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New Student Registration is held prior to the start of each semester to assist entering students with the registration process. This process includes:

  • Testing to determine proficiency in reading, writing and mathematics skills for proper course placement, and in order to provide academic assistance as needed.
  • Students who wish to earn a degree or certificate, or who wish to be eligible for state or federal financial aid, and are matriculating for the first time, register for courses through the new student registration process. Each student will have an individual meeting with an academic advisor so that any concerns and questions regarding the selection of courses can be properly addressed. The sessions give new students an introduction to the registration process, to academic assessment, and to academic advisement.
  • Being cleared to register for courses.

Students will receive specific instructions on how to proceed when accepted for admission.


Academic Advisement

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The goal of the academic advisement system is to assist students in planning academic programs consistent with their degree and/or career objectives. Academic advisors provide specific information and guidance to students; however, the individual student is responsible for decisions related to implementation and for satisfying institutional requirements.

Full-Time Students. Following initial matriculation (admission, assessment, advisement and registration), each full-time student is assigned an academic advisor who is a member of the Faculty. Adviser assignments are made according to the student's program of study and are intended to be continuous throughout the student's college career, unless a program change requires modification. It is expected that each student will arrange to meet with the academic advisor at least once each semester for individual consultation and program planning.

Part-Time and Non-Matriculated Students. General advisement services are provided on a continuous basis throughout the academic year as a service to part-time and non-matriculated students, and as a supplement to individual advisor assignments. These services are provided by professional staff members in the Academic Advisement Center in conjunction with the academic departments and the Office of Academic Services.

Course Selection Approval. All students must have their planned schedules reviewed and signed by an academic advisor prior to registration. Exceptions to this review are granted to non-matriculated students who choose to self-advise.


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