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Micrococcus luteus and M. roseus

Gram stain:  positive
Cell shape:  coccus
Arrangement:  staphylo, tetrad or diplo
Oxygen requirements:  
Other:  Has been associated with spoilage of fish products

Habitat:  primary habitat is mammalian skin; secondary is meat, dairy products; soil; water

Pathogenicity:  Non-pathogenic but may be opportunistic in immunosuppressed individuals


These organisms are used regularly in lab. They are pigment producers: remember that luteus means yellow and roseus means pink. Another closely related organism that is used in lab is Sarcina lutea which many consider to be a subspecies.


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Micrococcus spp.
Micrococcus luteus and E. coli growing on TSA.
Micrococcus luteus - Stained with crystal violet