Online Student FAQs

Do I need a computer, and if so what are the minimum technical requirements?
Online students need reliable access to a computer at a minimum of three times a week for approximately six or more hours. Recommended minimum computer requirements:

Compatibility requirements for ANGEL:

Windows Internet
Explorer 10 
Windows Internet
Explorer 9
Windows Internet
Explorer 8
Mozilla Firefox
(Final Release Channel)
Google Chrome
(Stable Channel)
Windows 8
Certified Unsupported Unsupported Compatible Compatible
Windows 8
Certified Unsupported Unsupported Compatible Compatible
Windows 7
Compatible Certified Certified Certified Certified
Windows 7
Compatible Certified Certified Compatible Compatible
Windows Vista
Unsupported Certified Certified Certified Compatible
Windows Vista
Unsupported Certified Certified Compatible Compatible
Windows XP
Unsupported Unsupported Certified Compatible Compatible


  Safari 6.0 Safari 5.1 Safari 5.0 Safari 4.0 Mozilla Firefox
(Final Release Channel)
Google Chrome
(Stable Channel)
Mac OSX 10.7
Certified Compatible Unsupported Unsupported Compatible Compatible
Mac OSX 10.6
"Snow Leopard" 
Unsupported Certified Certified Compatible Certified Certified
Mac OSX 10.5
Unsupported Compatible Compatible Compatible Certified Compatible


Please note that Safari for Windows is not currently supported by either ANGEL or Blackboard learning management systems, and is not recommended for use.


What types of classes are offered online at SCCC?
Each semester, SCCC provides a selection of online classes from all departments to our students. Please click on the link below, and then follow the link to Online Courses to find the current offerings:

How do I register for an online class at SCCC?
The registration process for online courses is identical to that for regular courses. Call the Registrar at (518) 381-1348, or visit the SCCC Registrar website at:

How do I know if online learning is right for me?
Some students who register for an online class are successful, while others get mid-semester only to find that online courses are not for them. Before registering for an online course, please review this questionnaire to determine if you are a good candidate for online learning.

Students should also take the SLN Student Orientation to the ANGEL Learning Management System if they consider taking a fully online or a blended (or “hybrid”) course. Students in on-campus courses will likely be using ANGEL to supplement course materials and should also take the Orientation to become familiar with ANGEL.

How do I access an online course at SCCC?
At SCCC, online courses are taught on the ANGEL online course management system. ANGEL is used for fully online courses, hybrid courses and web-enhanced traditional courses. You can access ANGEL by clicking on the links available on SCCC’s website, or by visiting the website at:

Every student at SCCC is provided with a default ANGEL username and password once officially registered for any course.

When will my online class be available for me to access?
An online class will become available to you as an active link on your ANGEL homepage on the first day of the semester. The ANGEL online Student Orientation course is available to you at any time throughout the year.

Is there a certain time that I have to log into my course each week?
Online courses are asynchronous; therefore you can access an online course on any day of the week, at any time and from any place. Your instructor will provide clarification on due dates and expectations for participation in the syllabus and course schedule.

Will I get the same amount of credit for an online class as my regular classes?
Online courses are taught by SCCC instructors and go through the same accreditation process as the on-campus version of the course. You will receive identical credit for an online course to count towards your degree as you would a regular course.

Where can I go for Academic Advisement or with Financial Aid questions?
The Academic Advisement department is located on the second floor of Elston Hall, Room 222. Please visit the Academic Advisement website for more information.

For questions about Financial Aid, you can contact Director of Financial Aid Brian McGarvey at (518) 381-1353 or email Click here to visit the SCCC Financial Aid website.

Who do I contact with questions about my ANGEL login, account or for technical support?
The Academic Computing Department is located on the fifth floor of Elston Hall. Call (518) 381-1487 or send an email to for assistance.

Portal and ANGEL Password Help
How to find your Username and Password for the SCCC Portal and ANGEL (PDF)

Does SCCC offer any online student orientations or individual assistance?
Yes, the Instructional Technology Center conducts ANGEL student orientation workshops for online and traditional SCCC students at the beginning of each semester. Contact the ITC at any time by calling (518) 381-1245, or come visit us in the Begley Library, Room 209.

How can I buy textbooks?
Our "book store" is called the College Store and is located in Elston Hall, above the Cafeteria (telephone: 518-377-1606). If you take the elevator, get off at Floor 1.
See our College Store page for our hours of operation and information.They carry all books required for online courses.

How do I file a complaint for academic or administrative matters?
Students wishing to file a complaint should follow the procedures outlined in the Student Handbook and College Catalog. These documents can be found on the Publications page. Students taking courses through an online format may also file a complaint with their home state agency. The State Higher Education Executive Office (SHEEO) has provided a directory of Student Complaint Information by State and Agency.

I don't live in New York State. How do I file a complaint?
Complaint procedures for out-of-state students: In order to be in compliance with state standards and to have updated information available to students, here is an updated link to current complaint procedures for out-of-state students who are taking online courses at SCCC.

Where can I go to ask additional questions about online learning at SCCC?
Contact the ANGEL Helpdesk at 518-381-1487.