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SCCC Language Lab

Located in Elston Hall 520

Supporting French, Italian and Spanish Language Courses
(Across from the Learning Center)

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flag of Spain   flag of France    flag of Italy   flag of Argentina   flag of Canada   flag of Chile   flag of Mexico   flag of Venezuela

The Language Lab

The Language Lab at SCCC is equipped with 25 computer stations with software to support the study of Spanish, French and Italian. Students can listen to CDs and watch videos for class work as well as study and do homework. The lab instructor can monitor each student and communicate with them individually or as a group, and is there to assist as needed.

To better enrich a student's experience in learning the language, there are cultural videos available for viewing in the lab. In addition, there are videos to accompany Dicho y Hecho, Identidades, Chez Nous and Avanti! These are provided for the reinforcement of the textbook.

Students have the capacity to write papers using the Italian, French and Spanish alphabet that is installed on Microsoft Word. To do this, open Microsoft Word, then click on new, then blank document, then click on tools, language then set language and click on France, Spain-Traditional Sort or Italy. When you are done, please set the language back to the default of English.

On the bookshelves of the Language Lab there are reference books which all students may use. The bilingual dictionaries will give you the meanings of words, however they will not instruct you how to grammatically use these words. The Language Lab also has copies of the 501 verb book for each language which has the verbs listed alphabetically wherein you can locate the spelling of each verb in the verb tense i.e. present, preterit etc. If those resources are being used by other students, you can also use a variety of websites such as www.verbix.com for verb information and conjugations.

Thanks to the Spanish Club, we also have a small library on our bookshelves that includes Spanish and Latin American authors as well as other books ranging from poetry to drama and history, etc.

The Spanish Club meets in the language lab on Wednesdays from 11:20 to 12:20 during College Hour; however, the Language Lab will remain open while the meeting is held. Meetings alternate between business and cultural presentations to other things decided on by club members at the start of each semester. The meetings are open to the entire college community. Food and informal conversation are sometimes the highlights of our meetings. Over the years, the Spanish Club has provided distinguished artifacts, artwork, posters and other cultural items that decorate the walls and provide an atmosphere where culture is celebrated.

Language is a major component of an entire culture. It is said that one cannot truly understand a culture without learning the language. The art, music, food and customs that comprise any culture help motivate our interest.

Please do not hesitate to ask for help or make suggestions so that we may improve the experience for students in our lab!