10186CIS129-71Programming Fund3  ONLINE  2802836
10214CIS136-71Intro Web Development3  ONLINE  2802836
10687CIS221-72Adv Computer App3  ONLINE  2802836
10706COM231-71New Media and Society3  ONLINE Doyle,R2802836
11056COM231-72New Media and Society3  ONLINE  2802836
10449CRJ113-71Intro Crim Justice3  ONLINE  2802836
10914CRJ117-71Police Org&Suprvsn3  ONLINE  2802836
10608CRJ131-71Criminal Law3  ONLINE  2802836
10719CRJ133-71Criminology3  ONLINE  2802836
10915CRJ135-71Intro To Security3  ONLINE  2802836
10720CRJ143-71Criminal Evid/Proc3  ONLINE  2802836
10365CRJ215-71Juvenl Delinquency3  ONLINE  2802836
10636CRJ217-71Prin Investigation3  ONLINE  2802836
10366ECO221-71Prin Macroeconomics3  ONLINE  2802836
10722ECO223-71Prin Microeconomics3  ONLINE  2802836
10200ENG123-71College Composition3  ONLINE Tolbert,A2502536
10273ENG123-72College Composition3  ONLINE Karmiohl,J2502536
10262ENG123-73College Composition3  ONLINE  2502536
10313ENG124-71Literature and Writing3  ONLINE Richardson,A2802836
10135ENG124-72Literature and Writing3  ONLINE  2802836
10420ENG124-73Literature and Writing3  ONLINE  2802836
10523ENG211-71Technical & Prof'l Writing3  ONLINE  2502536
10481ENV100-71Environmental Sci3  ONLINE  2802836
10430ETH221-71Prof & Apld Ethics1  ONLINE  2802812
Last day to withdraw is February 14
10518ETH221-72Prof & Apld Ethics1  ONLINE  2802812
last day to withdraw is March 24
10734HEA100-71Medical Terminology3  ONLINE  2802836
10928HEA101-71Healthcare Ethics & Law3  ONLINE  2802836
10300HIS127-71West Civil Since 17153  ONLINE  2802836
10203HIS229-71American History Since 18773  ONLINE  2802836
10451HIS234-71World Civ Since 17003  ONLINE Bennett,D2802836
10953HIS234-72World Civ Since 17003  ONLINE  2802836
10278HOT233-71Bas Prin Nutrition3  ONLINE Kane,K2802836
10582HUS150-71Intr Chem Abuse/Dependency3  ONLINE  2802836
10604HUS254-71Pharm of Psych Drugs3  ONLINE Carlson,E2802836
10568HUS255-71Abuse:Prevent/Educ3  ONLINE  2802836
10887MAT147-71Statistics3  ONLINE  2802836
10879MAT148-71College Algebra3  ONLINE  2802836
10888MAT167-71Precalc/Analyt Geom4  ONLINE  2802836
10116MGT123-71Introduction to Business3  ONLINE  2802836
10367MGT127-71Human Resource Mgt3  ONLINE  2802836
10723MGT135-71Internatl Business3  ONLINE  2802836
10724MGT213-71Principles of Management3  ONLINE  2802836
10456MKT223-71Marketing3  ONLINE  2802836
10756MUS115-71Rock Music Style/Development3  ONLINE Isachsen,S2802836
11124MUS120-71World Music Styles3  ONLINE Keyser,A25025 
10557NMT150-71Intro Materials Sci3  ONLINE  2402436
10515NTR161-71Intr to Human Nutrition3  ONLINE  2802836
10550PHI141-71Surv Maj West Phil3  ONLINE Schwartz,L2802836
10574PHY120-71Physical Science I3  ONLINE  2802836
10605POL123-71U.S. Government & Politics3  ONLINE Faehmel,B2802836
10255PSY121-71Intro Psychology3  ONLINE Ahola,D2802836
10452PSY121-72Intro Psychology3  ONLINE  2802836
10575PSY121-73Intro Psychology3  ONLINE  2802836
10321PSY222-71Lifespan Development3  ONLINE  2802836
10581PSY222-72Lifespan Development3  ONLINE  2802836
10320PSY224-71Abnormal Psych3  ONLINE  2802836
10301SOC121-71Sociology3  ONLINE Seth,M2802836
10453SOC121-72Sociology3  ONLINE  2802836
10612SOC121-73Sociology3  ONLINE  2802836
10236TEL121-71Intro Info Systems3  ONLINE  2802836
10254TET252-71Pre-Professional Seminar1  ONLINE Calhoun,T2802812

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