Gateway Montessori Preschool Tour

Practical Life

The exercises of practical life are designed for children to practice and perfect independence. As children work to care for self, for others, and for the environment, they develop self-direction, autonomy and attentiveness.

child playing child playing


Sensorial Experiences

Sensorial experiences allow the child to fully develop his/her senses and powers of observation. As children work to detect likenesses and differences in colors, shapes, sounds, tastes, and textures, they come to understand the world around them.

Rebecca making towers child building stairs


Language/Literacy Development

A stimulating environment provides language-rich experiences for children to develop their speaking and listening skills. The combination of a literacy-rich environment with direct phonetic instruction allows the child to naturally develop and perfect his/her abilities in the areas of reading and writing.

Teacher with children Amy with Shea



Math experiences move from concrete to abstract. As children are presented exercises in counting, the decimal system and mathematical operations, they are then encouraged to apply this knowledge to everyday living.

Leo with numbered peg puzzles Children with building blocks laid out



The study of the physical universe, and in particular the Earth and al its people, allows children to explore the majesty of the seven continents and their oceans as well as the beauty and diversity of inhabitants.

Child holding globe Child viewing earth maps



Children experience real-life science as well as formal lessons in the study of biology, zoology, chemistry and anatomy. Plants and animals are part of the environment as they are part of nature.

Child studing planets Children making a volcano



Children explore the many genres of art while engaging in open-ended art experiences.

Brianna painting Children playing the Dijaradoo


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