Service Learning - Books and Articles

Faculty Toolkit for Service-Learning in Higher Education book
This is an excellent resource for general information and planning service learning projects and courses. (PDF)


Toolkit for the Evaluation of Service Learning Programs by Northern Michigan University. This book contains information on how to design a service learning course, integrate service learning into curriculum and information on outcomes.


This book is a research primer designed to address the need for information and how to conduct high quality research on service learning. There are also links to on-line resources.

This is a 30 page article entitled Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement: A Review of the Literature on Civic Engagement In Post-Secondary Education. (PDF)


Service learning guidebook. (PDF)


This is a one page article defining the reflection stage of service learning. (PDF)


This is a one page summary contains reflection questions for students to be used in their service learning assignments. (PDF)


This page contains activities for the reflection phase of students’ service learning experience.


This book entitled Facilitating Reflection : A Manual for Leaders and Educatorscontains reflection resources for educators and leaders of service groups.


This is an article entitled, “ Improving Student Outcomes with Service-Learning,” published by the American Association of Community Colleges. (PDF)


This Faculty Guide on Service Learning published by the University of St. Missouri-St. Louis contains an explanation of service learning as well as implementation ideas. (PDF)


Creating A Climate For Service Learning published by the American Association of Community Colleges highlights Bilingual service learning ideas and strategies for the institutionalization of service learning. (PDF)


The book, A Practical Guide for Integrating Civic Responsibility into the Curriculum published by the American Association of Community Colleges is a great resource for integrating civic responsibility into the curriculum. (PDF)


This resource, Institutionalizing Service Learning in Community Colleges Brief, generates ideas on how to make service learning a permanent part of a college.


This research brief titled, Service Learning in Community Colleges: 2003 national Survey Results, provides information on service learning in community colleges. (PDF)


Facilitating Reflection: A Manual for Educators and Leaders, contains information on how to lead students in reflection activities.


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