SLN, CPD and Other Workshops

SUNY Learning Network (SLN) is committed to delivering workshops that help faculty develop and deliver high-quality instruction in an online setting. Our workshops are characterized by equal emphasis on using the medium effectively (LMS, online tools, emerging technologies) and teaching practice (direct instruction, instructional design). SLN offers professional development workshops and resources for all levels of teaching online.

SUNY Center for Professional Development (CPD) is pleased to offer webinars as part of the SUNY TLT Cooperative: The TLT Cooperative, by SUNY for SUNY, helps you think strategically about teaching and learning with technology.

SLN201: Online Course Development

SLN201 modules begin on April 1st.
SLN 201 is completely online and asynchronous, and covers the content of
SLN’s face-to-face workshops (1-5) for new course development.

The following webinars are also available.

Wed Apr 16, 2014

1 - 3pm

ANGEL 2. Effective Online Content Presentation

Thu Aug 14, 2014

10am - 12pm

ANGEL 5. Teaching and Managing Your Online Course

Online registration is available on the SUNY Center for Professional Development website.  SLN 201 registration can be found here.

The entire list of training opportunities is available here.


What: Self-paced Blackboard Training

Newly redesigned and updated versions of SLN’s two self-paced migration training courses, Introduction to Blackboard Learn (Tier 1) and Intermediate Blackboard Learn (Tier 2), are now available for use by faculty. The two courses provide tutorials, best-practices, and exercises for faculty new to teaching in Blackboard Learn. 

Introduction to Blackboard Learn is designed to prepare faculty to work within a hybrid course or web-enhanced course, but is not sufficient for creating a new fully online course. Faculty who are teaching a fully-online course, or who use Blackboard extensively in their hybrid or web-enhanced course, will want to complete the second training course, Intermediate Blackboard Learn, as well.  

How: Registration is free. and faculty can complete the course on SLN’s bbsupport site.