General Service Learning Resources

  • National Service-Learning Clearinghouse
    The National Service Learning Clearinghouse contains materials for service learning for higher education and all disciplines. It also includes Service Learning Ideas and Curricular Examples (SLICE) a database full of hundreds of high-quality service learning lesson plan and syllabi.

  • Learn and Serve America: Corporation for National Community Service
    This resource is great for individuals with minimal service-learning experience. It provides lesson plans, funding sources, and toolkits.

    This website also has resources that focuses on Native American communities.

  • SUNY Faculty Senate Service-learning toolkit (PDF)
    This is a comprehensive toolkit published by The State University of New York University Faculty Senate. It contains information explaining service learning, sample syllabus and templates.

  • Partnerships for Higher Education Service-Learning
    Partnerships serves as the foundation of service learning in Higher Education. This document focuses on service learning partnerships between faculty and community and between academic institutions and community agencies.

  • This is a National Service-Learning Clearinghouse page that contains higher education resources including other websites and an on-line library of peer-reviewed articles.

  • This site contains excellent links for service-learning from the American Association of Community Colleges. It is a very comprehensive site.

  • How to Get Started in Service-Learning (PDF)
    This resource is a short 7 page handout on the basics of service learning. Rahima Wade is an expert in the topic of service learning and this resource is a great starting point.

  • Youth Service America
    You may register for weekly information and keep informed about grant opportunities and plans for Global Youth Service Day. This site also contains excellent  environmental service-learning ideas.

  • This resource is published by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. It contains many discipline specific resources as well as a PDF version of the book, Service Learning Implementation Guide.

  • The National Dropout Prevention Center/Network (NPDC/N) is a “clearinghouse on issues related to dropout prevention.”

    It provides “strategies designed to increase the graduation in America’s schools.” Service learning is discussed as one of the 15v successful strategies that has a positive effect on dropout rates.

  • Toolkit for the evaluation of service learning. 
    This resource is for the evaluation of service learning programs. (PDF)

  • This is a National Service-Learning Clearinghouse that contains syllabi and course material for Higher Education.

  • This site allows you to locate service learning programs and syllabi from other higher education institutions.

  • This website contains ideas for service learning projects that may be implemented in the classroom or in the community.

  • A comprehensive list of higher education service learning materials from the National Service-Learning Clearinighouse.


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