Teacher Education Transfer A.S.

The mission of the Teacher Education Transfer A.S. degree program is to assist in the preparation of highly qualified, trained professionals for public service in the field of education. The program will prepare students for transfer and eventual licensure by providing a solid liberal arts foundation and pre-professional courses.

The Teacher Education Transfer Program enables graduates to:
  • Identify the opportunities and challenges facing the teaching profession today;
  • Explore career options and to assess their readiness to assume a professional status;
  • Experience direct observations in educational settings students, and
  • Participate in a professional community dedicated to ethical practice and cultural diversity.

Before working in a public educational setting, prospective employees will be required to undergo a fingerprint check. Individuals with a criminal history should be aware that they may have difficulty obtaining clearance for student teaching and/or New York State Teacher Licensing. Student with questions in this area may want to consult an advisor or counselor before pursuing the TET program.

The Teacher Education Transfer A.S. curriculum is designed for students who want to transfer to a teacher education program at a four-year college or university. The program serves those interested in teaching in a public pre-school through high school setting. The curriculum is compliant with all SUNY and New York State
Education Department (SED) requirements for transfer to a baccalaureate program leading to teacher certification.

The SUNY transfer template: www.suny.edu/tett
New York State Teacher Certification Exams Web site: (including LAST information):www.nystce.nesicn.com
Information about New York State Teacher Certification:ohe32nysed.gov/tcert/

SCCC Transfer Counselor:
Bernice Dunn
Assistant Director of Career and Transfer Services
(518) 381-1342

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