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CSS 106 Mathematics Skills

This course is a review of basic arithmetic operations with an algebraic approach (including whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, and ratios). It provides preparation/review for Intro to Algebra, Business Math, Math for Food Service Records, and Concepts in Mathematics.

CSS 120 Introduction to Algebra

This course focuses on algebraic operations and properties within the real number system, including integers, rational and irrational numbers. Algebra is introduced to evaluate formulas, solve first degree equations in one variable, perform operations on polynomials, graph lines, and calculate basic geometric formulas. This course provides preparation and review for Algebra I.

CSS 122 Reading Skills I

This course is intended to equip students with the skills and strategies to expand vocabulary and comprehend reading material beyond literal meaning. Students study vocabulary weekly using context clues, association, and visualization techniques. Students develop skills in finding main idea, details, and inference by reading a variety of literature and expository materials. Students develop critical thinking skills by analyzing, comparing, and contrasting texts, often in writing. Study skills taught include textbook study strategies and note-taking.

CSS 123 Reading Skills II

This course provides an opportunity to learn and practice reading comprehension skills that go beyond CSS 122. The course includes vocabulary development, higher level comprehension skills, critical reading and thinking, reading textbooks, reading short fiction, and writing as related to reading. Study Skills taught include marking and annotating textbooks, outlining, mapping, and writing summaries.

CSS 124 Writing Skills I

This course provides instruction and practice in the fundamentals of writing including grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and organization. The student moves from paragraph to essay development using the process approach to writing. Unless otherwise indicated in the semester course schedule, this course is taught using computers in an electronic classroom.

CSS 125 Writing Skills II

This course emphasizes key elements of essay writing: clarifying a purpose, identifying a specific audience, and adjusting the style and tone accordingly. Development of a thesis, introduction and conclusion are taught, as are the use of transitions and organizational patterns for coherence. Practice in grammar, mechanics and MLA format is provided. Unless otherwise indicated in the semester class schedule, this course is taught using computers in an electronic classroom.

CSS 116 Skills for College Success

This course provides a brief (five weeks) but intensive review of study skills for success in college. The following skills are covered: time management, memory techniques, textbook reading, notetaking, test-taking, and research techniques. Reading and notetaking skills will be applied to texts used in the student's program.

FSS 120 Freshman Success Seminar

This course is designed to enhance the success of first-year college students by introducing them to such topics as time management, learning styles, classroom expectations, support services, selecting a major/career, and wellness. It will provide an orientation to the campus, to themselves as learners, and to the world of higher education.

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